Teacher Empowerment: The Brainfood Academy Way

At Brainfood Academy, staying committed to our teachers and our students to broaden the incredible landscape of education, re-inforcing Teacher Empowerment which allows them to encourage critical thinking, active learning as well as independent thought in our students. Our motto is simple: “Where Teachers Teach and Students Are Educated, Not Indoctrinated,”

Giving teacher empowerment back in the classroom online.

Teacher Empowerment: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Giving our teachers the power to built and nurture the intellectual growth of our students and maintaining our mission, everyone wins with Truth. Our curriculum will keep the students engaged and create a zest for learning. Ultimately giving our students the ability to distinguish between preconceived notions or biases. In addition, our teachers are partners in the journey of their students’ learning. They have the freedom to create inspiration in their students. Bringing fun back into the classroom while following our high standard curriculum.

Freedom to Inspire, Absence of Indoctrination

We understand in this compelling landscape of education, giving our teachers empowerment strengthens the bond with the student. Therefore, shaping the minds of our future generations for societal progress. One way we stand committed to our teachers is giving them that freedom to perform their strengths in the classroom. Encouraging the diverse viewpoints and presenting information that is backed by credible sources. Our goal is for the students to become the next generation of critical thinkers who can distinguish between all the complications they will encounter as they go out into the world.

The Path to Truth-Centric Education

As we all are aware, this world we have is filled with so many biases as well as misinformation. We work to emphasize to teach truth with evidence-based information. Our educators have the tools in the classroom necessary to show students how to tell the difference between what is true and what is not. The environment in the classroom is pivotal in valuing honesty and keeping an open mind. It is where we create a true community and encourage them to continue to seek truth above all else.

Join the Movement of Teacher Empowerment

So, here we are. Getting down to what we are looking for. Brainfood Academy is looking for educators who are looking to have teacher empowerment back in the classroom. We invite you to join us as we educate the next generation from the comforts of our own homes while the students are in theirs. We are more than just an institution. Our private online school is a place where the educators innovate, contribute and inspire. In addition they provide preparation for all the complexities the students will face in the world. Setting them up for success in the Real World.

Be ready to embrace the freedoms in your classroom. Additionally, you are a torchbearer of the truth-centric education. Embracing the responsibility in giving guidance to the students for understanding at deeper levels the world and just how they fit into it. Want to meet some of the teachers we already have on staff? Come over to this page now!

Now if you are a parent and just happened to stumble upon this page, thank you for visiting! We have a link just for you so that you can register to learn more. By the way this is FREE! Information is FREE! How can you not check this out when it’s FREE. Oh by the way, its FREE! However, even better, come visit us on our Weekly Open Houses every Wednesday at 8:30 pm EST! You can see that here:

Conclusion, and your next step!

If what you are seeing is appealing to you, please click the button below to submit your resume. Be ready to have fun in the classroom while cultivating amazing critical thinkers for the future generations. We also invite you to follow this link to join in and jump in right away so you can see the curriculum.