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Look no further for learning languages online for free. In just 5 minutes a day, you will start learning. This is an app that can be for either phone, tablet or computer, and what is even better is that it is free!

It is so simple that literally With Duolingo, you can choose from multiple languages, including Spanish, German, French and Italian. Actually there are 36 languages to choose from, including Klingon. Where are my Star Trek friends?

The Learning and Fun Begin Right Away

Starting the lessons were quite easy. They guide you along at your speed. When you show great struggle, they have you practice. If you are strong in an area, they offer to let you skip lessons.

Reasons for Learning Languages Online – Free

One of the reasons I want to learn another language is because of our change in locations. We are now residents of Southern Texas, where Spanish is prominent. It isn’t a requirement to learn it, but more wanting to communicate the best with any neighbors.

The other is because of this opportunity I do, we have many in the Spanish speaking community looking to learn what we do. If I can communicate better with them, it will help them as well as me.

What is your reason you want to learn a new language? Could it be for expanding your resume? Perhaps you are going to visit a country and want to really experience the culture. No matter what your reasons are for learning or even which language(s) you choose to learn, you want to download this today.

Or for your phone:

Learning Languages or Playing Games Online

When you initially begin your lessons, it becomes more like playing games. You earn points for completing lessons. You earn more points for multiple day streaks. In addition you are able to protect the streak over a weekend!

They also have it organized by related subject matter. So going out to eat or shopping, you can easily convey your needs and wants to others. Basically they personalize it as you go to what you need.

And because you only need as little as 5 minutes, you can learn while on a break from your job, during your commute or most anywhere. The flexibility of doing it on your phone means the options of completing lessons are limitless. It is so relaxing and non stressing – I even enjoy a fine glass of California Wines while learning.

Learn With Others

learning languages online for free

I am enjoying completing my lessons as my husband can listen in and learn along with me, even if he didn’t want to. Meanwhile, he is using a different app. It is only on his computer and he had to pay for it. I don’t hear him completing lessons on his own. In my opinion, I can honestly say I am getting my money’s worth and a whole lot more!

I think Klingon will be a language to learn just for fun. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Make it yours and own it!

Nothing to Lose

Why not get this app and start your learning languages online for free today? There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Google Play Version

Apple Store Version

Computer Version

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