Fountain of Youth & the Deep Secrets of uüth™

The Fountain of Youth – the deep secrets of looking and feeling younger than we are are all found in our newest Snap from Velovita – uüth™.

What would you do to take back time? We have found some of the best products lately for our skin and body, but none are like this one! This one is a true Must-Have for both Women and Men! And it is such a simple thing too with no needles or nasty chemicals. Ready? Keep reading to find out more information and to order yours today!


Best Liquid Collagen Products to Regain Your Youth

We all know that collagen is great for our bodies in looking and feeling good, but why do we hesitate on doing it? It could be due to costs or inconvenience, but more importantly, it is another “pill” to swallow or lotion to apply. We can only do so much, right?

Firstly, the pill aspect, we all know pills are for sick people right? Sometimes our digestive systems rebel us and do not absorb it correctly or it messes with our medications and vitamins. This product overcomes this with an attractive, sleek package that contains the gelée (or syrup) in an easy to use Snap. The unique formula allows the rich nutrients of the active ingredients to literally feed our cells. This ultimately helps us to look and feel younger than you have in years! Truly turning back time!

Why uüth works!

3 grams of Hydrolized Collagen

Inside our ingredients, we have Type 1 collagen from grass-fed pasture raised bovine (Cattle). It’s the best, gold standard, highest quality collagen available in the market.

NMN – Immune System Powerhouse

This means it is protecting your DNA. The benefits of NMN are numerous. We are seeing so many people from so many walks of life taking NMN directly. With our new uüth, you get it alongside so many other great nutritional products of the highest quality. Let’s read some of the known benefits of NMN.

First and foremost is it has an Anti-Aging effect, thus the basis of this page. We all want to fight the effects of aging and looking younger is usually priority. Another great benefit is that it increases fertility in women, which leads me to feel women health in general will be improved. Looking forward to seeing how it affects menopausal women, personally speaking. Additionally, as we age, our eyesight tends to require assistance. NMN helps improve vision. Meanwhile hold on as you will experience the energy boost.

Now internally, the incredible improvements you may just experience because of NMN include: kidney function & blood flow, encourages the repair of broken DNA strands, lowers cholesterol & triglycerides, improves the immune system as well as encourages your heart health and function, including mitochondrial function and reduces neuroinflammation. Now that is a lot of words, but they are what everyone is LOOKING for in nutritional products. Many times we take separate nutrients and supplements and before we know it our hands are full of “pills” and tablets.

Rosa roxburghii – Superoxide dismutase

Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells. This might prevent damage to tissues. What

S7 – Powerful plant-based nitric oxide booster

When you take the snap, you feel it the moment you take it.  The roto-rooter for our arteries.

Aronia Berry – Flavor of the snap

The berry itself is from the chokeberry family, just like Blueberries! In addition it is filled in with antioxidants.

Overall, this product is a phytonutrient – This means it is plant-based and will work better in our bodies vs synthetically produced products.  Simply put, this is an incredible quality product that has natural benefits to your body.

And now that you have read all the details, do you explore all that you eat just as much? I mean, do you go to McDonald’s and ask to see their list of ingredients and critique the quality of the beef used in the burgers? Or Subway, do you request copies of the certifications of the varieties of cheeses or the produce? I bet not, no one does, but for some reason when it comes to nutritional supplements, we all want to become the expert. I bet you even purchase the gummie vitamins, trusting the label to be the highest quality ingredients. Here, we actually have a doctor on staff who scrutinizes everything for us. Now let’s have some fun and see what this amazing product does for our bodies!

**What Youth-ful benefits do we experience from Uüth

Hair: Are you ready for the Rapunzel affect? Get ready for healthier, stronger, shinier and more vibrant Hair. With what time (and other processes) has done to our hair, get ready for it to be reversed with this incredible product.

Nails: If you are like me and suffer from nails the break easily and split, this is a product you want. Be ready to gain back strength and growth as this product feeds your nails. Get to know your manicurist well, perhaps even gift her with a bottle of fine wine as you bring her more business!

Skin: Tired of the flaky elbows? Get ready! Your skin will start to glow, regaining your youth. Additionally the elasticity that aging and time steal away is also reversing.

Libido: Yes, you read that correctly. Re-live your youth, back to your 20’s (we won’t go any further back), feel more alive and vibrant when the Bio-Hacking Science of this Product enters your body. Literally, things go into action. You will feel younger and your body will be gaining function and flow. This is something remarkable. It is going to make so many people happier and increase the quality of life in major ways.

Your bodies cellular makeup and development: This is about being the best us with the help of Science to combat the environmental stress that ages our bodies. Don’t let it happen, fight back with these Gifts from Science.

Fountain of Youth and Liquid Collagen Benefits

Liquid collagen is the glue that holds us together. As we age we lose the glue and can feel like we are falling apart. More so, our skin is flaky, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Oh Lord help us out here! It’s as simple as a Snap! Get yours on order right now!

What is even better is that you can forget the needles! I don’t know about you, but I try to stay away from needles. I do not care if there are “health benefits”. Botox is no where in my want or need lists and now with Uüth, it never will be! I cannot wait to see my own results, but I am seeing the results from a few teammates who were given the opportunity to get trying it before the rest of us! Who knew that men could be so VAIN! HEHEHE.

Seriously – Get yours now!

Get the Full Tri-Fecta Of Nootropic products and Keep Your Youth!

What is even better is than when you look younger, you feel younger, but we can Snap you back even better than ever with the Bran and with the Zlem! Check out the information here for getting the full Tri-fecta of products!

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