I Am A Marketer

Because I work from home, many people ask me what I do, my reply is now “I am a Marketer”. In the past, I would stumble on my words and say blogger, and multiple other things. Whereas, in reality I am a Marketer. I get the opportunity to market multiple products and services both online and person-to-person.

So many who work from home only get to promote or sell a single product or product line. What we have here is an incredible opportunity to be the Marketer for multiple lines. I get the opportunity to teach others, show them the path to this amazing system we have.

For me, this is a long-term career where growth is on-going, personal development is continuous, as well as I get to be part of an incredible community. This is the dream many yearn for and very few have the mindset to work hard for it. Would you rather work your butt off for someone else or yourself?

Internet Based Marketing Opportunity

The world is continuously growing and developing. Every day our lives are expanding to be more “Online”. Therefore, we market heavily online. It also means I can work from anywhere; anywhere there is internet. The Beach or Pools? Yes, in fact I’ve done that in Punta Cana, Destin, and very soon Hawaii. If the location you are at has internet, you can do this too!

The way we work, we develop a team of marketers all working together for ourselves and each other. We all have strengths and weaknesses. So by merging our efforts in branding the products and utilizing our blogging websites, it all balances out.

We strive to get in front of everyone through posting ads, this includes sharing products on our social media sites as well. Additionally, we build up online shopping and information systems. And because we know it works; we cross market to share with those we Market too; other things we have to share with them.

The aspects of being a Marketer include constant learning and doing. There is never a moment where you can say, “We are good, that is done”, and moreover, we are never bored. It is always evolving. Always being re-designed and constantly in need of steady actions.

Marketing as a Career is Always Growing and Evolving

There are many different kinds of Marketers.

  • Internet Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Brand Marketers
  • Freelance Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • Business Marketers
  • Marketing Specialist

If you are already in marketing, you probably can identify with at least one or more of the above. However, with what I get to do here, I identify with all of those. That means we have one of the most versatile and adapting marketing opportunities we know of.

How to Become a Marketer

As I walked away from my full-time job in 2020, many in my family and friends thought I was nuts. Leaving a “secure” job of 27 years in the middle of “the pandemic”. However, we need to turn back time to the very first time I tried a side gig. It was 1998 and it was your typical home party based gig. It was fun, I embraced the success, but life changed for our family and I ended that brief stint.

As the boys got older and busier, I could not stay away and in 2012 returned to the side gig of working from home. It was yet another home party type opportunity and. What I learned from these various opportunities is that I knew there was something out there for me that was truly work from home.

2017 is where this journey led me to this amazing opportunity. It is a true work from home career. Moreover, I do not rely on family and friends to financially support me with monthly purchases. When I started this opportunity, it was to simply earn some side money to grow our monthly income to enjoy some fun times. In 2020, again due to life changes in our family, rather than walking away from this opportunity, we made the decision that I walk away from the J.O.B. instead. Now I am blessed, I get to stay at home full-time and help care for my mother-in-law so that she can remain independent as much as possible.

Come Join Us and Say “I am a Marketer”!

If you are looking for either a side gig or replace your income fully, I suggest you start where you can learn and grow. See What is Performance Blogging. It all begins Here with the video below. Then reach back to me via email at prosperinggoals@gmail.com and let’s get you started!

I am a marketer

Additionally, download this E-Book Marketing Is Freedom. Get it here (use Coupon Code: freedom) as a GIFT from me to you. Written by Rory Ricord, the co-founder of Performance Blogging and RRR247, you will be enlightened like I did as to just how the philosophy of what we do here truly works. We make Network Marketing work like it is supposed to.

And get ready to see the World in an Entirely new Perspective. You will laugh at how incredible Marketing is around us. We see it at every turn and corner. It is all around us. And more and more there are ways to be a part of it and gain in profits. Lifestyle of successful Marketers are fantastic. Come on in!