Saving Money Hacks

It doesn’t matter who you are, saving money hacks are what you need now. The current economy is showing that everything we buy today is more expensive. For the average Family, they are seeing costs increase as much as $500 month for groceries, gas, clothing and SO MUCH MORE! We have found an incredible one stop opportunity hacks to saving money. Keep reading! Your Budget and your family deserve it!

Finding Hacks to Saving Money

The hacks for saving money are not free – nothing is free. However, what if the cost was so budget friendly that not only will you save more with this minor investment, it will actually put even MORE money back into your budget? Yes! That is what we have! For a teeny tiny amount of $20 a month! You need to follow some VERY basic steps to become a member that enables you exclusive savings that are crazy money saving hacks!

Okay, so just what is it? This is a member club that gives you access to Saving on Car and Home Insurance. And because you sign up through our exclusive link, you can even take that family vacation that you deserve. Because we also have Hotel and Travel savings!

We want you to be fully informed with what we have found and are using ourselves. So here is a quick video explaining just what we have found.

So Why Us? Why My Link?

For those who come in using our exclusive RRR247 Marketing Family links, we are able to get you not just the basic opportunity, but additional that are just for our Family. Oh! Welcome to the Family!

We start with the 3 levels: Gold Platinum and Titanium. You get to chose the plan that best fits you and your family. I highly recommend at least getting the GOLD membership at just $20 a month. Just know that this simple $20/month can turn into an investment of a lifetime. Creating amazing savings and benefits.

Gold Membership Plan

Gold Membership is just $20 (USD) per month. If you were to use someone else’s link to join, you would receive the following:

  • 850,000 Hotel Discounts: Incredible Savings on Hotels
  • Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment: Savings on places you are already eating as well as shopping. There are Huge Savings offered through this program.

But When You Join Using the links here You ALSO Receive:

  • Auto & Home Insurance: In almost every case our Members Save with Auto and Home Insurance. These are the best “Group and Member” Rates. With RRR247, even as a GOLD Membership you Gain Access to these “MEMBER ONLY” Rates for Auto and Home Insurance.
  • Eat Play Shop Travel: Additional Program that allows for Savings in where you Eat, Play, and Travel. This is an incredible portal of savings and benefits for our Members.
  • Name Brand Shopping Discounts: Specialized Savings from huge Name Brands for our Members. These are exclusive savings. So this is mind blowing. Places that NEVER seem to offer discounts, do with our Membership.
  • Prescription Savings: This is a Prescription Drug Savings Program for our Members. And it is incredible.
  • Health and Dental Insurance: We are beyond “Thrilled” with this. This is a true GROUP RATE for our Incredible and Large Membership. This is a GAME CHANGER for those who want to work from home, or anywhere. My husband and I reviewed a comparison to what we pay through his employer right now and we will literally save THOUSANDS a year! Check out Dental Plan details here.
  • Domains, Hosting & SSLs: Great Costs are Made Available for these Services through the Membership Options. NOTE: With RRR247, we have our System that comes with Hosting, SSL and Domain. Though for additional Services, or Businesses, this is an incredible LOW COST way to benefit.

And Yes, There is MORE!

  • Credit Repair Software: This alone is worth several times the Monthly Cost of the Membership ($497 to be exact). This is a program that helps to remove items from your Credit Report. As well as to help raise your Credit Score through documentation and following the legal system with proper Action Items.
  • Zoom Discount: This is an Incredible Deal. Only for Members. Savings on the ZOOM Meeting and Webinar Program so Incredible “WE CANNOT PUBLISH THEM” and they are ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS. There is a RRR247 VERSION that has added benefits. (Talk to me for Details).
  • Lower Business Bills: Do you know of a business with up to 500 employees looking to save on a variety of business expenses? You can literally earn referral commissions for sharing this and helping others! Find out more details on my page dedicated to this specific offer.

We literally are training on these all the time! So while it is a lot. Just realize it is far more value than the Price of the Membership Access. So not only do you get access to all the above, but because you are now a part of our RRR247 Family, training and explanations are free! Contact me directly.

PLATINUM Membership Plan

The Platinum Membership is just $100 (USD) per month. With this level, you will received access to not only the above but the Titanium and Platinum Wholesale Travel. This is a whole additional level of Travel Savings Perks. Think Savings in Air, Car, Vacations, Cruises and so much more.

Perhaps you have a side gig already and are looking for another method of marketing to grow your business. There is a Free Marketing System available to all Platinum and Titanium Members. However, as a Member of RRR247 we also have access to Paid Marketing (Funded by Rory and Tanya Ricord) to make this Soar as a Business.

Mentors Club: The video library is a wealth of information. Only those with Platinum and Titanium memberships have access.

TITANIUM Membership Plan

Titanium membership is just $199 (USD) A Month. If you have a side gig or have a small business, this is exactly what you want. Take full advantage of everything in the Gold and Platinum, but now this is a business. You treat this like you do all your other business expenses and income streams.



Titanium / Legal/Roadside/Medical: This is an Addition to the Already Incredible Packed Savings and Benefits already in the Program. This is an Incredible Benefits Portal. It is accessible online as well as through an App on your iOS or Android Smartphone.

This is the level we jumped into because we see all the benefits that will help us save even more!

Additional Portal that Includes the following Money Saving Hacks:

  • New Benefits Rx: Check Prices and Pharmacies that work with these Member Pricing Benefits.
  • Legal Services: Experienced Lawyers at Discounted Rates. This is experienced lawyers at discounted rates. Simple Wills and Trusts. Also for help with Traffic Tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, and spousal and child support. To just name a few situations. RRR247 has Additional Legal Access for Titanium Members in addition.
  • Global Travel Assistance: Protection & peace of mind when you travel. Call Program and Exclusive Access.
  • NBCashback: Earn Cash Back at Participating Merchants that are local to you.

*DISCLAIMER: This is a Member Only Savings and Benefits Program. As Part of RRR247 and SHG we are Blessed with incredible benefits. We are NOT INSURANCE AGENTS, nor will be publish or share things outside of the Membership. The Rates and Savings are MEMBERS Only. And there may be exceptions for various locations throughout the World on particular programs. We are beyond satisfied (UNDERSTATMENT ALERT) of the Value this brings anyone singularly, or as a couple, or a family unit with the Memberships. All Levels are Far more Valuable as you Explore and Utilize them.

Personal Experience with these Money Saving Hacks

learn money saving hacks

If you have read this far, you are now wondering does this REALLY work. It does! In fact, after joining in late February 2023, We are saving hundreds on groceries alone this year. The health insurance savings that I mention above are real. What’s more is through my husband’s insurance at his employer, we pay almost $700 each month just to have coverage on both of us.

As we are in our mid-50’s and are relatively healthy with no pre-existing conditions, it just seems excessive. Because of our Titanium membership, we have a quote of $455 each month. That alone is almost $250 per month back in our pockets! And we have only just begun using the different benefits. There is literally so much here to learn what money saving hacks are available to us. Even more so, to YOU when you get your membership going. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.