Welcome to My Life!

Again welcome to my life! I am Stacy and I am so glad you have come across my site where I share new and different, as well as exciting products and services. We have been busy since January 2020 with so many additions not just to our site with offers, but also personally. Right now let me catch you up on a few things personally.

An Incredible Journey

welcome to my life

I have been on the most incredible journey to owning my own time 100%. We started in January 2020 where my husband and I sat down and put in writing our goals for the year. It has been so exciting for us to realize each goal, some not on our time line, some quicker than we expected. But one thing we both realize is that we are putting our goals in writing every year!

So what goals did we write and achieve? Well first, let me just say that while we are extremely blessed all of our goals required actions that were a bit outside our comfort zone. I was at my full-time job for 27 years and the first thing we wrote was I would be quitting my job by June 1, 2020. Actual date: May 29, 2020!

The Journey Begins!

The next step was to begin decluttering the house to prepare it for sale. We agreed that we needed to reduce by a minimum of 40%. Our goal was achieved, as well as met. We did it through a lot of hard work, sweat and many trips to Goodwill in addition to selling on FB Marketplace. It feels really good to say goodbye to so many things and not miss them.

Our next goal we thought would take us longer, but we put the house on the market on July 18. On July 19 we were looking at 6 offers, with 5 being above our asking price! Amazing! We are truly blessed. We had actually written down for it to sell quickly and at top dollar. I guess we hit that one; Welcome to my life!

The Move is On – Welcome to our New Life!

Now the real journey is on. We want to be in southern Texas to be closer to my mother-in-law. She was widowed after the death of Dad last summer and with Covid, the year has been a struggle. Knowing we will be there for her at a moments notice is a dream we also are bringing to reality.

We began our travels to southern Texas from Minnesota in Mid-August. We have a rental we are staying in until we could locate a new home. And We have a new home that we will move into at the end of October. The bonus to it is that it is just 7 minutes away from her home! By the way, both of those were goals – to move to southern Texas and to find a home we love.

Reflections on my life

When we began the year of 2020, Covid was something China was dealing with. Who could have foreseen all that has occurred? So many are bitter about the year and cannot wait for it to end, but we have 1 more goal to achieve this year. Out of 6 we have on our notebook, 5 are complete. The final one is for my husband to get a job that will keep him happy. We feel in our heart of hearts that will happen once we are settled into the new house. Again, welcome to my life! We are excited to see how 2020 will bring us still as well as 2021! You can be sure we are already thinking about what we want to achieve together! You should come with us!


Final Goal Achieved! David has found a new income that will continue to grow our family budget!! And, of course, keep him out of my hair. HEHEHE Now it is time to do Dream Bigger with new dreams. It is still in progress, but I because I am a blogger and online marketer, I am sharing it with the world. This is two-fold because not only do I hope to inspire you to Dream Bigger, but I also am holding myself accountable.

Welcome to a Few New Things here in my Blog Life

Are you a business owner who was in business during the Pandemic? We are now partners with the most knowledgeable and efficient company helping other companies take advantage of a Widely Known, but little used Tax Credit. They have a simple form that if you have just 3 minutes to complete this form, they will walk you through the entire system very quickly. Learn how here!

As I initially made reference to, we also have made some amazing additions to this site! Right now Health and Wellness is a biggee. People are looking to boost their immune system and in addition trying to avoid falling into a depression of sorts. We now have 2 new products you need to check out!

New Products = New Life!

You should see all that we are adding! You need to check back often as one product just added is our New Smart Generation – Crypto Watch! Get paid to wear a watch! Absolute craziness!

Next up is also our absolute newest product for Better Gut Health – probiotic in a syrup. This is the 6th product from our primary Health product line. You need to try it for yourself. We love this product ourselves purely for how it improves our daily life. My husband and I are truly enjoying our blessings and when things get stressful, they actually don’t seem as bad as they could be. Go read more about this newest product!

Membership Has Its Benefits

The other new product is actually an incredible service showing people how to save on a huge spectrum of items. We have all seen how memberships have advantages, well this is the cream of the crop. Striving to Save, Share and Prosper, we are loving the savings we get to experience in our insurances, travel and even food, both dining out and groceries. You can read more about our Savings & Benefits Program.

