Luxury Leisure Wear for Women

Luxury leisure wear for women is in a high demand. Now we have the most luxurious leggings and sportswear for you and the women in your life.

Leggings are luxurious and meant for leisure

The choices of leggings are massive in the market today, but we have found an incredible store online that has high quality yet affordable to any budget. And even more, you will not be able to buy just a single pair. There are a variety of styles and colors that appeal to even the most discerning eye. There are even some with POCKETS! These leggings can take you from the gym to the mall or even a great night out. Just change the footwear!

luxury leisure wear

The design work on these leggings take into account form, fit, function and FEEL of the materials. The material itself is of the highest quality but more importantly it retains its shape for the long haul. The designer, Kady, is a former NBA dancer and currently designs the outfits worn by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and many other professional and collegiate level teams. Kady put her entire heart into how these fit because she knows that women deserve to feel empowerment, that feminine superpower every single day. A celebration of the female body is a daily occurrence when wearing these leggings!

Getting to Know Kady

I personally was given the honor recently to interview Kady and to just hear her passion pour out behind her words that she says is inspiring. With such passion, you understand quickly that she is the real deal. Moreover, she is a dancer turned fashionista where the Queen reigns always. The logo itself is the shape of the Queen from the game of chess. She chooses this to represent the core values of the products: female empowerment and limitlessness.

More Luxury than Leisure with Milky SilkTM

Milky Silk is a true thing. It is the most amazing feel of fabric against your skin. The shirts and leggings made with this trademarked fabric is like none other, as in there are no other companies out there that have a material that feels so luxurious. They literally feel they should be more expensive than they are which is why we call this specific line luxury leisure wear. I have one of the crop shirts, of course it’s the Bama one, but at my age, I never expected to be loving a CROP shirt! These clothes are for women of all ages looking for luxury leisure wear.