Red Wine Dark Chocolate Fondue

Make everyday a Valentine’s Day for yourself or your loved ones with this incredible Red Wine Dark Chocolate Fondue. We have chosen to use our own Wine of the Month Club wine, Discoveries Grenache. This super sumptuous will make the day an event all by itself!

Red Wine Chocolate Fondue Ingredients

red wine chosen for the dark chocolate fondue is Discoveries Grenache

When it comes to a dark chocolate fondue and using red wine, you are already planning an incredible evening, so don’t skimp on your ingredients. We all know that chocolate is in the mix, but there are also some basic ingredients that are needed that you already have in your cupboard, so let’s cover those first. Since we are along the Mexico/Texas border now, only the Mexican Vanilla will do with our recipe.

Pure Vanilla vs Imitation Vanilla Extract

Why Mexican Vanilla? Most other extracts are that, an extract using imitation flavors. Meanwhile with Pure Vanilla it is made with 35% or higher alcohol being used to extract the flavor from whole vanilla beans. In fact, imitation vanilla often uses chemicals to create the vanilla flavoring.

There is also a price difference because the pure vanilla is often manufactured in tropical countries like Mexico. So with imitation it is definitely cheaper. I guess this explains why when tourists are just across the border they are purchasing the Pure Vanilla and carrying back across themselves. Personally, I prefer that natural aroma and flavor of Pure Vanilla.

Kosher Salt vs Table Salt

And not only is there a difference in vanilla, but also the various salts can affect the taste of your dish. Whether you are preparing a rub on a fat juicy steak or roast, or preparing a decadently delicious dessert, the coarser grains of the kosher salt distribute more evenly. In a dessert, it will help balance out the sweetness, whereas in a meat rub it helps remove excess moisture. More importantly kosher salt does not have iodine like table salt does.

Dark Chocolate Fondue Ingredient List

10 oz package of Dark Chocolate chips – Ghirradelli

14 oz can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

2 Tbsp Raspberry Jam – We are using 4 Berry Jam

2 Tbsp Butter

1 Tsp Pure Vanilla

1/2 Tsp Kosher Salt

1/2 Cup of Discoveries Grenache (or your favorite red wine)

In a double boiler, medium/high heat; add sweetened condensed milk, butter, dark chocolate chips and vanilla. Stir until it is all melted together.

Remove from heat, stir in the Discoveries Grenache, Jam and Kosher Salt. Lightly sprinkle more kosher salt on top before serving.

Keep your fondue hot with a fondue warmer.

dipping fruit into red wine dark chocolate fondue

Some of the items I like to use for fondue are fresh fruits, marshmallows, graham crackers, angel food. You can have even more fun at a party with rice krispie bars, cheesecake bites, even put the foods on a kabob stick to keep fingers clean!


It’s all good, you can still make fondue without a fondue pot to keep it in. A heavy bottom pot will suffice, a tall trivet and a tealight candle is one improvisation you can do. But I am going to put mine in a small crock pot to keep it warm and to warm it up again later!

Choosing a Red Wine for your Dark Chocolate Fondue

We chose the Discoveries Grenache because of its hints of red licorice, strawberry, and cedar, along with clove and nutmeg. The Discoveries Grenache also is perfect for a pizza party! I mean, really, when you are already doing finger food for dessert, let’s kick it off with pizza first! And the sweetness of the fruits with chocolate, well, you can just imagine how it all just rolls together on the tongue!

Our Discoveries Grenache is only available to members of our Wine of the Month club. I get 4 bottles at my door every month and then scour the internet for some fun pairings of foods. It beats the doldrums of “what do you want for dinner”! Get in as a Customer and try it today yourself! May I recommend you stay with a mixed box because our whites are just as amazing as our reds!

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