Teachers Can Make Thousands a Month Teaching From Home

Teachers, we have a solution for you where you can make thousands a month – even upwards of 25K per month teach 5 classes a day, 20 days a month! What’s better is that you are STILL a teacher, but one with more Freedom. Bring the fun back into the classroom, the Online Classroom. Brainfood is the solution for every Teacher in grades Kindergarten thru 12th Grade.

We are looking for amazing, captivating teachers with incredible skills and a passion for teaching our children, but see more for themselves as well. Moreover, we also understand that a teacher’s salary isn’t likely to create a means to retire early. We have the solution for you here where you can make thousands a month teaching just a single class.

Additionally, we are adding Students from around the Globe. Our Education Platform Teachers have the ability to teach from the Comfort of a Home Office, or “On Location” at a ZOO or wherever they have clear and active Internet and Environment to teach from. Having fun, being creative will keep your classroom attendance growing, which also grows your income.

Because you will be working with a Privatized Education Platform; the Pay Structure truly allows a Teacher to be paid their Worth. This is something you need to see. Just follow this link and we will get you in front of the Vetting Board and get you the details.

Ready to upload your resume with your references? Do it here! Don’t forget your references! We hold our teachers to the highest levels.

With a Privatized Education Platform, Teachers Can Make Thousands:

One of the advantages we have with a Privatized Education Platform, the rules of how it works are nothing like what other Private Institutions or Government Public Schools are like. We know that this is the Future of education which is by FAR a Greater opportunity for Teachers, Parents and Students Alike. Welcome to the Future of the Education for Today’s Students and the World Leaders of Tomorrow.

Attention Parents and Students:


You need to see this program. Go here and set up your Account for NO COST and see what the curriculum and more is all about. Also be able to access the Teacher Introductions and our Live Q&A and Parent to Admin and Teacher Conferences. Get more Information about this Solution for Students Here.

Benefits of this “Direct To Your Home” Education Platform Include:

  • Safety of being in a Secure Home Environment
  • Ability to attend classes from “Anywhere” you have Internet Access. Via Computer, Smartphone, Tablet or other Online Access Device.
  • Access to the best teachers for the Student regardless of where the Student or Teacher Reside.
  • Access Education from the Best of the Best by Grade.
  • Choose the Training Style by Teacher that fits with your Student.
  • Yes, Adult Education will be added, and is already in Construct for this Very Platform
  • Social Interaction Occurs and More
  • Yes there is Help in Guiding you to Financial Assistance and State Funds for your Students Education
  • We have Weekly Access Calls for Teachers, Parents and Students to get their Questions Answered

No, there is NOTHING else like this. This is something that takes what Education should be and brings it to the “DIRECT TO THE HOME” process.

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.