Summer Fun Activities: Family Friendly

Summer fun is here and you are looking for Family friendly activities to keep the kids busy for the next several weeks.  Graduation parties are currently full swing.  We have 3 this weekend, along with Father’s Day on Sunday and our community’s Strawberry Fest.  It always seems like we adults have plenty of things “to do”, but the kids are already complaining they have “nothing” to do!  Keep reading for some quick ideas to keep your kids moving, your house resembling a house and not a disaster zone, and your stress levels and budget in check!

Graduation Parties

Graduation parties mark a great achievement, whether it be from high school, college or even military training.  All these events are important and recognition of the individual is a must do.  The problem can be for the little ones who get bored easily.  When you are attending summer parties as a family, be sure to have a box or tote of activities that will keep your kids occupied.  Not every location for a graduation party is family friendly, but you can make it that way.

Quick Summer Fun Activities

Quick summer fun activities do not and should not be electronics related.  Think back to what you did as a kid.  One quick activity is to have coloring books and crayons.  The kids can sit quietly while you visit with family and friends, this works especially well when it is extremely hot or rainy outside.  The kids don’t really want to run around, but do need something to do.  You can even show your son or daughter your own colorful creative talent by coloring alongside.  Get the other kids that are moping around to join in and have a coloring contest.

Another item to keep in your vehicle in the summer can be a ball or Frisbee.  It is amazing to watch how creative kids become with such a simple item.  They will even make friends with other kids just because they have something fun to do!  Who knows, maybe an adult or two will join in the fray as well!

summer fun

Growing up we had various yard games to play.  Long ago lawn darts were popular.  Of course the sharp pointy end was soon deemed dangerous and it was exchanged for a rounded end version.  We also played Bags which are corn or rice filled bean bags that you throw at a wooden ramp with 1 or 3 holes to aim for.  Another game was washers.  Again it was platform, but this one you could stand on and you aimed to get your washers into the 3 different holes trying to get to 21.

Now we have a new yard game that is even better than washers and corn hole – Backyard Football. You can read more about it here.

Father’s Day Stay-cation Ideas

Take Dad Fishing

Many families are looking for fun activities that is great for all ages.  Here in Minnesota in the Land of 10,000 Lakes we tend to find ourselves on a beach somewhere.  Why not take the family to a fishing dock?  It is a great bonding activity that let’s parents show kids how to keep the hands busy, the mind calm and excitement level high.  Many fishing docks are near known areas where the high energy fish hang out like Sunfish, Bluegills and Crappies.  Fishing poles are relatively inexpensive and be sure to grab a license when you get some minnows or nightcrawlers!

Take a Hike

Another thing you can do is take a hike as a family.  Load the babies into a stroller, grab the dogs and head out for nearby walking paths or parks.  Or load up a cooler with drinks and snacks and check out some of the Parks nearby.  Again here in our area we have many County, Regional and State Parks that are all within a day’s drive.  Take your time with the kids and point out interesting plants, trees or even animals. The summer fun doesn’t have to end either, get our a map or atlas and plan the whole summer around the various places to visit.

You can play a game with the kids and they won’t realize they are learning.  Do the alphabet game or I Spy with the kids while on a walk.  Go down to the water and skip some rocks.  Be sure to point out any potential dangers like Poison Ivy or Oak. We also have to watch out for ticks in our region as Lyme Disease is quite frequent.

Run through the sprinkler

Do you remember the slip n slide or running through a sprinkler as a child?  I sure do!  I remember how if a sprinkler was going in someone’s yard, the whole flock of neighbor kids and dogs were running through it.  While the dads in the neighborhood would be out “watching” us kids sitting in lawn chairs.  The moms would be chattering with a glass of wine and catching up on the latest gossip.  Later snacks would come out, grills would be lit.  Dinner would be burgers and hotdogs with chips and sodas.  The kids would be creating games while darting through the sprinkler. 

Later we would play hide n seek or kick the can.  Everyone was happy.  Everyone was safe.  And everyone’s budgets still intact.

Pool or Lake Fun

Community pools and lakes are always a source of relatively inexpensive fun.  Grab a towel, pack a cooler of beach friendly drinks and snacks and just go experience it.  Make it a full day with a picnic.  Be sure to take pictures of the different events like burying Dad in the sand up to his neck, building a sand castle or moat. Maybe even trying to do handstands or flips in the water.  Don’t just sit on the towel, interact with the kids.  Be a kid!

Creating Memories

Some of my favorite memories are spent just hanging with my parents.  Heading out to Bray Park in Madison Lake to swim or fish from shore, going camping when it was just the four of us and the dog.  Well, camping, that is an activity that all families need to experience more than once as a family.  Even if you are a person who prefers the hotels to a tent, you need to give it a shot.  The experiences you gain and lifetime memories that you create are usually the simplest events.

Whatever it is you do with your family this Father’s Day, remember the priority is in making memories, not the shirt or tie you gave Dad.  Cherish the time you spend with your Dad.

The Importance of City Celebrations

City celebrations have been going on for generations and most times it is budget-friendly and family friendly summer fun.  Everybody likes to have a good time.  We all like to party.  The world needs more celebrating and getting along rather than always arguing that the others’ opinions are wrong.  Agree to disagree, move on, grab a glass of wine and toast the newfound friendships and the lasting longtime friends.  Here in Minnesota, summer doesn’t last a long time and we need all the summer fun we can get!