Home Bar Accessories Ideas You Will Enjoy

Everyone is looking to enjoy their homes more and home bar accessories is one you can get a ton of ideas on. We have been searching for some unique, practical and just plain ole fun gadgets for those wanting to entertain in their own home again.

Modern Home Bar Ideas

home bar accessories you and friends will enjoy

When it comes to a home bar, creating a “look” that is you is crucial. For the modern homes, the styles can vary greatly depending on the style of your home.

For 20 years, my husband and I had a home bar in our basement in Minnesota. It had 1970’s mustard counter top, black vinyl padded front and the most uncomfortable bar stools that came with the house when we bought it in 2000. We did updates to the bar by making the bar top itself butcher block. Additionally we added barnwood on the front fascia of the bar and wall, creating warmth and welcoming to the area. It proved popular as it was a focus for selling the house. The updates cost us all of $500 and pairing it with new carpeting and painting the dark wood paneling an off white, brightens up the long room that spans the basement length-wise.

A New Home, Different Style

In 2020, we moved to the RGV into a home with Spanish/Mexican styles. So creating a similar type home bar is not in our plans. We do like the warmth that wood gives a home as the porcelain tile floors throughout the house and yellow-tan texture walls is quite stark. Our plans are to stick with bulky furniture because the rooms are massive and tall 12-15 foot ceilings. For flooring, our dream is to put in a wood laminate. Ideally, I would love the darker colors like they do in some bars to give it more of a bar-like feel in the house. The walls will definitely get some different colors, depending on the colors in the woods we choose for the back bar, bar and all the accessories. I have pictures of what I really like, all handmade in Mexico.

Building a Home Bar

There are some basic furniture for building a home bar, however, what you actually choose depends on your personal tastes. In addition, the space limitations and your intending purpose will play into what you actually put into your bar.

Firstly, you need to consider the budget. How much are you willing to spend on the bar itself, as well as the accessories.

Is it going to be into the wall or free-standing? Will it include a sink? These are very important items to consider when planning your dream home bar. If you want a wet bar with a working sink, you must consider plumbing. Costs to plumb in water and drainage can creep up quickly if you don’t do your research.

Basic Home Bar Supplies

home bar accessories start with wine accessories

Once you have your bar area all planned and ready for use, you need basic home bar supplies. Glasses are the first thing to come to mind. You will want some for “on the rocks” beverages like a bourbon or brandy. You will also want some pilsner or beer steins for your beer loving family, in my case my husband. Do you have any margarita or daquiri loving ladies coming to visit? Oh down here in South Texas, there is a store, El Disco, and the beautiful glassware in all sorts of designs and colors are amazing. I cannot wait to fill my bar with some of these great glasses!

Lastly, wine glasses. Every great home bar needs to have wine glasses. Budget wise, you may want to choose a style that works for all wines, but you may want to invest in a set of champagne flutes as well for the sparkling wines. Especially if you are in my wine club, the variety of wines that come to my home every month is always a mix of white & red wines. I love the fact that I get to play with my palette and experience wine tastings in my own home every month. Heck, every day if I would like! It’s even more fun when you have friends over.

Accessories For Home Bar

What’s great about accessorizing your home bar is that you can really come up with some fun gadgets that will also be conversation starters! For example, how about a rechargeable wine opener with a blue light on it. Or a complete wine opening set with foil cutter, aerator and wine stoppers. Leaving these out in the open on your back bar area for guests to look at will have them all wanting to open another bottle.

What is even better about home bar accessories is that they make Amazing Gifts. Whether it’s for a new homeowner, newlyweds, even a new adult. Get them something of everything to fully outfit their bar and then some! Very unique gadgets are the most fun gifts for everyone.

Exciting Innovations for the home Bar

Other items you want as accessories for your home bar include a fun decanter as well as a wine aerator dispenser. You simply must have these at your bar. They are so innovative and fun, people will bring you their wines just to use your gadgets! These make fun gifts for any occasion too. Add them to a gift basket with a couple bottles of wine and glasses.

Choosing a Decanter

When it comes to choosing a decanter, personal preference is usually the factor