Crypto Mining Watch is Changing the World

A new Smart watch has entered the health scene that does what no other SmartWatch does: Crypto Mining. This Crypto Mining Watch is changing and challenging the world in a way that users are going to absolutely love. Additionally, becoming sole owners of the data it generates and adding monetization. In fact, this beautiful watch is just a piece of what is building the world’s first decentralized health data platform.

crypto mining watch changing the world

Let me introduce you to this magnificent and groundbreaking technology and why it is so exciting. Firstly, you retain the ownership of the data that it collects. Secondly, users also retain the value. Let’s watch this quick 2 minute video below that explains a bit more for you.

Brief Intro of this Crypto Mining Watch, and what it means for you as an Opportunity:

What is Data Privacy and Protection

Data privacy is extremely important. In fact, different apps on your phone, tablet and computer warn you that your own personal data that they collect from your device is for their own use. So, Health data is one of the most sought after data. In fact, Insurance companies are right now tying your health data to insurance rates and even loan approvals. Why is it that medical facilities take your vitals, but do not give you a copy of what they wrote down? 

The time is NOW to change that and give you added privacy and protection. As per that quick 2 minute video above states, when the crypto mining watch produces data, the data NFT gives proof of ownership.  This means YOU retain ownership of your information. But with the information now remaining private after collection, your personal information is safe. It will never be linked to the actual health data. 

In exchange for you looking after your health, you will receive rewards from mining. The mining creates data blocks and those blocks continue on to places looking to buy data like the medical industry, such as hospitals and research centers. Because of places like this wanting the information and paying us for it, our value of the mining is not based on hype like other digital currencies. Welcome to Web 3.0 and enjoy the perks of owning your data.

Wearable Medical Devices

This unique opportunity is by invitation only. And I am personally inviting you.  But first what is it that I am inviting you to participate in? This is an opportunity for you to take charge of your health data through a crypto mining watch as a wearable medical device. Also, this is a First To Market device. Why have you not heard of this before? Because we are the marketing group getting the word out and it is that new. While it has many of the features of your current SmartWatch or health band, these products do much more than track your steps, count calories and sleep analysis.

More importantly, who is getting your data? There is a reason that Fitbit was in dire straights and Google bought them up. Because Google wanted access to the millions of people whose health data was in the custody of Fitbit. How much is your health data worth to companies? Well to Google it was worth $2.1 BILLION! So, how comfortable are you in using a product that you have no control over your data that you worked for?  

The Competition

crypto mining watch comparison to old smart watches

Additionally, the same thing for those Samsung and Apple watches, who has control over your information?  Wouldn’t you like a say in who can have what information and still remain anonymous? Well, of course you would. Now how about if you received payment for such data?  WHAT?!?! A watch and health band that PAYS you to wear it?  Additionally the current devices on the market do not state that my data 

I took a look at Fitbit and looking at comparisons of what they can do. And I will say they have definitely improved since I last looked at FitBit, however, not one states that I can have control of my data.  And they sure do not offer to pay me to wear it.


Step 1: Use my invite code

In order to gain access to InPersona dApp, you need to use an invite code after you install the app. Because I want to help as many people as possible, feel free to pass this invite code on to others as well. Together we can make an impact for a healthier world.

Invite Code: PCA2BS760 or PCB2BS760

Step 2: Download the InPersona dApp

Alright so after grabbing this invite, you will download a dApp called InPersona. You can download this dApp from your respective App Store on your phone, but will be unable to enter inside until you receive the invite code. Please note that I will share this code via text and you will have 24 hours to redeem this unique code. Choose the App Store for your phone below:

Google Play

Apple App Store

Step 3: Create a Wallet or Import your Digital Wallet

Now there are 4 simple steps to getting this dApp active and running so you can order your device, however if you need assistance, I will make myself available to you via phone or Zoom so that you make the right informed decision and successfully complete for you. I will also share with you all options available at the time of our call. There is no commitment required up until you complete Step 4. We want you to have a great experience.

Choose either Step 3a or Step 3b below:

Step 3a: Create a wallet

Before you can secure your Data NFT, you will open the dApp on your phone and set up an digital wallet. If you have a digital wallet already, you can easily import with either Mnemonic or with Private Key. If you do not have a digital wallet, please select Create Wallet.

