Wine 101: Pairings, Recipes & More

In our Wine 101: we want everyone to be at ease when it comes to food pairing, recipes & more!  We are excited to feature Premium Wines from our club in this section so be sure to check out each section for great ideas!

Do you have a favorite recipe that goes great with a Cabernet Sauvignon or perhaps you have a great idea for cooking with Malbec or Merlot?  I would love to hear from you and possibly even share your favorite in this Wine 101 section too!

Wine 101

Looking for some general wine information?  You have come to the right place!  Check out all these delicious recipes and pairings!

Beef Stroganoff with Steak, Easy to Make: This is a recipe that the whole family will get behind. And for moms and dads, it is done in just under 30 minutes. Saving precious time in the kitchen to leave you more time with the family. It also has a variety of steps that if your youngster wants to help in the kitchen, they truly can!

Brie Stuffed Burgers: Bring out that grill and make it turn into a professional kitchen when you try our burgers! Just a twist on the Minnesota famous Juicy Lucy with a flowing lava of cheese cooked in the center of amazing ground beef! We pair this with a new favorite, the Ricord Merlot, straight from the vineyards of California!

Fiesta Baked Chicken & Rice:   Came home from church one night and didn’t have any idea what to make.  David came upstairs from the basement with Chicken Breasts.  Now the decision as to what to make it into was a puzzle.  Opening the cupboard and found some staple items and created…a New Masterpiece!  While pairing it with one of our Premium White Wines made it even better!  Check out this new recipe!

Merlot & Masterpiece Meals: Merlot is often a favorite when having rich bold and savory flavors of beef. However we show you how to expand your horizons with your tastebuds with our example recipe. Be sure to check out the easy appetizer of BACON wrapped scallions!  Both are foods everyone will love!

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes & S Africa’s Red Wine:  Sloppy Joes are everyone’s favorite easy to make recipe.  Rather than opening a can of Manwich, come check out this variety that will have you adding to your regular menu.  This kids will love it and you will start pairing it with a wide variety of red wines, but we’ve chosen the Kuduland Pinotage Coastal South Africa 2017 wine this time around.

Travel Southern France Tasting Refreshing White Wine:  Imagine travelling Southern France and finding a delicious and refreshing white wine with a little known grape.  That is exactly what I tasted, but I got to stay home to taste this wine because it was delivered right to my door!  Check inside for a couple recipes for Pan Fried Grouper and homemade tartar sauce – my mom’s recipe!  Then learn a little about the fish itself and some great locations in Southern France you can travel to!


Be sure to bookmark this section and come back often for new additions to Wine 101!  We are constantly looking for fun, easy recipes and pairings.  Whether you are planning a formal dinner with friends or hanging out on the patio or deck.  Our ideal plan is to bring Social back to our homes.  Being with friends and family and enjoying the company is so very important.

And the More! Easy Pairings for Entertaining

Here are some quick easy pairings that I have had great compliments on at my own socials and tastings:

wine 101

Zöet brand Premium Belgian Chocolate.  These decadent little chocolate thins were the rave at a recent Wine, Women and Wellness event.  I had ladies coming back to my table just to nibble on these sinful delights!  They even have a variety of chocolate flavors from the darkest dark to milk chocolate and flavors in between!  My favorite with a Malbec is the Dark Chocolate thins.  At just 110 calories for 6 thins, its is a great little snack with wine.

Berries – Whatever berry is in season goes great with all wines.  I have even taken frozen raspberries and blueberries and placed them in my white blends.  Not only do my white wines stay cooler longer, but I get a great little snack at the end of the glass!

Cheese.  Any and all cheese goes with wine.  If you want to get picky, you can google around for the best cheese and wine pairings, but you never know when I will come up with yet another article showing you these pairings.  Trying to do it all, but never done.  That is the great thing about blogging.  I never run out of subjects to talk about!

Meats – Pairing wine with a variety meat has never been easier. The easiest thing to remember is to match colors.  White meats with white wines, red meats with red wines.  The next tip to remember is if it grows together it goes together.  You have a White Wine from Italy?  Pasta with white sauce and chicken would be delish! 

Wine 101 Gets creative!

Dig out those cookbooks, they are those big books with recipes in them that your Mom or Grandma used to use. Or you can go out to sites like Yummly to search for a recipe you never thought you would try.  But now you have this awesome premium wine that you want to enhance all the flavors.  Now if you are getting our wine, you know they come with their own tasting notes with recommendations.  Google for a recipe!  Don’t limit yourself.  Have fun experimenting. 

And More!  Have I Piqued Your Interest on What I Do?

Come have fun with us!  I still work a full time job, but doing this Performance Blogging System is truly a relaxing time for me as I can put my thoughts on record.  Okay, that could sometimes be dangerous for a few subjects, but all in all, this is a great time!  Come check it out here and if interested, be sure to fill out my little form on that page.  If you just cannot wait, shoot me an email at  I love to hear from people and if we are a good fit, I would love to be your instructor!