Online Teachers Needed – Education Alternative

Online teachers needed for this amazing online education alternative. As we have seen through COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible to education our children through alternative means other than the standard in-school classroom. However, the logistics of this to spread through the United States and other countries has been a challenge. But we have finally figured it out.

So, if you are tired of having such a strict schedule or want to do something extraordinary with your student base, use your own personality and reach more students that you can image and get paid your worth, then we need you!!!

How it works: Online Education Alternative

This is a unique program designed to not only allow students a safer, more vibrant and exciting way to learn but to also allow the teacher to express their enjoyment of teaching. With this unique platform, the teach can actually education student from all over the world. Not only that, they will be able to set their own earning potential. This is explained in the Pay Structure of the below.

Since the pandemic, more states have allocated funds for homeschooling. Below is a link to check to see if your state has these funds available. This is a great marketing tool to help you establish your student base. Once you are approved into the program, you will then get access to your backoffice through the FMS Vortex system. There you will have your own zoom link as well as training on how to set up your own YouTube channel.

On your YouTube channel, you will introduce yourself, what grades and subjects you will be teaching as well as your own unique style and technique to teach those subjects. Although we still want good, quality education, we want excitement, uniqueness as well as enthusiasm in presenting your subject matter to the student. Remember, your ability to appeal to the potential student or parent determines your pay. The more attraction and appeal you have in presenting your self as a teacher, the more potential you have to earn.

Tutors and teachers needed for online homeschool program.

We will be branding our Teachers, and looking to get them EXPOSURE. This would drive in STUDENTS to them DIRECTLY in some cases, and they would be receiving the Compensation.


Pay Structure for Online Teachers

As with any program or job, you want to know what your pay will be. This program is no different. Since you will be an Independent Contractor, your pay is exceptional and is essentially determined by you. You can make as much as your time will allow. With each class maxing out at 500 students and your ability to teach multiple grades and subjects, your pay is only hindered by your ability to draw students to your platforms.

Also, with our platform, you will also gain access to other programs that you can market. Not only will you be able to access the teaching platform and promote it to friends, family and advertise yourself, but in the platform you will have access to those inside programs as well. The choice is really up to you. As you will be an independent contractor, your earning potential in this program is virtually limitless.

Criteria and Requirements For Application:

Help students learn at home in a safe, secure and fun environment with an online teacher who loves to share their knowledge with students.

As we want our online education alternative to be exceptional and different from any other platform, we want to make sure that our instructors, teachers and tutors are also exceptional. We want loving, compassionate, exciting, enthusiastic as well as educated teachers in our program. No couch potatoes or others out just looking to make a paycheck.

The way this program is setup, if you are not exceptional, you will not make the money you are looking for. Remember, your attraction is what will draw the students to you. Although we will have marketing to get the student base into the program, whether they select you as the teacher is strictly in your hands. Remember, you get paid per student. Not per class.

Here is the Criteria we are looking for in our online teachers:

  1. Need a 4-year degree in teaching
  2. Experience in the teaching field. College graduates and retired teachers are encouraged to apply.
  3. Must really love to teach and have something to offer outside the ordinary. Not looking for someone to just earn a check.
  4. You will need to join the FMS Vortex, through DTCA. This is the payment structure that will be used.
  5. You will need to create a YouTube channel and video showcasing your unique qualification, talent and introduce yourself to your potential students and their families. (Training and instruction will be provided)
  6. Dedication and commitment to the program
  7. Willingness to be above reproach and to set a higher standard in education from the traditional school systems.

Thank You for Your Interest in our online teachers education alternative!!!

If you feel you meet these qualification and criteria and are interested in partnering with us to spread this amazing program, please fill out the the form below with your resume along with your references.