Backyard Game for the Family To Enjoy

Backyard game for the family can be the most fun when it keeps everyone laughing and having a great time. The problem we see is there is not enough outdoor games to keep the fun going. Summer is finally here and there is no better fun and memories to create than in your own backyard.

Backyard Fun with a New Game the Whole Family Loves

Let’s set the scene for some Backyard fun and game for the whole family to enjoy. Summer is finally here and the kids are full of energy that needs some redirection. You would love nothing more than to get a game of football going, but you know how your knees will not hold up with all the running. Cue the music, gather the family, and get ready for something unique. something that you can use the rules that come with or create your own fun. Whatever you do expect lots of laughter and fun in your own backyard with this new backyard game.

The kids are tiring of playing cornhole and washers. They are wanting to run around a little more and wear off some energy while having fun. Perhaps you are enjoying the beach but the kids are getting bored with running in the water. Bring out some fun with this new game of football that kids and adults can enjoy together! This compact, easy to store and carry game is also very easy to set-up. It’s Game Time!

Whole Family Fun Right in the Backyard!

What we have found with playing QB54 is football is for the whole family and backyard fun is key. When you are able to engage kids of multiple generations into an activity that is a huge accomplishment. The rules for this game are very simple and you can modify as necessary to fit your family. Because look out for Granny! She throws wicked blocks!

Actually this is the perfect game for almost any activity, including the Family Reunion. And because with multiple sets you can set it up like a relay race or a tournament and make your own rules. Even pick out your own team flags to represent the different states everyone is from that are attending or just their favorite football team. The team flags are available separately for purchase in a dual-side single flag so you can create your own competition.

Football is a Fun Game

Overall, when it comes to football, even those who do not understand the actual game itself will be captivatingly energized to play. This is so much more fun than cornhole or other backyard games. And more versatile too. Take it with to the tailgating activities and you will become the life of the party!

Get Your Set Here.

Looking for that perfect gift for the man or lady in your life who has “everything”? Those that are sports loving will want this game, what is even better is that the chairs are actual chairs! Withstanding up to 275 pounds, its dual purpose. These are starting to appear in schools now too for physical education because it is so adaptable to everyone.

Personally I can see it being a fun addition to a campout with the scouts as well as church groups. It teaches team work and the physical skill level required to play is low that it is perfect for everyone. Lookout for Grandma! She may be the perfect armchair quarterback and her competitiveness will appear!

This can go from the backyard game for the family to the parking lots of tailgating. It is the absolute best tailgating game on the Planet. Because we found it, we are here sharing it with you now. GET IT ALREADY!

Order Your Backyard Game for Your Family Now

Let’s see us all playing in the backyard, a game for the family – and be sure to share on Social Media. This is a riot! Not to mention the best form of Turkey Ball for everyone to participate in. Forgive us Moms, because Thanksgivings will never be the same at the family gathering space again. Additionally it can be done all the time, and almost anywhere! Thanks to this incredible and portable solution for fun.

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