Building Your Freedom Lifestyle, Developing Cities

Building your freedom lifestyle by building a wireless network in your city. Become a City Developer and bring a wireless network for low power Internet of Things to thousands of people. And do it from your own home!

Why Invest in 1 hotspot?

You are helping to build a wireless network for all those “things”. You know like your garage door opener talking to your phone; your smartwatch tracking how far you walk and telling your phone on you. Even that new dog collar that keeps track of your wandering pup touring the neighborhood, as well as bikes and scooters. “Things” like that are still being invented. All while you are on the cutting edge of technology, a technology that is owned by the people and not the telcos or cable companies.

building your freedom lifestyle

The best is that you can connect devices to Hotspots without wi-fi or cellular and it will still send the data! So why would you want to buy more than 1 hotspot? This is where we need you.

Get Involved Now and Begin Building Your Freedom Lifestyle!

For a limited time, we are currently offering two ways to become involved in this incredible opportunity. Firstly, you can join us under a contract of US$795.00 per month to occupy a city. However, the more popular choice is when you purchase as few as 10 of our hotspots at US$495.00 each.

We are making it so you become eligible to be a City Developer in a city you choose. We already have the top 50 cities in the United States covered, but we need YOUR help to reach our goal of 1000 Top Cities in the next 90 days! You get to choose from the available list of cities. But hurry NOW for the best choice of the available cities.

What’s In It For Me?

First and foremost this is an investment opportunity where you will help to develop a network in the city you choose. The return on investment is in your power to grow, in essence building your freedom lifestyle.

Your Investment

Can I let you in on a secret? You REALLY should get the 10 hubs. Your initial investment is less than US$5,000.00 for an opportunity that will be building your freedom lifestyle. Whereas if you did the contract of US$795.00 per month, after 1 year your investment will reach over US$9,500.00. So, in essence, we are SAVING you money right away! Get in on this Right Now!

ROI – It is real and it is BUILDING!

First of all, for your efforts, you will receive 10% on every single paid service sold within your City Coverage Area. This is regardless of which Agent actually sold the services. See our growing list of paid services a little further down on this page.

You will also receive considerations for each hub sold within your Coverage Area. That means more return on your investment.

The bonus is that you are then also eligible to participate in Ad Revenues from our Entire Network!

Your hubs will also be earning you a new cryptocurrency – Helium.

List of Paid Services Continues to Grow!

We are so excited about this opportunity and the growth we already see. We recently launched a TV service! That’s right, go ahead and cut the cord to the cable box or the satellite dish. Stop calling for a serviceman, our TV runs through your phone or computer through an app!

We are beginning with offering a Free TV version as we gain global market shares. There is now an upgrade version for sale that will be full access for just $50 per month!

Also launching very soon will be Music, Chat and Internet services!

In our efforts to strive towards this increased growth we have strong beliefs in paying it forward. Our primary goal is to also reduce poverty which in turn is building your freedom lifestyle. Plus we are taking this to a global level.

You will also have access to your own website offering a wide variety of consumer services. The list is long and continues to grow.

With these paid services, as we stated above, you will earn 10% on all paid services in your City Coverage Area.