Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket for All Seasons

Women are looking for ways to have their stuff without the big bag. One way is with this infinity scarf with hidden pocket. We have found this convertible scarf to have more than just a hidden pocket.

The SHOLDIT® is a company that has products for you to stash your stuff. Specifically, the patented CONVERTIBLE INFINITY SCARF WITH POCKET™,  is solving the issues women experience. With this specific infinity scarf, there are a variety of combinations of fabrics and styles. There are multiple ways you can even wear this scarf. Whether you want a neck wrap, cross body, shrug, these styles are sure to please everyone. This is perfect for those of us larger ladies with the broad shoulders, as well as all body shapes and sizes.


Ways to wear the Infinity Scarf with Pocket

infinity scarf with hidden pocket

Ladies – you hate carrying the purse everywhere. Now you can enjoy some freedom on your shoulders and your hands. The standard way of wearing this scarf is as a neck wrap. There are actually 2 different styles, the Wide Cut and the Cowl.

The Wide Cut, is a slath of cloth that allows a person not only more coverage around the neck, but can convert into a shawl to cover your shoulders. In addition, you have the option as well to wear it as a head scarf. It is a full 20 inch width in addition to the pocket where you can stash your stuff.

The Cowl is shorter in length, but even wider. Make any long sleeve tee have that sweater look with this scarf. Additional warmth because of the snugglier fit is perfect.

With both the Wide Cut and the Cowl, these stylish looks are perfect for the winter winds in the northland. But for you in the southern and dryer states, those strong winds that sometimes include the sand storms or rains. By adding the ability to wear it as a head scarf, heads will be turning as you are making the dash to or from the car. And it won’t be just because they wished they had a covering for their head. The different patterns and materials are so stylish and in the current trends. Everyone will be stopping you to ask you where you got it.

Now, there is the Original infinity scarf with pocket, but due to popular demand, it is currently out of stock. So check back often for when it comes back in there may be some new patterns and materials! The Original version has a cinch toggle for adjusting to your body’s curves and has a 2nd pocket.

Safety Benefits of the Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

You and your friends are out for a night on the town, you are exposing yourself to dangers. We all know when you have a purse, anything you stash there falls to the bottom. Even if you just had them in your hands. Phone, keys, wallet. And you know if you dig for anything, you are attracting attention from those who never do good things. The beverages you consume at the venues and your body language with those you are with. The more scattered you are the more bad you could be attracting. Now, think about where your car is at in the parking lot. You are separated from your friends. The vibes are all there pointing towards becoming a victim.

Or perhaps you are with all your kids, you have 2 in the cart and one walking beside you. You get the oldest one into the car and load the little ones into their car seats, turning your back on your purse still in the cart. How easy would it be for someone watching for an opportunity to pounce on you?

With the infinity scarf with hidden pocket, your wallet, phone and keys are all you need to go shopping. Stash them all in your scarf and keep your shoulders and arms free where you need to be ready for almost anything. No more digging in the bottom of your purse for the car keys. End the risk of purse thieves by inconspicuously having it all safely in a scarf.

Sports and other events

In the past few years, the NFL and other sporting events enforce a purse ban. Where if you need to bring a purse, it needs to meet their specifications, mainly see through. So when you want to keep some things private that women do tend to need, they don’t really want everyone to know. Besides, when you are jumping up and cheering, the last thing you want is to dump your purse over. In addition, you can now be in your favorite team clothes and not have to worry about having enough pockets! You know, those amazing leggings, that you just got from KadyLuxe and the crop shirt? Wait…You haven’t purchased them yet?! You don’t know what KadyLuxe is? Oh GIRL! You need to check this out ASAP. We combine Sexy and Leisure into one place for women!

Airport and Travelling

Another great place to wear our scarf is while travelling. Airports are unnerving for many travellers as well as busy and unforgiving. Let’s think about this, you are permitted only a personal item and one carry-on bag. As a business person, this would be a perfect place to have the passport, phone, and wallet in a scarf. Simply take it off and into the bin as you go through security. You can even put any forgotten item into your scarf quickly. It all is safe in the bin. Now as you are heading for that business trip, you have your carry-on bag and your computer bag. No purse necessary! Everything is around your neck on the scarf.

In fact, going to the restroom is made simpler too as you remain more in control of your things. Again, it goes back to the safety aspect. You can even put your earbuds inside the pocket for ease in listening to your own music on your phone. You do not need to dig in any bag for the information. And if you are enjoying the snacks or beverage on a plane, you can simply place your mask inside the pocket without much fuss.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Another great way to enjoy some amazing family or couple time, is to be outdoors. Fall is perfect for hiking, camping, and seeing the fall colors. Coming from Minnesota, it gets cooler in the evenings as early as mid-August; but with all the incredible State Parks around you want to make the most of every outdoor moment. Wearing a scarf is typical apparel but now to be able to throw the phone, wallet and keys in a pocket and keep it handy is great! We experience some great colors in October, the wind can get cool quickly by the lakes and waterfalls. Having the versatility of the infinity scarf with the hidden pocket to hold everything; but to be able to pull up over the ears and neck is even better!

Even just sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows. The flames give us the kneezles, you know your knees are super warm that you want to back up. However, your shoulders and back of your neck are not feeling that warmth. To go quickly from a scarf to a shrug or head wrap and still hold your phone securely is a bonus. Now you can continue to enjoy the camaraderie longer before heading for your sleeping bag and tent or camper. It may also assist in keeping mosquitos at bay as well or at least offer another layer of protection.

Additional products by SHOLDIT®

Now we want to make sure everyone is aware that there is more than just the infinity scarf with hidden pocket. They also offer a Convertible Nursing scarf with pocket where you can secure your stuff in the pocket like the Convertible Infinity Scarf. Moreover it converts to a cover-up providing privacy for you and your nursing child while maintaining the company of those you are with. Easily store the spare pacifier for quick access! This is especially great while travelling. What is more is that this scarf can convert into a quick clutch, so space-saving in the diaper bag is a plus!

Hey guys, we haven’t forgotten you! The neck gaiter has the hidden pocket as well as it can convert into a beanie. Okay ladies, you can wear it too.

Now we all know summer fun means beach time, but finding “THE” cover up that is functional is key. How about a cover up that is a sarong with a hidden pocket? Oh and by the way, it too is convertible by changing into a Beach Bag! This one earns it’s own page as it is such a versatile and popular product. Come read more about the Sarong here as well as read about how Angela, the inventor, came about creating these products!