Smart Generation Movement Is Healthier

We live in a world where there is a new movement happening, the Smart Generation Movement. Imagine all the people looking to become healthier, looking to help others become healthier all with the help of technology. Additionally doing it in a way where the rewards for doing so continue to grow and help your pocketbook grow long-term. What if all it took was a simple device – a watch? And the basis of the reward is crypto currency.

The Smart Generation Movement

Watch this video below for an introduction of what is happening!

Look around you, the world is full of gadgets and devices that help us with our every day life. From our computers to our tablets, phones and even the watches. People rely on Smart devices to function every single day. It can be something as simple as shutting our lights off using a tablet or closing the garage door with our phones. You may even set up your sprinkler system to run from your phone or perhaps you have your alarm system programmed to your phone. This way you can monitor your home, pets, activity while away.

Today’s generation, has it’s own movement that’s becoming more popular with multiple generations. The Smart Generation is now encompassing multiple generations. This is very unique, but its the new way of things, an internet of Things literally. The Smart Generation refers to the fact that all these gadgets and devices are smart. They are artificial intelligence or AI as you will start seeing more often in different media.

Types of Devices for Internet of Things

smart generation movement family

The first device that comes to mind for most of us is our phones. We are so used to our phones controlling not only our calendars, emails, contacts, as well as for playing games. However, you can also control other “things” like your garage door opener, your lights in your home, your security system.

Another device that is very close is tablets and computers, but have you thought about other things that use a network such as sprinkler systems, doorbell cameras, even our watches can do many of this using the internet. Thus the terms SmartWatch and Smart Devices are now popping up in commercials on TV. Companies are trying to make your life easier.

And remember that neat little device from years ago that helps senior citizens when they’ve fallen and can’t get up? Okay okay, stop giggling. But think about it…it required the use of a network of sorts to communicate the need for help, right? Now we have taken it even further.

Now, while most of us are not interested in wearing something bulky around our necks, what about new devices that can protect our greatest asset – our bodies, our life, our health? There ARE devices now available to help you! And we have the best of the best RIGHT HERE!


smart generation movement with crypto watches

Taking Control of Your Health with a Wearable Device

Using the most advanced technologies in the wearables and through the use of biometrics, you will be able to monitor in real time, your own body. The data that is collected is protected through something called anonymized personal data collection.

This sounds confusing and complex, but it basically is protecting your identity. The information that is collected does not collect any data that can be traced to you. It is basically sent through a cleaning or sanitation process that removes all that information. It is then stored similarly to your cryptocurrency, on a blockchain-based biometrics data exchange platform and what’s even better is that it is real-time!

The bio-parameters can track multiple statistics about your body that is comprehensive. You maintain control of your data to benefit your body and health. What I like most is that it walks you through the steps on getting started, which is sometimes the most scary thing to do. It’s like committing to a new workout program, but because you fear failure, you never take the first step for improvement. This is easier, you just put the wearable on and the device does the rest. It develops a health report that allows us to develop an action plan, yes a health action plan. Forget Resolutions – those are made to be broken. This is an amazing way to work into a truly doable action plan to improve your health that only your body will respond to.


What is this new Smart Generation Movement Device?

Ok so we have been vague about what this new Smart Generation Movement device is literally a watch. Just wear it like a watch, because it is a watch. It does tell time, but it does so much more! Now some of you may say that you have the latest and greatest in smart watches, but does yours pay you? That’s Right! Ours also has a reward system where you earn crypto currency! Does your SmartWatch do that?

The token is ERC-20 and it is on the Ethereum Blockchain, a well-known and established blockchain. It is #2 only to Bitcoin (BTC). The easy part is that by just wearing this device, you can earn these tokens. The Smart Generation Movement is for those who are forward thinking, love innovation as well as yearning for better health, a better YOU! What are you waiting for? Get more details here!

More Products for the Smart Generation Movement

Alright, so you’ve seen the watch, but you know you need to take action now. We have 4 products that are sure to help you out! In fact, it’s all a SNAP! We have a Perfect Trifecta with a bonus happening with these products that are part of the smart generation – bio hacking!

Fountain of Youth

We all have heard about the benefits at any age for increasing our collagen. It isn’t just about the ladies and their vanity, but it’s also for better heart health, improved hair, skin and nails too. Which is something everyone is looking for! What’s even better is that it has an amazing taste! You need to SEE IT HERE!

Get Rid of Brain Fog

Forgetting things? Can’t remember where the keys are? Perhaps you even missed an important meeting or call. Or worse yet, a major report didn’t get completed because you just couldn’t focus. No amount of coffee could wake you up and get your brain the momentum it needs every day. We have an amazing Brain Health product for you right now! Forget the energy drinks (who needs all that caffeine and sugar?!). You need to Check It Out Here Now!

Better Quality Sleep

Do you ever wake up feeling like you didn’t get a good night’s sleep? I know I used to go to bed and just couldn’t shut my brain off with everything I wanted to get done. Now with this crazy SNAP, I sleep better than a baby, wake up well-rested and without an alarm! Best is that I feel more productive and ready to attack each and every day! (SEE IT HERE)

weight loss for the smart generation movement

Weight Loss

Finally, we all have a JUST RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC product (as of January 3, 2022!). It is like the cherry on top of the amazing Sundae of Snaps – Weight Loss! Oh Man! It is crazy and when combined with the other 3 products, it rounds out a great kickstart to any health action plan you come up with!

Weight Loss Is A Snap!
Simply Add to Your Beverage!

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In Conclusion

My husband and I are truly enjoying all of these products, but more importantly, we are healthier for it too. When are you joining in on this overall Smart Generation Movement? In addition, feel free to reach out to ask us questions. Getting healthy has never been easier for either of us and we love having the added energy!