Preparing Your Mindset For Success

The biggest stumbling block for most entrepreneurs is preparing your mindset for success. We all seem to get in our own way, but it is time to stop.

preparing your mindset for success

This has been the biggest change for me so far this year.  The successes I am seeing in my business isn’t just luck.  It is simply that I am constantly preparing my mindset for success.  In order to go forward, quit looking back.  In order to accomplish anything stop putting out the blockages.  Just stop with the excuses as to why you didn’t get something done.  Quit blaming other people.  Do NOT give anyone else that kind of control.  

Are You Ready to Set Your Mindset For Success?

Don’t Set Up Your Own Roadblocks

Your own Self-limiting beliefs are what is getting in the way of YOUR success.  Stop blaming your up-line!  This isn’t THEIR business to MAKE you a success!  It is their business to grow their business and to teach you to do the same.  So if your business isn’t where it needs to be, better look in the mirror today.  Don’t procrastinate it till tomorrow.  Set a 90 Day plan.  Set daily to do lists.  Get a good planner that allows you to put it in writing, not one that looks the prettiest for others to oooh and aahh over.  That is not an income producing activity.  

We all have 24 hours in a day. You map out road trips, map out your day and avoid detours.  Put in the non-negotiables into your calendar first.  FYI, TV is a Time Suck not a non-negotiable.   Church, Gym?  Non-negotiables. Why?  I am refueling myself spiritually and physically.   

So how are you going to spend your time today?  Is your mind ready to be the best it can be so it receives only the best?

Waking Up on the Right Side of the Bed Every Day

One way you can start preparing your mindset for success is to get enough quality sleep. Ever notice that you may not have gotten a full 8 hours of sleep and bounce right out of bed? That your day went amazingly well? Perhaps other days you got the extra sleep you needed but felt like a truck ran you over? The whole day felt wasted because you couldn’t shake yourself awake.

I have been working on monitoring not just the amount of sleep but the quality of my sleep. My smart watch has helped me with verifying why I feel one way or another. The days that it declares 96% sleep are the days I feel invincible all day long! For example today, May 17, 2019, my watch says 96%, but just 5 hours and 31 minutes of rest. And I feel FANTASTIC! Quality over quantity is stated in many industries. Now it is time to believe it.

Give Your Health & Weight-loss a Boost

Do you know that weight-loss, one of the biggest arenas where people stand in their own way, can benefit from better quality sleep? I recently added a new product to my self-health regiment, HiBurn8. Just a month ago I was averaging 90-93% quality sleep and it was getting me down. I even knew I was tossing and turning a lot. Even waking up with aching muscles in my back was enough to set me off on the wrong path. Building a business and working full-time isn’t easy, but it is even harder without good sleep. Even preparing your mindset for success is made harder without good sleep.

Make Sure To Leave Time For: YOU!

One of the best ways to preparing your mindset for success is making You the most important person in your life. Without you, you are nothing. When you give everything to others, you leave nothing for yourself.

Think of it this way: You start every day with a full pitcher of Love, another of Energy and yet a third one of Time. When you get up in the morning, you may give your husband or wife a glass or two of love and time before heading out the door to start your day. Get yourself ready – pour out some more Time & Energy! Now wake those kids up! That needs a couple glasses of Energy – possibly more if you have teens or even a Special Needs child, they also need a glass of your Time and Love. You have now used almost a third of your supply of Time and Energy; as well as maybe a fourth of your Love. We aren’t even to Noon yet!

Alright, give up some more Time & Energy for traffic. Here in Minnesota we have two seasons: Winter & Road Construction. Traffic snarls are major time wasters, but maybe you spend the time in the car listening to something inspirational, refuel that Energy and Love!

Keeping the Positive Mindset for Success Going

Now you are at work for 8-12 hours. That is more of your Time out the window. They say Time flies and sometimes it seems it is literal. This is where the big Energy, Time & Love suck occurs. You only can refuel during lunch for some Energy and Love, but the Time still keeps on ticking like that darn bunny!

By the time you get home you are irritable because you spent too much Time in traffic, stayed late even a few minutes at work, had Time wasted by others. Your Energy is vanished because you were working on a huge project and still not done since the boss wants to make changes. And Love is gone, it left with the last of your patience.

Continue Preparing Your Mindset for Success: Refuel

How does someone keep a positive mindset going? Additionally, how can a person re-fuel in the middle of the day? By preparing your mindset for success first. Because you need to throughout the day just stop and take a 5 minute break. Do something that will relax your mind. Meanwhile, take some deep breaths, meditate for a few minutes. Go for a walk outside your office. You need to Re-Set, Re-Focus, and Re-Commit to what you are needing to get done.

Many of us do this multiple times throughout the day. Here at RRR247, it is what the 3 R’s stand for: Re-Set, Re-Focus, Re-Commit. By just remembering “Triple R”, you are a step ahead of all the other entrepreneurs trying to make a go of it. By following through the steps, you are preparing your mindset for success and you will succeed.

If you are not currently involved with RRR247 and are looking for something “more” in life. Looking for a business that not only will grow you financially, but also personally. To feel like you are part of a family not just a company. You really need to get in touch with me today. Email me at