Everyone deserves a new life…

While this Covid is nothing more than a nasty virus, I am not belittling its all around effects on the world. We are still having restrictions that in turn are controlling our world economy. So along with our Health, Employment and Income is the next biggest area. So many businesses have shut their doors, even more parents are having to leave jobs they do have because they have to do distance learning with the kids. The stress levels of teaching and no income are rising. What happens when our bodies are stressing? We become more susceptible to illness. As a result, we create even more stress. With what we do here at RRR247, we want to provide ways of removing the stresses.

In Conclusion, Welcome to My Life and My Site – ENJOY!

We have the ways and means to do just that. Above I show you the 2 ways to improve your health, now how about a work at home opportunity where YOU control your time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that creates an opportunity for endless income while working the hours YOU want to work? And have an instructor guide you through the process we have proven over and over again? So while the kids work on their schoolwork and do not need your undivided attention; you can be creating short blogs, in YOUR words, about the different things we have here that creates multiple streams of income. Come check us out! We would love to have you join us and welcome you to your new life too!

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.

Looking For A Work From Home Program

Looking for a work from home program utilizing your computer that truly works?  Perhaps one that actually makes you some extra money?  Wanting to work hours that you set each week? Our work from home program rrr247.com may just be for you. If you can remain coachable and follow a set system, we have the system for you because we are doing it too! Do you strive to want to be your own boss? This IS the opportunity you are looking for.

Looking for a Work From Home Program that Works

Looking for a great work at home program?  Maybe you have even tried (and most likely) failed at it before. That’s OK!  We are excited and glad you are here now.

Performance Blogging System (or PBS) is a real and true way to make extra money using the Internet.   Not only do you have a company with a proven track record, but the training offered to ensure your success and the additional regular weekly conference calls Blog with Rory will help you grow your budget!  In fact, your dream of being online is just a click away.

Is this for you?

Or maybe you are just looking to find a solution that is right for you.  After years of being in the MLM type companies, I am completely convinced that this is the best decision I have made for my family.  This is the best leap of faith I have ever taken. In conclusion, if you knew what I already know, you would get started today.

My Story

I joined this program in November 2017 while I working a Full-Time job. Why would I even WANT to build my own business when I am gainfully employed? After being at my job for 27 years, I created the ability to walkaway from that comfortable box. I am now and have been since June 1, 2020, a work from home person (or where ever there is internet). I never realized that I wanted something more until a specific set of happenings occurred in our lives. That string of events allowed me to be where I was most needed, at home and available to care for my mother-in-law.

Lady looking for a work from home and leave office politics behind

At my previous job I had hit that proverbial ceiling. The male bosses have determined that I don’t have enough experience to handle a higher position in the company. However I also have a ton of knowledge about the products we manufacture. Also I understand our customers and how they need to be handled as well as customer portals that require training in order to use. Some feel I am irreplaceable.

Working from home vs exchanging my time for pay

I have now for the past several years received a whopping 2% raise. Some may say that I should be satisfied. That may be true since we have health insurance, 401K, holiday and sick leave. However I work long hours on a salary which means no overtime. What are my hours? How about 6:30 am to 4 pm, Monday thru Friday. I also was driving 25 miles one way to work. In Minnesota, that can mean either a 30 minute commute or up to 3 hours depending on the season and whether there are any accidents.

Now with doing this, I set my schedule. I put the non-negotiables in to my planner every week & month. Then I schedule the rest of my day around it. By treating this with respect and as a true business, I am one of our upper level instructors. I work with others to learn the same system I learned to help them gain freedoms – time & financial. Are you ready? What are you waiting for?

What am I doing now? Working from Home Exclusively!

In May 2020, I became a walkaway entrepreneur. In fact, I literally picked up my things and walked out the door and have never looked back. We are now Texans full-time, no Winter Texan here! My husband and I are doing this together and building an amazing Top 10 team in multiple streams of income. Meanwhile we are enjoying being at home, staying available to care for his mom. We would love for you to come join us! We have so many varieties of streams of income! Here is just one!

What are you looking for in a work from home opportunity?

