tuün Resonate – Protect yourself from EMF

Thank you for visiting and wanting to learn more about tuün Resonate. You may have been brought to this page after completing a form to receive information about protecting yourself from EMF using our tuün TM Resonate pendant. Or you stumbled upon our page. Either way You are looking to gain more information about protecting yourself from EMF. We firmly believe that protecting ourselves is what is necessary to keep everyone safer and healthier.

What is tuün TM Resonate?

tuün resonate pendant to protect yourself from EMF

This is an attractive wearable device that is scientifically proven to help protect our bodies with Biohacking Enhancement Technology. We aren’t going to get real technical here, but just know that what we have here is 1st of it’s kind that truly works. This incredible technology keeps you “finely tuned” when facing all types of stressors.

Meant to help you sleep better, improve your mood, better your focus, aids in enhancing vitality. In some cases, like me, it helps assist with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and better my overall sense of well-being. Check out the video below to see why so many are calling this device a game changer.


Two Beautiful Choices – and for a limited time, BLING!

This attractive wearable device is meant to be worn around your neck, and the placement right on your Thymus Gland. However, we understand that due to the environment you may be in, you can keep it safely in your pocket. Two great choices are available for you, Black and Rose Gold. You can make your choice here. If you are someone who loves bling, then may I recommend our Swarovski Crystal version? These are limited edition and attract a lot of attention when I wear it.

Use in Conjunction with our Other BioHacking Products

Perhaps you are already a customer using our other BioHacking products, like brān®, plôs™, uüth™, byōm®and zlēm®. Adding this wearable device is boosting you and your body even more! Need to know more about these products – We can help you with that.

A Snap for Everyone!

There are 5 consumable products are a Snap to use. You ingest them and they biohack your body in different ways for different reasons. Looking for some brain food, a quick mental pick me up? You want to grab our flagship product, brān®. Available in 5 standard flavors, so try them all! Missed out on tasting that Snap? Don’t miss out on the next one. Become a customer on vFill, our autoship program, and stay in the know!

Looking for a way to curb your cravings, then plôs™ is for you. Mocha is a great flavor! To me it tastes like Brownie Batter. I no longer mix it into my Chai Latte in the morning, I take it straight and it is so YUMMY! It activates better with caffeine and it definitely works! There are many days that I truly am not hungry until lunch! I am also a stress eater and I have noticed how my cravings are reduced even in the afternoons.

My most favorite product is our uüth™, not only does the yummy Super Berry taste amazing, but the results I am seeing are beyond expectations. My hair is healthier, growing longer and stronger. Manicures and pedicures are a regular self-care that previously I never really bothered with. I get compliments about my skin complexion now as well. Liquid collagen is a thing and we have the best tasting one on the market and ours truly works!

A Great Night Sleep (with Weight Loss)

Have you ever just wished you could go to sleep and wake up lighter? zlēm® is our go to product! With 2 stages in the box, you get 7 days of gentle cleansing and clearing your gut. Then stage 2 helps you get great sleep. Snap it into your mouth about 30 minutes before you want to sleep and let it go to work. Available in 2 flavors, Chocolate Strawberry and Red Velvet, my favorite is the Chocolate Strawberry. I can count on great sleep, waking up refreshed and feeling amazing! We have given zlēm® the nickname of Sleep and Slim.

Thank you for inquiring about tuün Resonate

Once again, I thank you for expressing interest in our products. They are helping so many people around the world because we are a global company. All products are available in the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the 27 members of the EU as well as the UK. tuünTM is also available in 38 more countries than our Snaps are currently in, because jewelry is simple to cross borders with. If you are looking for a growing opportunity to grow your income either as a side income or full-time income, let’s hook up!