Multiple Streams of Income is Manageable – Start Now!

Have you wondered how you can manage multiple streams of income? Thank you for visiting my blog. I am about to show you how we have multiple streams of income and we manage it using this very blog.

You can have Multiple Streams of Income Starting Today!

multiple streams of income and having fun being a marketer

​Most people when they hear multiple streams of income feel it is incomprehensible to achieve primarily because they only ever worked 1 job at a time. ​With multiple streams of income, your “eggs” are not all in one basket. You control your destiny. If one income stream lags, you have the others to pour into without a major disruption to your overall budget. 

​Whereas, when you work for a single employer, you are literally at their mercy of them staying in business. As we are in the midst of a recession, a downturn in the economy where interest rates are rising, things are becoming more unsettled.

My Journey Towards Multiple Streams of Income

​5.5 years ago, when I started my own journey, I was still working that J.O.B. We were not making ends meet. The company always had an excuse why they couldn’t give us more than a 2% raise in pay despite exceeding expectations on the annual performance review. I was blinded by my own work ethic and how I was raised that if I did more, did better, it would pay off in the end. It did not.

​​In late 2019/early 2020, my husband and I started planning our future, our destiny. I was already working this “multiple stream of income” opportunity, but was only doing it as a side gig to expand our budget to better help us have money to cover expenses, but not exceeding above that. ​I gave my company notice that I would be leaving the company after 27 years as my husband and I planned our move from MN to TX. Best decision ever because we did it primarily for us​, but also for his Mom.  I look back and reflect on where I was 5.5 years ago. Broken, stressed out driving to work, stressed out while at work and very unhappy at home because we couldn’t afford simple things like a dinner out.

Current Results

Fast forward to today, I now work from home Full-Time; and have been for the last 3 years. I own my own time! My future is in my control and not some corporate bigwig who needs to line the shareholders’ pockets or reduce the workforce to make the bottom dollar better. I no longer am an “essential” worker forced to come to work when my job could have easily been done from my home.

If one of my streams declines, I have others I still work, following a simple system. We have so many aspects here and more keep coming. What is even better is that our system ensures that you have guidance and resources that help you to your success. However it is all based on your actions. You cannot be lazy. While the computer is your ultimate “money maker” you need to do the programming with the right information to get it going.

I now have the ability and knowledge to teach others how to do this simple system. As long as you do not quit, you cannot fail. Looking back, it was a huge leap of faith for me to jump in. It was really scary to take the final leap and leave the J.O.B. But, things are better for me and my husband. We are realizing we have the freedom to Dream. Ready to jump in? Let’s Go!

How does it work?

Very simply, we are online marketers. We follow the Law of Marketing making sure that people hear about the different products and services we feature on our blog site. By writing informative articles about each item, we take advantage of SEO (search engine optimization). We utilize keywords in our pages that people like you search for in Google and other browsers. Everyone knows that Google knows what you are thinking and doing. We are simply helping the process along to make your navigation of gaining information easier. Simple ads will be posted all over the internet, including various forms of social media. Places where people gather online for information, we are posting there. We are literally getting you the information you seek. Sometimes even before you realize you wanted it.

A True Community That Comes Together

I truly have to thank Digital Resources for this opportunity to have a real chance to work from home. Providing us not just the platform to grow it into our own business, but making sure we have the mentorship, the resources and most importantly the community. Humans are social people, therefore without a community when working from home, we can get frustrated more easily. Having access to others doing what we do, where everyone just wants your dreams to come to life. People truly helping others in a pay it forward mentality. Sounds kind of rare in our world today where everyone is out to get everyone else. Where the “Karens” of the world want to make other people miserable.

Our community is here to boost people up. Strengthen their own belief system in themselves. Because sometimes all it takes is to have someone else who has done what you are trying to do, believe in you for you to believe in you. I’m not here to “sell” you on our opportunity. We want those who want to be here. To have a system that guides you on a proven path to success for achieving dreams; and even Dreaming Bigger.

​Continue reading our story and how we are Dreaming Bigger helping others do what we do.