Are you currently looking for a way to expand your budget? Perhaps you are currently at home with your children and want something you can do while the kids are napping or at school. Unemployed and really not wanting to do the interview process. Retired and want some fun money. Or are like me and need to replace my income before quitting my job to be able to work from home.

If you are ready for something different, let’s talk. You can reach out to me via email at prosperinggoals@gmail.com. Then we can set up a time that works for both of us and I can answer your questions and help you move forward with what all we have here. You will NOT find anything remotely similar because no one offers the kind of training and instruction like we have. We have dedicated instructors who are there for you for the long haul

No Matter the reason You NEED to be on this call!

Let me help you live your Dreams!

Join in: Tuesday Night Mentoring Call


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Find Your Zone and Wine In…

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VisionBoards – Have You Done One Yet?

VisionBoards are being worked on all over the world.  Some may call them Dream Boards.  2021 is here, have you ever created a Dream Board?  How much thought and planning should you put into your boards?  From my perspective, the more the better

VisionBoards = Bringing Empowerment Forward

I started my VisionBoard this week.  I have done them in the past, but always with a group or team of like-minded people.  We were given a limited amount of time and had to scour magazines that were brought in by everyone for “just the right picture”.  No real instructions were given except to “Dream Big”.

So how do you prepare for creating VisionBoards?

Although it is relatively simple, there are some steps you want to follow so you don’t overthink or stress out over it.  You can easily work on it with friends or your team, but don’t put too many restrictions on it.  Just keep everything flowing smoothly.

You will want to think about what you want to accomplish this year.  Set some achievable goals, but also, put some out there that are outside the box.  Ones that will push you to your limits and then some.  Do NOT let others tell you their opinion of your dreams and goals.  You may want to get your spouse, significant other or even your children involved as far as ideas.  Make it FUN!!

My Starting Point

Some items you may want to gather ahead of time are magazines, pictures – if digital, be sure to print them out.  If you are do scrapbooking, bring out those supplies too.  Be sure to have a large poster paper, I used a 22″ x 28″ sheet of paper for mine.  I also have my 2021 planner because every goal needs a due date; my journal because I am reading a book on manifestation and many of my 2021 Goals & Dreams are listed there.  In fact, one year I did my VisionBoard using Post-It Notes. That way as I achieved what I had written down, I could just remove it from the board as a sense of accomplishment.

Be sure to have an area that can be left as is, in case you do not finish it the first day.  VisionBoards should be complex in that you don’t just want to throw it together.  Take it seriously.  While working on it, keep distractions to a minimum.  If you feel overwhelmed, take a break.  Go meditate, clear your mind, do a quick household chore.  What ever helps you.

A great resource is the internet

Seriously!  Go out and google for Dream boards or VisionBoards.  There are many resources, you can find some great ideas on Pinterest and YouTube too.  If you don’t have a lot of magazines lying around the house, Google Images is a must.  There are literally thousands of images for every single subject.  Including specific brands of whatever it may be that is on your list of Goals and Dreams.  Not creative?  This will be a Godsend to you!  Trust me!  Many of my items are NOT necessarily in magazines because they are so outside the box.

When you go to “snag” a picture, let me encourage you to get more creative and original an utilize a program called Canva. You can have so much fun creating your own pictures using this and the best thing is it is free to use.  Trust me when I say it will save you a lot of headaches later when trying to print it out.  If you are going to do this method, be sure you have a sufficient supply of colored ink.  Another recommendation, do not use Black and White pictures as you want to be able to continuously visualize each goal or dream.

Some Examples of other Dreamboards. Note the different sizes and ways to create. There is no wrong way, just do it!

Why should you do a VisionBoard?

As Benjamin Franklin put it simply, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  This holds true for everything, every goal you want to achieve, whether it is to buy a new house, change jobs, EVERYTHING!

When you want to buy a new house, don’t you need to make sure your finances are in good shape?  If they are not, do you not have to then work to get them improved?  How do you PLAN to do it?  Just jump in and start flinging paperwork? No, you get a credit report and see what is not looking good and then you plan to write letters of explanation.