Please have notebook and pen nearby as you will need to write down 12 words in order – they are your secret phrase and the words will be necessary shortly after you write them down. You will also need to create an 8 digit PIN.

  • Choose Create New Wallet
  • Enter in a name for a wallet – keep it simple
  • Check the 3 boxes after reading them
  • Now you see a set of 12 asterisks, this is your Secret Phrase
    To reveal the actual words, put your finger on the area that says in blue “Reveal my secret phrase”
  • Write down the 12 words in order, left to right.
  • You may also copy these to a file on your phone.
  • Check the box that you copied your mnemonic phrase.
  • Now create an 8 digit PIN, I highly suggest writing these dow

Step 3b: Import a Wallet

If you are choosing to import a wallet, you probably know what to do, but the video above also walks you through it. For many with a digital wallet, this is the easiest step.

Step 3c: Transfer funds into your wallet

The easiest and quickest way to get through the purchase process is to transfer VSC, Matic or BNB to your wallet. Otherwise you can choose credit or debit card, however as this is an international purchase, you will want your bank on the phone when you are ready to process the charge.

Select your Data NFT – TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!

Okay back to getting yours on order. We are here to help inform you so you make the best decision for YOU! If you are ordering before Feb 26, 2023, just know that the only option available right now is Data-NFT Level 3. We have it as part of our Founders Edition that will include a free device. Not only that but by coming in at the Founders Edition ensures you the ability to grow a side gig. Multiple streams of income is the way of the future. For a very reasonable investment, this was an easy decision for my husband and I.

Pick your Data-NFT Level. What is NFT? Non-Fungible Token that is irreplaceable. It is unique. What makes NFT different from “money” and cryptocurrency? They are both fungible. Cryptocurrency and money are exchangeable and tradeable. Additionally, NFT’s hold data inside them. Crypto and money do not have the ability to hold data. Want more details on what an NFT is? Check out this video:

Deciding which Data-NFT is entirely up to you. I am including the table of choices here, but when I am looking for side hustles as more income streams, I like to maximize it. I want the best ROI (return of investment). Getting the Founders Edition was just an incredible opportunity for me. I am extending this opportunity to as many like-minded people as possible.

crypto mining watch and the data NFT levels explanation

Founders Edition Promotion for the Crypto Mining Watch

What is the benefit of getting in on the Founders Edition? How about greater earning opportunities, not just opportunity. You will also receive a free device which you will choose later on in the steps, so keep reading. In addition, your Data-NFT is Level 3, that maximum efficiency, maximum mining updates, and maximum data blocks. Literally, if you have a heartbeat, you will mine while wearing one of these devices.

Then there are the earnings bonuses: Sign 3 Level 3 NFT yourself before February 25, receive a FREE Level 3 NFT! PLUS, refer and activate 4 Level 3 NFT, not only will you receive the $150 per package commission, but you will also receive a $1500 bonus! This is a NO BRAINER!

Even more so, I have an amazing team here to support you, as well as, we have internal support teams inside InPersona and Helo that respond quickly to your tickets you submit. You are not by yourself.

Step 4: Open the InPersona dApp


  1. From your Inpersona App select the “GLOBE” which is on the bottom part of your Screen.
  2. You’ll be presented with a “Decentralized” Web Browser within the app. Or you can go to the NFT Marketplace.
  3. If you are an Apple User you will need to type in and then hit the “GO” Button. If you are an Android User (we got you) and the is already for you. Just hit the “Go Button”.
  4. This will take you to the NEXT Page. This will show you what NFTs are available for you to get. There are several options. See “EXTENSION OF #4 Above. NFT’s Available” below this list.
  5. Select your NFT. Again, the higher the level, the better it performs in the Mining Process.

Note. You can start small and build up or “Upgrade”. Just get going.

