Best Home Schools Online

We are bringing you the Best of Home Schools Online, a program that is also a private school. Here at Brainfood Academy, the curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of all the States in the US as well as Australia! Parents are looking for the best combination of Education, Technology, flexibility as well as Truth. This is something you need to see for yourself. The old way of classrooms in a building are becoming less popular for so many reasons.

Best home schools online offer a great curriculum

What sets this incredible program on top of the rest is everything the student needs to develop, excel and graduate is all in place. Grades K-12 is all found right here. And it has a curriculum set up to put your Student in a position to achieve to their best potential. A Virtual Classroom setting in addition to live interactive teaching by Teachers who excel in their specialty. We offer all reporting and support for your Family.

Benefits of Online Education And Why This is the Best Home Schools Available Online:

Flexibility, we know that today’s families are looking for alternatives for classroom teach. We are designing this so that the Classroom times remain flexible to your Family’s schedules. Of course this is also based on the availability of the Teachers.

Additional Flexibility and Learning Alternatives keeps the advancement of your student through our curriculum at the forefront with Class Recordings. You now have the ability to plan for appointments, field trips and even family vacation activities with the option of having a recording available should your student miss the Live Class. Just think, because of the internet, your family is able to attend school from virtually anywhere!

Teacher Selection is in the Hands of the Parents and the Students: Each of our Teachers are chosen based on their credentials and teaching personality, a great combination that allows for your student to learn from the best and keep it fun! What’s more, the Teacher decisions by the day even can be made by the Parent or Student. Because this is a Virtual Campus; there is access to any and all available teachers for the grade level and class. Based upon Demand and Capped at Student Levels. Finding the Teacher that best connects with the Student is the key.

Costs and Funding:

The education of your Child or yourself is always tied up with costs. We get it. Not only do we get it but we provide access and support in gaining funding. While the costs for the Best Home Schools Online has been set to allow for almost everyone, there are educational funding available in many cases and locations. Those details are located within the Best Home School Program. See them here.

To get access we have a free parent account registration form. This gains you access to the information available for you to do your own homeschool program. However, for an additional cost, we also offer actual online classes with a certified instructor for your student.

The costs are per student to allow for records to be submitted for each student. It also gives you access to the zoom instructions with the teacher of your choosing with the subject that you need. In addition, if your child misses a class, access to the video recording of that class is available. Below you will find the monthly cost for each grade. Please note that our kindergarten class will be free on zoom.

  • 1st Grade thru 8th Grade is $109 Monthly per student
  • 9th – 12th Grade $129 Monthly per student

Come See Why We are the Best Online Home School Opportunity

We Get That This is a Huge Decision for Your Family. Join Us for our Weekly Open House and to hear about this even more Every Wednesday Evening:

  • WHEREIn our Global Zoom Room (GO HERE). Or enter Zoom Meeting Room: 267 159 642. Alternate Access Location on YouTUBE. See the Channel Here. Access recordings and updates as well. Should the Global Zoom Room be FULL. Go to YouTUBE Channel to access the Live Broadcast of the Wednesday Zoom Information Training.
  • WHEN: Wednesday Nights. 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 7:30pm CST / 8:30pm EST / 9:30pm AST. Because this is Global, we will be adding additional meeting times in the near future.
  • WHAT TO BRING: Bring yourself along with an Open Mind. Being Open and Positive knowing we are bring you an amazing opportunity for your family and the education they will receive here. We are working to compete within the Education Marketplace and are confident that we can fill the space of the needs you are looking for. Additionally, We also know that our future requires adaptation and learning with the changing scope of the Global Environment. Please, Bring your Friends, Family and Colleagues. We are getting this program known and building it to support everyone that needs this solution.
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: You will hear about the program and updates as we roll this out to the USA and Australia. Our plans include expanding in the coming years to more locations around the globe as we progress and grow what we know is one of the Best Home Schools Online. As a Result of this Amazing Program, we all get to be a part of History as we change the progressive need of Education the Youth and Adults. We get to be a part of the solution.

Advantages to Home Schooling for All:

  • This allows for Security in the Home Environment. Parents are involved, though Teachers are guiding the Curriculum. We get to allow experts to teach the children. Though with absolute oversight by the Parents.
  • Because it is Virtual: Travel and other Experiences with the Family are now possible. Example: If you are in a situation where you are able to travel with your family, the education is available. As long as you have internet access, Learning is available!
  • And Access to Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities are Still Available: This and everything is explained. We have Home Schooling Experts behind this program. Furthermore; Any and all Questions and Concerns are addressed and solved with us.

In conclusion, We know that when it comes to researching the Best Home Schools Online, we are just one of many. But understand that we have done our research as well and know that our Private School that happens to be a home school and it takes place online is where the world is appearing to head. As a mom of 2 boys, I wish the options were more researchable when they were in school. The internet is an amazing place for information. However we offer something unique to assist you in making your decision, the opportunity to ask questions live on Zoom during our Open House every Wednesday evening. We also will be featuring our teachers so that you and your students can make the choice of which teachers will achieve what is desired.

Yes, we are looking for qualified teachers/educators! If you know of a teacher/educator that would love to be part of our success, please share with them today.

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.