Cooking is not just about food.  It encompasses so much more to include Wines, Lifestyles, and Cookbooks!  Check out all the offerings and all the essentials to make any day complete, especially after a long day’s work or having the family together.  Ultimately, we will offer you an abundance of options to choose from!

All Things Cooking Food & Wine: Come visit us today and see what all we have in store for you. Here you will find incredible wines you can have at your finger tips as it arrives at your door. How about an incredible menu idea for serving that Fine Wine? All Things Cooking Food & Wine is where it’s at!

Celebrate America – Traditions, Freedom, Family: Celebrating anything, but what ever it is, you know it means something to you that is important. Right now we have so much to be thankful for that we truly need to Celebrate America – Traditions, Freedom, Family.


Fine Wines Wine Club Brings More Than Just Wine: Get access to Fine Wines from the great regions of Napa & Sonoma Valleys in this exclusive and delicious Wine Club.  Our Wines are Private Labeled and we have a new favorite every month. When you join Our Fine Wines Wine Club Brings More Than Just Wine

Food Fondue for the Busy Family: Are you looking for some quick ideas for meals for your busy family? I enjoy cooking for my family, however I do not like spending the entire day in the kitchen. Also I dislike the cleanup! I have some of my family’s favorites from when the kids were little and they still request today. You will find: Slow Cooker Recipes, Grilling Recipes and Tips and my newest addition, The Instant Pot!

Food Food Food: Triple the flavors, fun, and most importantly food for the family. We are all looking for ways to make our access to food easier now more than ever. When cooking at home is not an option, we have an incredible option for Direct to Consumer. Food Food Food

Homemade Frosting Recipe: More than food is made in the kitchen. It is also a place for memories. One of my favorite memories is making cookies with my mom and dad. Whether it was for the holidays or a Sunday activity, the memories are made. Make your own starting with cookies and Homemade Frosting recipe.

Inaugural Address: Meal Plans For a Chardonnay: You have a bottle of Chardonnay and you have no idea what to cook with it. Now you can come here to see how to take simple foods, whether a meal, appetizer or even dessert can become more of an event. Here you will find a few ideas for pairing a Chardonnay with many foods, but we feature our exclusive label: Inaugural Address: Meal Plans For a Chardonnay

Moonlight Sonata Raspberry Trifle Beethoven’s Dessert: A sensuous refreshing dessert that is perfect for a grand finale to any meal. The blend of berries with apples and a hint of whiskey from the Chardonnay is so savory. Looking for a great dessert that is easy and fast to create, Moonlight Sonata Raspberry Trifle Beethoven’s Dessert is what you want!

Nutrient Dense Beef is on the Menu: When it comes to what we need for our bodies, better nutrients is one that everyone needs to focus on. But we also want delicious tasting food that we can plan our family menus around. Now you can get it right to your door with Nutrient Dense Beef is on the Menu

Protein Popcorn Get it Ordered Now: Looking for a yummy snack that not only satisfies your hunger, but it also is healthy for you. Having something like this shipping right to my front door is so exciting! What’s more is the 3 different delicious flavors I can choose from. Protein Popcorn Get it Ordered Now!

Wine 101: Pairings, Recipes, and More: Here we have written about some of the amazing recipes that pair amazingly with wines. You do not need to be a Wine Sommelier to understand how easy it is to pair with foods. Come get some ideas from our recipes today!

If you’re anything like me? I love cooking, try new foods and taste the different wines that are out there. Trust me there are a lot out there. New wines are popping up all the time. Along with different foods and fads. I created this section for recipes and pairings that I have done with our Premium Wines. Since we receive our wines at our door monthly, I always seem to come up with a new favorite. So check in regularly for what new. Looking forward to your next visit!