  1. After you Select your NFT you will be walked through the Purchase Process. NOTE: If you need help with this aspect, please see TROUBLESHOOTING below. When we are working in the Crypto World, there may be specifics that are necessary based upon where you live and the financial tools (Credit Cards or Crypto) that you have at your disposal. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO FORGET IT AND MOVE ON, it is a time to engage and learn. This is not anything you want to miss out on.
  2. Once you complete your NFT Purchase, it is time to get your Helo Device to connect to the NFT. You will see your NFT (after it is minted) in your Inpersona Home Page. NOTE: If you do not see it, you may need to change your “CHAIN” to Vyvo Smart Chain, Polygon, or Binance Smart Chain (or other depending on where you are located). For instance, I am on the Polygon chain with my Level 3 NFT.
  3. From Inpersona, an email will be generated and sent to you. This will contain your “Free Voucher” code for your device. Which can be received at This is all spelled out in the email.

EXTENSION OF #4 Above. NFT’s Available:

  • HealthFi Data Mining Pool Kit: This gets you set up and gives you the ability to have 4 Seed Accounts. These are accounts that are extension to the Mining Process. Perfect solution for a Family. Comes with a Data NFT Level 2. 90% Efficience, Max Datablocks of 24 in a 1 hour Frequency. You will be able to pick up a HELO Device. And you will want to purchase additional ones for the SEED accounts. You can order a savings pack of these within the HELO SHOP. You can access that from your app. Left of NFT Marketplace in your DApp Browser on your Inpersona App.
  • HealthFi Data Mining Kit: This is where you gain options and different pricing for these options. The more you want to be involved in the Mining the larger the Level of NFT you will want. This is where you can begin (always can buy up and upgrade though limited) and get started. inPersona Data NFT – Basic. This is for use with those that want the Service but are not concerned about the Mining as much, nor the aspect of building the Community. $35 and you are set with an NFT to store your data and be a part of the Process. inPersona Data NFT – Level 1. This will allow you to mine more and is better than the Basic. $249. inPersona Data NFT – Level 2. This is better than the Level 1 as it is more efficient in mining and allows you to produce more Crypto than a Level 1. $749.

In Addition; there are some Special things available:

  • inPersona Founders Pack: This is by Voucher Only. They are no longer available for purchase. Though ways to earn them may be available. This is a Level 3 Data NFT. Mining more than a Level 2.
  • inPersona Data NFT Upgrade: This give you a voucher to upgrade. From basic to Level 1. From Level 1 to Level 2. $500. Making it something people can aspire and build up to. When you see how this works, this will be awesome for those that started off with a Basic or Level 1.

Then We Have Additional Mining Options Made Available:

  • Seed Feature: This is for Data NFTs with Level 2 or above. It can only be applied once to a single NFT. And allows the Seed Process to be extended with your Data NFT. $350. This is most likely something you will learn about as you attend training. It is also something that can be added. If you like and know about this feature you will most likely want to enter with the HealthFi Data Mining Pool Kit as explained above.
  • Subhosting NaaS Vsc Validator Node 1 Year service: This is incredible. You will need 400,000 VSC Coins. This service begins when there are 1000 Validator Nodes in operation. This is building now. APR 44%. If you want more information on this, get going and get to training.

Step 5 – Order your Crypto Mining Watch or Biosense Band:

crypto mining watch and biosense bands are here

Once you have successfully ordered your Data NFT level, you will next choose your device. Will you choose one of the watches or the Biosense device? No worries, you will be able to read up on all options before you place your order. And I am here to help you as well. Personally, I own 1 of each and wear one on each wrist. Double the data, double the mining. What is your choice? Seriously, whatever your choice, it will be to your liking.

Claim this special offer by following these steps:

1. Visit the Helo Health Shop website.
2. Add your desired products to your cart.
3. During the checkout process, enter the Affiliate Code: INP331725704
4. Enjoy your 10% discount!

Before you checkout:

If you purchased a Level 3 NFT, watch for the spot to enter the redemption code, this is on the email. Be sure to copy the code rather than type it in, because it is a One Time Use code, you want it to be accurate. This code will make the cost of the device itself $0.00. Please note that shipping or tax may occur depending on your location. Finally, if you do not see the spot initially, just go back a screen or two and you will find it.


I highly recommend that you bookmark this page now because once you receive your device, we will need to bind it to the app.

Quick Steps to Bind your Device:

  1. Open the InPersona dApp
  2. The screen should be the main screen showing Your NFTs.
  3. Click on the button “Bind your device”
  4. Bring out your PIN that you created with your Wallet.
  5. Finally, go to the Helo Smart App and copy the MAC address and UID number for your device to finish Binding.

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