When it comes to our spoiled pets & things they need, we will search the internet to the ends of the earth. Whether it is health related or best homemade toys for those on a tighter budget. And while it appears they are our spoiled pets, it is our way of showing them our love and commitment. We always want the best for our furry, feathery and even those with fins.  Here you will find a product we love for our dogs, stories of our newest (temporary) addition of a feline and even some great tips!

A Cute Kitten Arrives and Mayhem Ensues – Day 1: What happens in a home with 3 dogs when a cute fluffy kitten arrives? Complete Mayhem! Read here for fun article how our home is coping with this temporary guest. Cute Kittens: Beware (just kidding, I think).

My Dog Farts Constantly: Ever have a dog that could clear a room without making a sound, but the odor hits your nose something awful. And then you get the “look” from your pooch accusing YOU of the smell. Now take care of that smell and no longer worry if your guests guess that My Dog Farts Constantly.

Pet Health: A supplement for Our Dogs: What an amazing break-thru product. We have been administering it to our 3 dogs for over a year. They are healthier, happier dogs. There are two ways you can give it to them, either by spraying it directly into their mouths or spritz their water.  Get your dogs on the road to a happier Life.

Quick Tips for Our Pets

Pumpkin Pie for dogs!  When your pup has an upset tummy and eating grass doesn’t help us with the mess. Our dogs love Pumpkin Pie Filling!  I sometimes wonder if they eat it just to see if Mom brings out their favorite can. But I love how it makes them healthier.  Stop the vomiting. Settle their tummies. However best of all keep the messes to a minimum.  Find out more about this Budget Saving Idea Here:

Stay tuned as we continue to look for more friendly, safe and healthy products for our pets.  They can’t tell us when they feel bad, but we can take preventative action with products like the Prevail K-9.

Help keep your pets safe with micro-chipping for the best identification.  When exercising your pets, keep them on a leash.  Most cities have leash laws as well.  There is nothing worse than watching your beloved pet get hit by a car.  What will you do if another animal attacks yours, but because yours was off-leash?  You will receive a fine and you still will have the Vet bills.  Worse yet, your pets will have the pain.  Be responsible.

Training your pets.  There is more to training your pets than getting them housebroken.  Do they listen to your commands?  Are they sociable to both other animals and people?  It is important to keep your dogs socialize.  They are a pack animal, they behave better in numbers.  We have proven that in our home with 2 dogs and now we have 3!