InPersona & Helo Health

InPersona and Helo are breaking into the health data market giving ownership of data back to the consumer generating the data. Firstly, InPersona is a new dApp that is changing the metaverse by encouraging better health and giving you incentives to do so. Secondly, Helo Health brings you the amazing personal devices that help you track and improve your health in a way of keeping you the owners of your data.

Here is a quick video about InPersona and why there is such excitement happening now. The time is now to get in and start learning more about what InPersona offers to the world because you deserve it.

Who Needs to hear about InPersona and Helo Health?

Quite simply put, everyone needs to pay attention and take notice of what is happening with both of these companies because it is the future of the internet. Specifically, Web 3.0 is happening now and it is part of the vGeneration. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency brought us closer to Web 3.0, but many missed that opportunity.

Now is YOUR opportunity to share this with others. If you know of someone who does not control their data, you need to at least share this page with them and help educate them on taking back their control. Furthermore, we can start with our health data, and the final destination is to infinity as far as data is concerned. Our goal is to just get this out to everyone. It is not going away. We all need to learn about it sooner or later, may as well get in with those that are thinking of everything and learn as we go. Who knows? It may just create a bit of supplemental income for you whereas all you have to do is share it with others, like I am sharing it with you.

Web 3.0 is Here and Growing, But What is it?

Learn more about Web 3.0 here:

Now, do you see why Web 3.0 is so important, as well as necessary? Initially, we can start with small steps to take back control of our own data. Are you ready to get involved? Let’s keep growing our knowledge together. What InPersona and Helo Health are bringing to the public is vast in benefits and we are the beneficiaries.

What steps can you take to get involved?

Firstly, this is an Invite Only and not an MLM. You literally need to know someone to get invited. However, we make that easier on you and have invite codes available to everyone who reads this page. Just check out this page. It also has many more details on getting involved. This is a great opportunity for both a side hustle as well as a means to become healthier.

InPersona and Helo Health working to bring you personal devices like this smartwatch that help you control your health data.

Time is of the Essence

If you are reading this before May 14, 2023, then you are in luck because you can get in at the ground level we are calling Founders Edition. Trust me you will want to take steps to get the Invite Code and start today. Just check out this page. We walk you through an amazing opportunity that is not going to be seen by everyone. It is not a fad that everyone jumps on the bandwagon. This is an opportunity for those who are forward thinking, open-minds, able to see a vision of the future.

If you are finding this page after the above deadline, don’t worry, just get going now. No more delays, take control. If you have questions, please reach out to me by filling out either the form on the right or the one below. Both will get to me.

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We are more than just InPersona and Helo

We are online marketers bringing you a wide variety of products and services. Additionally, our goal is simple: We are working to get as many products and services direct to the consumer (DTC) as possible. For example, You will see one great example of which right here. It is another way of helping people take control of their body and health and see real results. Feel free to reach out to us.