My Dog Farts Constantly

Can you relate? If you are a dog owner, you know that your dog farts can clear the room. We have found a new product that helps clear the air and not the room. What is even better is that your dog will think they are just getting yummy treat!

little stinker dog farts

My Dog Farts Can Clear the Room And My Sinuses

Having been a dog owner with at least 1 dog in the house since the age of 10. Every dog we have owned has been able to cause our noses some sort of distress. Now in the middle of winter with a cold, that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good because you can smell again. And of course, bad because you didn’t really need to be given that welcome to the sinuses.

Seriously, though my childhood dog, Wrinkles, got into much worse trouble than his farts did. He was a Dachshund/Beagle mix. Picture a long legged weiner dog with so much extra skin as a puppy, he almost looks like a Shar-Pei. Oh and did I mention, he barked at anything that moved. We had many names for him as I am sure you have many names for your dogs. If my brother was talking to him his name was Booga or Booger. If my dad even addressed him, his name was “the dog”. My Mom? Well, her most common phrase was “That GOD- Damned Dog!”. It was never a quiet phrase from her.

Memories of Wrinkles – the dog who lived to try to please my mom.

You see there was a strong love/hate relationship between my Mom and Wrinks (oh that is one of my names for him). Take the time we were out camping with about 20 families. Wrinkles is running around the woods chasing everything, except Cassie the Cocker Spaniel. She didn’t like other dogs and he learned that quickly. But I digress. All the moms are sitting around the campfire in their chairs with their preferred beverages and watching over the big stock pot of soup that was our Community dinner. Wrinkles comes running up with a garter snake in his mouth. Ever see a bunch of 40-50 year old women run and scream at once? Lawn chairs were everywhere.

Well, Wrinkles ran right up to my mom, pleased as punch at the gift he brought her. His tail was wagging as fast as ever. He then dropped it at her feet. My mom, who was all of 5’2″ in her prime is screaming her well-known phrase. Wrinkles is very confused, drops the snake who slithers immediately into the fire. Oh my heavens! All of us kids come running to see what the problem was. We see the issue and all start laughing, the dads are running to the fire and laughing, the moms are yelling at us all to shut up and standing on their webbed lawn chairs. Great memories!

Did Wrinkles Dog Farts Stink?

The short answer of it if his farts had a smell: Yes. But even funnier is when he would sit on the linoleum and it rumbled under his butt. Scared him many times. The funniest was when he was entertaining us with chasing his tail and he let one dog fart out. He stopped mid-stream and looking around at all of us like we did it. The 18 years he was part of our family gave us lots of memories.

Do Dogs know when they fart?

Oh we all know they know. However they are really good at playing innocent and giving US the stink eye! You know you’ve seen it too. That waft of smell that empties the room, waters the eyes, gasping for breath. Then you look at your dog and they are literally looking at you, almost squinting in that accusatory manner dogs can do. Or even worse, they act even more innocent with the look of “Who me?”. While we can all sit here and laugh at the various stories because we all have them, trust me. There cannot be a dog owner that can claim their dog never dropped that SBD – you know, Silent But Deadly.

Our Family of Little Stinkers

In our 30 plus years of marriage, we have enjoyed 5 dogs, 3 have now crossed that Rainbow Bridge, but we still have two. MissT (or Misty), was trouble with a capital T. She was more notorious for knocking over a beer and drinking it herself than her farts, but she would get all excited and do her toots on the hardwood floor. Then we had Mila (Me Love Attention), she was a bit more lady like, but she could raise the dead and look at the boys like they did it. Buddy was our Grumpy Old Man, and I swear sometimes I would look at him and see Wrinkles staring back at me. He did his fair share of farts, however he also seemed to exude satisfaction when they were launched.

Our current girls, Annie & Micha, they are definitely the drama queens. Micha always looks surprised when the “vibration” occurs, looks down, sneezes and leaves the room. Then we get slapped with it. Annie is the true Queen of the SBD in our house. She won’t even wake up when we are gasping for air and grabbing the air freshener. The worst is the middle of the night.

What causes Dog farts?

My dog farts no longer stink

So just why is it that our dogs need tootralizing, that’s the official word for simmering down the smell. We all know that even in people, we build up gas because of the foods we eat. Some affect us more than others and our own toots can require neutralizing too. Our digestive systems producing gas is actually a healthy sign that things are working well. The issue is the toots are being caused by the bacteria that helps break down the food particles produces the gas. So while our dogs may have a healthy diet, their toots can be “odiferous”, meaning nauseating and very unpleasant.

Stop my dog farting

We have found a new product that says it can stop dog farts from being smelly. What is even better is that the dogs think its a treat! This peanut butter flavor chew is a flavor we know dogs already love. This all natural treat given daily to your pooch can silence the toots! The ingredients actually go after the stinky causing particles and neutralizes them, kind of like Ghostbusters grabbing the the ghosts and putting them in a trap.


So to summarize what we have, we have an amazing way to keep your family cuddling your fur-babies without risk of clearing the room. Almost like a Poo-pourri for Paws! All in a simple little chew with all natural ingredients that are actually safe for human consumption! But even better is that there is also a specific version specially for us people! You need to check it out. And then when you have both Fido and yourself remedied, be sure to keep your own body even healthier in a Snap!