Food Fondue is where most people think of cheese or chocolate. However here you can come for a quick resource on meal planning, recipes, and general tips and gadgets in the kitchen, both indoor and outdoor.  Thank you for visiting my page!  I am excited to give you some advice, no matter the season.

All Things FOOD FONDUE FOR THE BUSY FAMILY: Looking for a quick meal that will please everyone and still be nutritious? We bring it to you here. Simple recipes that you can make quickly without purchasing additional special ingredients for your cupboards to store. All Things FOOD FONDUE FOR THE BUSY FAMILY, yeah you just need to come visit.

Beef & Pork Recipes the Whole Family Loves – Speaking of Food Fondue, here you will find several recipes using common simple ingredients many keep in our cupboards. Or are easily found in our grocery stores. What is even better is that these recipes allow for you to add variety to your family’s weekly menu! Isn’t it time to get some more variety in your family? Start now with Beef & Pork Recipes the Whole Family Loves!

Chicken Recipes Kids Love is a page with recipes that, again the whole family will love. Chicken is inexpensive and healthy for our bodies and finding recipes that are not boring is something all of us parents are looking for. Again having variety in the family menu is important because kids want fun food. So whether it is Food Fondue or Food Fun-do, make it yours!

food fondue

Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs Perfectly. Looking for a quick snack for your kids?  Cook up a dozen or so of hard-boiled eggs and as you are running out the door, grab some for the kids.  You can even pre-peel the eggs so they are literally grab and go!  Read this article for a no-fail way to cook hard-boiled eggs perfectly and check out some of the recipes and ideas too!

Eating Healthy Snacks is an area for all ages. We love and crave snacks, but eating healthy snacks is a bit more un-fun. We have found an amazing product that is great for everyone looking to eat healthier! COOKIES! Yes! Cookies are now back on the menu for healthy after school snacks, mid-afternoon snacks, midnight snacks and even, breakfast! Eating Healthy Snacks just got Easier!

Fast Food: A Healthier Way For Busy Families is a blog on creating healthy, yet fast meals.  We have all been in a position where a meal is going to be rushed.  We want healthier options for our family when it comes to food.  Ultimately reducing the amount of processed foods.  Here you will find some fun, fast meal ideas that will taste just like mom made.  Our intent is to show you a few recipes that can be on the go, prepped beforehand.

Food Fondue

Grill Ideas for Dinner is Growing Across the Backyard. Growing up in Minnesota, we look at grilling our meat on the grill as a sign of Spring.  We start seeing the neighbors outside and we plan neighborhood gatherings.  The kids get to run around and wear off that winter-stored energy.  Here you will find out some ways to using that grill year round with tips on maintaining the grill, simple repairs and even some recipes!

Red Wine Dark Chocolate Fondue: Is an amazing treat to have fun with fruits and other delicious snacks! This is a diet breaker for sure because it is so decadent, but not puckering sweet. Be ready to savor the flavors with your choice of dippers! It goes great with graham crackers, strawberries, marshmallows, oranges and more! Red Wine Dark Chocolate Fondue

Redneck Style That You Can BBQ: Seriously smoky, sweet, savory and spicy all in one! All the lips around your table will be smacking with this new find. The newest condiment will replace all the others in your refrigerator. Be sure to come see our newest Foodie must have here at Redneck Style That You Can BBQ!

Spam Recipes Your Family Will Love – okay so over the years, Spam has gotten a bad rap, but unless you try some actual recipes you honestly cannot say you dislike Spam. You will find my own family recipes passed down to me from my mom. My kids love the recipes themselves. And as they are now adults, they cook them up for their friends now too! Spam Recipes Your Family Will Love is a must try!

Again, whether you are looking for quick recipes, snacks or new ideas for meals, this page has many options for you to browse through. My hope is that you find multiple to bookmark and share with others. Many of the recipes are my own family’s favorites that my grown sons now rely on this page for the recipes. I hope you enjoy the recipes and some of the stories that go with it.