The next step in buying a house, figuring on a neighborhood.  Are you just going to visit a house and not get any background on the City or Neighborhood?  How about what you want in a house?  Get specific.  Write it all down.  Is it somewhat overwhelming?  Maybe.  Is it exciting? Definitely!  How fun is it to dream your dream house?  To ask for everything you want in a Home.  If you put it in writing, your search will be smoother because the realtor will know just what to look for.

Final Wrap Up

Now, why do a VisionBoard?  Because even the smallest goals are significant and deserve the attention of planning to have it achieved.  Are you hoping to lose a few pounds?  Be sure to not only write down the amount you want to lose or your goal weight, but also the date you want to achieve it.  Maybe look for a picture of a scale that you can write the information on.

Whatever you put down is going to be for YOU.  Not your parents who dictate your every move in life.  Have I completed my VisionBoard yet?  My goal is to finish it this weekend.  I know what I am looking for and will need to purchase some more ink in order to get those images in print.  I wish you the best of luck in completing your VisionBoard.

New Ideas, Innovations – A Shopper’s Haven Welcome

When it comes to new ideas & innovations, we are here to bring it to your attention, but we want to welcome you to our Shopper’s Haven site. Above all be sure to search for topics you like. For example: recipes, food, health, technology and more! We are constantly adding and updating our site with information, opinions, and details about new things coming out online all the time.  Our goal is to lead the online community with the best source of new stuff available online. Keep reading, because right here in this very post is a GIFT – that could literally change your entire financial life.

New ideas & innovations are coming. Not just to the world but right here as well. Thank you for visiting and welcome. Please look around and be nosy. See everything we have for you to see.

New Ideas – and New Innovations:

Crypto Health Watch

Telehealth is changing our world. And with this incredible piece of technology, we can change lives! You need to read about all that this watch does, including paying you to wear it!

If you like technology or even are looking to learn about new technology that will simplify your life, you need to be sure to check out our page with all the details here.

Lose Weight with a Beverage Adder

Just launched in January 2022, is our newest Snap. Based in the product lines of Velovita, it is just the 4th product that can help us become healthier. When using any or all of the 4 products in Velovita, alongside the crypto watch above, you are in a win-win situation with your health.

Neatly packaged in a Snap where you just Snap it in half and the contents pour into your beverage. In fact, this beverage adder is so versatile – put it in your coffee, cocoa, tea, soda, milk, whatever your morning pleasure and watch and enjoy the weight management benefits (you know I am talking about weight loss). Want to learn more? Go here!

We are always going to be adding more:

We are adding all sorts of Offers and New Online Finds from A to Z.  There is always something beneficial for anyone and everyone.  These are products and services we use and try ourselves.  When they work, and the savings are there, we just add them to our lists of other great services.  All of these are located in their proper category (see to the left).

So we hope you have just as much fun seeing what is in store for you here, as we did finding them in the first place!  New Stuff, and well cool stuff too.

Thank you for stopping by.  Keep coming back for more.  We are here to make your life better.  Please feel free to email us at any time.  Once you Register with us, you’ll be getting our email details and we’ll keep you up to date with new stuff and cool things found and available online all the time.

Summer Fun Activities: Family Friendly

Summer fun is here and you are looking for Family friendly activities to keep the kids busy for the next several weeks.  Graduation parties are currently full swing.  We have 3 this weekend, along with Father’s Day on Sunday and our community’s Strawberry Fest.  It always seems like we adults have plenty of things “to do”, but the kids are already complaining they have “nothing” to do!  Keep reading for some quick ideas to keep your kids moving, your house resembling a house and not a disaster zone, and your stress levels and budget in check!

Graduation Parties

Graduation parties mark a great achievement, whether it be from high school, college or even military training.  All these events are important and recognition of the individual is a must do.  The problem can be for the little ones who get bored easily.  When you are attending summer parties as a family, be sure to have a box or tote of activities that will keep your kids occupied.  Not every location for a graduation party is family friendly, but you can make it that way.

Quick Summer Fun Activities

Quick summer fun activities do not and should not be electronics related.  Think back to what you did as a kid.  One quick activity is to have coloring books and crayons.  The kids can sit quietly while you visit with family and friends, this works especially well when it is extremely hot or rainy outside.  The kids don’t really want to run around, but do need something to do.  You can even show your son or daughter your own colorful creative talent by coloring alongside.  Get the other kids that are moping around to join in and have a coloring contest.

