A Cute Kitten Arrives and Mayhem Ensues – Day 1

When we first lay eyes on a new pet, whether a cute puppy, kitten or other creature, there are changes that occur. This is about how a stray kitten comes into our home – temporarily. First off, I am not a cat person, we have 3 dogs. I also work from home doing this online business with many different opportunities presenting itself to me. I feel I need to preface this before going further. You see I never expected my first assistant to be a 4 legged one, much less a feline. I am not a cat person…

cute kitten

The Day Our Lives Changed

It was a bright sunny morning. David & I are getting ready to load up the laundry and my laptop and make the day a productive one. His mom is moving in with us temporarily so there is some prep work that we need to achieve. All of a sudden, one of the dogs starts barking. You know the kind, where they are alerting to an intruder? David goes out to investigate and thus begins our path to having a cute kitten in our home.

A Cute Kitten – What is This Creature?!?!

So yes, this cute kitten is the cause of the distress of our dogs. All three of them. Micha is the one who gave us the alert bark. She is frantically trying to protect us from this new creature. David is a bit perplexed as to what to do. Me? I go back to getting ready for the day, confident that someone will come claim their kitten. However, we do live next to a very busy road and there are lots of dogs running loose. My conscience starts getting to me. I go to check on her and in she runs. Quickly we grab her before one of the dogs decides to make the kitten a snack.

The dogs are quite curious. Annie, our lab mix is already wanting to be the mommy. Buddy is somewhat curious, but he really could care less about this tiny creature. Then we have Micha, she gets her nose right in close and….CHOMP! We are in action! Rescue #1 has been made, kitten is okay. Micha is sent to her kennel to rethink her choice of snack.

Our Day Has Changed

Well, so much for having a productive day. Plans are now changing for us. We run to the grocery store because kitten is probably hungry. We walk out with food, litter box kit and toys. Again, this kitten is only here temporarily, so we do not need much. David will now go do laundry at his mom’s home, while I stay with the animals and try to get work done. She is definitely a cuddler and has many opinions. She likes her little toy balls and chases them around my office. Meanwhile, the 3 dogs are being kept out of my office.

As cute as this kitten is, it is obvious she was in someone’s home and was either dumped in our yard or is an escape artist. She loves being wrapped up in a towel, and loves being pet. She will only fall asleep in our arms wrapped up in the same red towel. We believe she is a definite people cat and will make someone’s home full of life, entertainment and love. Just not ours. It seems as though she loves dogs too. She is curious about Buddy.

No Shelters Open

Well, it is now evening. We searched for an animal rescue to take her to, no one is open because it is Sunday. We do have a number to call in the morning, however for now we must figure a way to contain this little creature to keep her safe in our home. Cutting holes in a wine box seems fitting since she is vocal and appears to whine when we are not holding her. Oh yes, we have determined that this cute kitten is a she. But, I am not going to name her, that would mean she is staying. Which is not happening, no way, no how. We still have one canine who feels she would make a better snack than friend.

Sweet Dreams Cute Kitten

Time to tuck the munchkin in for the night. Seems cruel to tape the box shut, but she is has this knack for jumping out of boxes and into trouble. We try putting her into the box wide awake; and yes, meowing begins. Almost like having an infant in the house, it’s time to rock the baby to sleep. In 10 minutes, she is asleep in my arms and I place her in the box. We tape the box shut, shut off the light and close the door to my office. We say prayers she is quiet all night, but then again she is at the opposite end of the house from our room.

Day 1 is complete. All creatures in the house are alive and healthy. See you in the morning.

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