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In order to accomplish this, we utilize tracking as well as affiliate links that provide results. In addition, we use programs to track payments. This in turn allows us to provide for our families as we work from home.

Please understand that we are a community that shares with others the amazing power of Affiliate Marketing. Furthermore, we train and support our community to further our businesses. Should you have any questions or would like more information, we have methods within this site, Our Amazing PBS for you to contact us.

What are affiliate links?

Many people are unaware of what an affiliate link is. To simply explain it, we utilize links on our site; that then direct the reader to the external website of our clients/partners. This way, when a reader clicks on the affiliate link on this Performance Blogging System (PBS), they go directly to the client’s site. We are here to simply connect the products and services to those looking for them. Additionally, we share them on our social media sites and through advertising on other media.

As this is our business, we also disclose that we do not take direct payments on this site, nor do we directly ship any products. The external website contains all the security and safety necessary for the purchaser. Any pricing we state are exactly the same for you. Whether the purchase is made through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more clicking through to the link. In fact, many times you save money when utilizing our links; along with any stated discount or offer codes on this very website!

Through our unique Community at RRR247, our online marketing students, as well as, professionals in this trade, truly gain. This includes samples, free promotional products, but even better, actual income. We receive these from assisting in the marketing of our clients’ products and services.

These Affiliate Disclosures are to keep you informed of our role in this process of marketing.

And that though we only believe in marketing or sharing products we believe in; we receive compensation in multiple ways for sharing them online.

In addition, we produce articles that we then market, post ads, and even pay for ads in some cases. Please note, this is a business; and we are fully making you aware in this Affiliate Disclosures that we, in fact, receive payment in many ways for things we share.