Welcome to My Life!

Again welcome to my life! I am Stacy and I am so glad you have come across my site where I share new and different, as well as exciting products and services. We have been busy since January 2020 with so many additions not just to our site with offers, but also personally. Right now let me catch you up on a few things personally.

An Incredible Journey

welcome to my life

I have been on the most incredible journey to owning my own time 100%. We started in January 2020 where my husband and I sat down and put in writing our goals for the year. It has been so exciting for us to realize each goal, some not on our time line, some quicker than we expected. But one thing we both realize is that we are putting our goals in writing every year!

So what goals did we write and achieve? Well first, let me just say that while we are extremely blessed all of our goals required actions that were a bit outside our comfort zone. I was at my full-time job for 27 years and the first thing we wrote was I would be quitting my job by June 1, 2020. Actual date: May 29, 2020!

The Journey Begins!

The next step was to begin decluttering the house to prepare it for sale. We agreed that we needed to reduce by a minimum of 40%. Our goal was achieved, as well as met. We did it through a lot of hard work, sweat and many trips to Goodwill in addition to selling on FB Marketplace. It feels really good to say goodbye to so many things and not miss them.

Our next goal we thought would take us longer, but we put the house on the market on July 18. On July 19 we were looking at 6 offers, with 5 being above our asking price! Amazing! We are truly blessed. We had actually written down for it to sell quickly and at top dollar. I guess we hit that one; Welcome to my life!

The Move is On – Welcome to our New Life!

Now the real journey is on. We want to be in southern Texas to be closer to my mother-in-law. She was widowed after the death of Dad last summer and with Covid, the year has been a struggle. Knowing we will be there for her at a moments notice is a dream we also are bringing to reality.

We began our travels to southern Texas from Minnesota in Mid-August. We have a rental we are staying in until we could locate a new home. And We have a new home that we will move into at the end of October. The bonus to it is that it is just 7 minutes away from her home! By the way, both of those were goals – to move to southern Texas and to find a home we love.

Reflections on my life

When we began the year of 2020, Covid was something China was dealing with. Who could have foreseen all that has occurred? So many are bitter about the year and cannot wait for it to end, but we have 1 more goal to achieve this year. Out of 6 we have on our notebook, 5 are complete. The final one is for my husband to get a job that will keep him happy. We feel in our heart of hearts that will happen once we are settled into the new house. Again, welcome to my life! We are excited to see how 2020 will bring us still as well as 2021! You can be sure we are already thinking about what we want to achieve together! You should come with us!


Final Goal Achieved! David has found a new income that will continue to grow our family budget!! And, of course, keep him out of my hair. HEHEHE Now it is time to do Dream Bigger with new dreams. It is still in progress, but I because I am a blogger and online marketer, I am sharing it with the world. This is two-fold because not only do I hope to inspire you to Dream Bigger, but I also am holding myself accountable.

Welcome to a Few New Things here in my Blog Life

Are you a business owner who was in business during the Pandemic? We are now partners with the most knowledgeable and efficient company helping other companies take advantage of a Widely Known, but little used Tax Credit. They have a simple form that if you have just 3 minutes to complete this form, they will walk you through the entire system very quickly. Learn how here!

As I initially made reference to, we also have made some amazing additions to this site! Right now Health and Wellness is a biggee. People are looking to boost their immune system and in addition trying to avoid falling into a depression of sorts. We now have 2 new products you need to check out!

New Products = New Life!

You should see all that we are adding! You need to check back often as one product just added is our New Smart Generation – Crypto Watch! Get paid to wear a watch! Absolute craziness!

Next up is also our absolute newest product for Better Gut Health – probiotic in a syrup. This is the 6th product from our primary Health product line. You need to try it for yourself. We love this product ourselves purely for how it improves our daily life. My husband and I are truly enjoying our blessings and when things get stressful, they actually don’t seem as bad as they could be. Go read more about this newest product!

Membership Has Its Benefits

The other new product is actually an incredible service showing people how to save on a huge spectrum of items. We have all seen how memberships have advantages, well this is the cream of the crop. Striving to Save, Share and Prosper, we are loving the savings we get to experience in our insurances, travel and even food, both dining out and groceries. You can read more about our Savings & Benefits Program.

Everyone deserves a new life…

While this Covid is nothing more than a nasty virus, I am not belittling its all around effects on the world. We are still having restrictions that in turn are controlling our world economy. So along with our Health, Employment and Income is the next biggest area. So many businesses have shut their doors, even more parents are having to leave jobs they do have because they have to do distance learning with the kids. The stress levels of teaching and no income are rising. What happens when our bodies are stressing? We become more susceptible to illness. As a result, we create even more stress. With what we do here at RRR247, we want to provide ways of removing the stresses.

In Conclusion, Welcome to My Life and My Site – ENJOY!

We have the ways and means to do just that. Above I show you the 2 ways to improve your health, now how about a work at home opportunity where YOU control your time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that creates an opportunity for endless income while working the hours YOU want to work? And have an instructor guide you through the process we have proven over and over again? So while the kids work on their schoolwork and do not need your undivided attention; you can be creating short blogs, in YOUR words, about the different things we have here that creates multiple streams of income. Come check us out! We would love to have you join us and welcome you to your new life too!

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.