Brainfood is the Solution for Your Students Education

Brainfood is the solution for every student in grades Kindergarten thru 12th Grade. Give your student a leg up on Better education. You already know the Education Systems are in serious need of improvement, it is a global situation, not just locally. The public is seeing the aftermath from the “Distance Learning” scenario. Schools were not ready. Additionally, we see that as an opportunity to create a solution. One that can truly benefit every single child in your city, state and country.

As an Online private school and education with a curriculum approval in ALL 50 states in the United States, this is your alternative to traditional and non-traditional education. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the benefits of a private online school and why it might be the right choice for you and your family.

Issues of Today’s Education and What is Available through the School Systems of Today:

  • Core Subjects have been Modified. Currently, students are showing that their comprehension and true learning is diminishing. The core subjects of: Math, English, Science and more are being changed by school districts. Even with this new digital age with Artificial Intelligence and of course, computers, there is a Notable Decrease.
  • Schools have been the target of Mass Shootings. The facts speak for themselves, the rise in occurrences of School Shootings is alarming. Additionally the ongoing and increasing child abductions as well as an increase in Amber Alerts. Safety for our children is being compromised.
  • Bullying and Distractions are Greatly Increased. Kids already have enough stress without adding distractions, including bullying. Although anti-bullying is supposedly a primary focus according to many Schools and their Districts; the reports of the opposite happening is obvious.
  • Indoctrinations without Consent of Parents. Frustrations of parents with the administration of the district and their “Agendas”. Whether it is books and literature being withheld or political stances being pushed onto the children. And it seems to be getting worse. Independent thinking is not encouraged by the teachers, it seemingly is discouraged.
  • Reduced Time for Learning. Each year it seems that “due to budget cuts”, different areas of Fine arts and physical education face removal and reduction. Kids need to be stimulated to expel pent up energy. Music class, Art and Gym are crucial ways to let the child to be more creative and express themselves. In fact, Teachers need to be allowed to be creative when they are teaching as well! However the curriculum set by the school or district is to only hit the Bare Minimum requirements. It is not permitting to challenging our students and give them a better Competitive Edge for the future.

Keep in mind we are just scratching the surface. 

The illiteracy of Adults (after graduating with a High School Diploma) is at all time highs. We aren’t setting the students up for Real Life experiences. The Internet gives access to such a vast world of knowledge and yet, we limit our children. We call it “protecting” but really we are smothering them, ultimately leading to an educational decline.

Brainfood is the Solution

Why Brainfood is the Solution For a Better Education

  • The Most Incredible Curriculum to set your Student up for Success that has ever been Developed. And the instruction to your Student by a Live Teacher experience. Direct to Your Home. Or wherever your Student is. (Just a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and an Internet Connection). Set Up Your Parent Account Here and See the Full Topics and Curriculum Outline.
  • Safety under the Watchful Eye of Parents, Grandparents, or Community will always be stronger than the packed classrooms and “Gun Free Zones”. There is a strength in the family and community. And we can do so much better.
  • Bullying and Distractions can be reduced if not outright eliminated. We have seen it in Home Schooling alone how this becomes far less of a concern. And while this is not a “Home Schooling” solution, this is Direct to Your Home Education, the safety aspects are parallel.
  • Full Transparency of the Education your Student is Receiving. There is always full transparency. Including the exact topics and educational mapping for each class, each grade. Plus the Parent or Community Member for the Student can be present easily for each and every class. With Access Times to the Administrators and Teachers.
  • Another Key Point; This is combining the best of Education together with Technology. Everything necessary for the Student to be able to accel, develop and graduate to the next level is in place. From the education access ongoing to the testing. All reporting as well as support is available. We achieve the instruction online in a Virtual Classroom with live interactive teaching by an Amazing Teacher.

Success comes with Experience and Direction, Habits and Patterns:

So while the traditional methods our Education Systems are currently following are showing a devastating future, we have a solution with Brainfood. This is a Private School. The fingers of the Government are not running Brainfood. We keep our focus on the Principles of a Better Tomorrow. So Brainfood is the Solution preparing our students for the future, preparing our students to be Leaders! More importantly, Brainfood is the future of Education.

Brainfood is the Solution; What Makes Us Better:

Flexible Online Classroom Times: This is Based on the availability of the Teachers. We are offering multiple options of times for each class. Students can be open to so much more in the time for school. No commuting, no wasted time in-between subjects. Ability to be in another location and maintaining their studies.

Recorded Classes Available: For catch up as well as for keeping up. If a student misses a “live class”, as well as for allowing advancing students to move through the curriculum. As a Result; access to the Education is full time, and all of the time.

Teacher Selection is in the Hands of the Parents and the Students: There are Available Teachers. And up through the limitations of the Classes; Teachers are selected by the Student. We also have interviews and focused introductions to each teacher. See more with your Free Parent Account with Brainfood Here:

Safe Environment: Another benefit of homeschooling is the ability to create a safer and more secure learning environment. Homeschooling provides parents with the ability to protect their children from bullying, peer pressure, as well as other negative influences that can be present in traditional school settings. This can be especially important for children who may be more vulnerable or who have special needs.

The Costs and Funding Concerns:

This is a huge Solution. And cost wise it is better than what anyone would expect. We are talking a program that is Privatized and Built to be Sustainable. It is not a Government Entity. However; State programs allow for Funding for Education that in many States “Follows the Student”. And this includes (in many cases) the use with Brainfood. See them here. Also be sure to CONTACT US about our programs that allow Income Streams for the Family. Because we are built by Entrepreneurs there are incredible solutions offered. Consequently; they are not typical and you need to hear about them.

Where to go for more information about why Brainfood is the Solution:

  • FIRSTLY: Set up your Parent Account so you can See the Inside. (No Cost to Set Up) Go Here:
  • SECONDLY; Attend our Information Zoom. WHEREIn our Global Zoom Room (GO HERE). Or enter Zoom Meeting Room: 267 159 642. Alternate Access Location on YouTUBE. See the Channel Here. Access recordings and updates as well. Should the Global Zoom Room be FULL. Go to YouTUBE Channel to access the Live Broadcast of the Wednesday Zoom Information Training.
  • WHEN: Wednesday Nights. 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 7:30pm CST / 8:30pm EST / 9:30pm AST. Because this is Global, we will be adding additional meeting times in the near future.
  • THIRDLY: Keep up to date with your Parent Account. Register and get Started ANYTIME. There is no time like now to make the change. And Courses are running all year. Access to the Curriculum is 24-7.

In Addition; You will be able to hear and even ask questions. There is Global Representation. And know that this is going to be a Solution offered Globally. We are all part of the Change that our Future is relying on.

online private school

Conclusion: Online Private School Is The New Way To Education

In conclusion, online private schools offer a modern and innovative alternative to traditional schooling that provides numerous benefits for students and families. Homeschooling in an online private school environment allows for flexibility, personalized learning, and a safe and nurturing environment, all while providing the same rigorous academic standards as traditional schools. With the increasing availability and quality of online private schools, families have the opportunity to provide their children with a high-quality education. More importantly, one that meets their unique needs and goals. As such, it is clear that online private school is the new way to education, and families should consider it as a viable option for their child’s academic future.

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TEACHERS! We Need You Too!

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