Another item to keep in your vehicle in the summer can be a ball or Frisbee.  It is amazing to watch how creative kids become with such a simple item.  They will even make friends with other kids just because they have something fun to do!  Who knows, maybe an adult or two will join in the fray as well!

summer fun

Growing up we had various yard games to play.  Long ago lawn darts were popular.  Of course the sharp pointy end was soon deemed dangerous and it was exchanged for a rounded end version.  We also played Bags which are corn or rice filled bean bags that you throw at a wooden ramp with 1 or 3 holes to aim for.  Another game was washers.  Again it was platform, but this one you could stand on and you aimed to get your washers into the 3 different holes trying to get to 21.

Now we have a new yard game that is even better than washers and corn hole – Backyard Football. You can read more about it here.

Father’s Day Stay-cation Ideas

Take Dad Fishing

Many families are looking for fun activities that is great for all ages.  Here in Minnesota in the Land of 10,000 Lakes we tend to find ourselves on a beach somewhere.  Why not take the family to a fishing dock?  It is a great bonding activity that let’s parents show kids how to keep the hands busy, the mind calm and excitement level high.  Many fishing docks are near known areas where the high energy fish hang out like Sunfish, Bluegills and Crappies.  Fishing poles are relatively inexpensive and be sure to grab a license when you get some minnows or nightcrawlers!

Take a Hike

Another thing you can do is take a hike as a family.  Load the babies into a stroller, grab the dogs and head out for nearby walking paths or parks.  Or load up a cooler with drinks and snacks and check out some of the Parks nearby.  Again here in our area we have many County, Regional and State Parks that are all within a day’s drive.  Take your time with the kids and point out interesting plants, trees or even animals. The summer fun doesn’t have to end either, get our a map or atlas and plan the whole summer around the various places to visit.

You can play a game with the kids and they won’t realize they are learning.  Do the alphabet game or I Spy with the kids while on a walk.  Go down to the water and skip some rocks.  Be sure to point out any potential dangers like Poison Ivy or Oak. We also have to watch out for ticks in our region as Lyme Disease is quite frequent.

Run through the sprinkler

Do you remember the slip n slide or running through a sprinkler as a child?  I sure do!  I remember how if a sprinkler was going in someone’s yard, the whole flock of neighbor kids and dogs were running through it.  While the dads in the neighborhood would be out “watching” us kids sitting in lawn chairs.  The moms would be chattering with a glass of wine and catching up on the latest gossip.  Later snacks would come out, grills would be lit.  Dinner would be burgers and hotdogs with chips and sodas.  The kids would be creating games while darting through the sprinkler. 

Later we would play hide n seek or kick the can.  Everyone was happy.  Everyone was safe.  And everyone’s budgets still intact.

Pool or Lake Fun

Community pools and lakes are always a source of relatively inexpensive fun.  Grab a towel, pack a cooler of beach friendly drinks and snacks and just go experience it.  Make it a full day with a picnic.  Be sure to take pictures of the different events like burying Dad in the sand up to his neck, building a sand castle or moat. Maybe even trying to do handstands or flips in the water.  Don’t just sit on the towel, interact with the kids.  Be a kid!

Creating Memories

Some of my favorite memories are spent just hanging with my parents.  Heading out to Bray Park in Madison Lake to swim or fish from shore, going camping when it was just the four of us and the dog.  Well, camping, that is an activity that all families need to experience more than once as a family.  Even if you are a person who prefers the hotels to a tent, you need to give it a shot.  The experiences you gain and lifetime memories that you create are usually the simplest events.

Whatever it is you do with your family this Father’s Day, remember the priority is in making memories, not the shirt or tie you gave Dad.  Cherish the time you spend with your Dad.

The Importance of City Celebrations

City celebrations have been going on for generations and most times it is budget-friendly and family friendly summer fun.  Everybody likes to have a good time.  We all like to party.  The world needs more celebrating and getting along rather than always arguing that the others’ opinions are wrong.  Agree to disagree, move on, grab a glass of wine and toast the newfound friendships and the lasting longtime friends.  Here in Minnesota, summer doesn’t last a long time and we need all the summer fun we can get!