Prepping for Success in Direct Sales

Prepping for success in Direct Sales can seem daunting to many when just starting out, but it is crucial to follow these steps.  Most people start in Direct Sales to have a Plan B. Whether that means to expand their budget or replace their existing income depends on your situation. When you initially sign up with your company, did anyone tell you that you actually have to do work?  This is a business and you need to treat it as such.  It will take discipline and consistency, but it can be done.

Prepping for Success

Whether you are getting started in a new business or re-launching your existing, there are some key topics to keep in mind that will lead you to the path of success.  Don’t try to re-create the wheel, whatever training is made available to you by the company you joined, read it.

Keep it simple

This is seriously just so simple, but so many want to make it more complicated.  Like I stated above, do not re-create the wheel.  After reading the training, read up on the products you will be handling.  Do not expect to become an expert.  Just familiarize yourself with the products.  The easier you keep it, the easier it will be to sell others on the products and the opportunity.

When you start deviating from the path is when it becomes difficult.  This is when you need to Reset, Refocus and Recommit.


prepping for success

When prepping for success, you want to have a strong Why.  If you read my Work at Home Jobs page, you have already at least started this, if you haven’t go back and read it here.  Now it is time to set your goals and make a plan to achieve these goals.  First thing, just start listing everything related to your why that you want to achieve.  Now let’s break it down into smaller steps so that you get into a daily activity that works towards the bigger goal.  Be sure to be specific with the subject, value and date.

Example:  Financial Debt paid off – Pay off a credit card.

State the goal:  Earn $10,000 income every month.

Figure out what you need to achieve to earn that $2500.  Personally I need 10 new people to join the PBS opportunity. At least 4 people to then invest into all 3 of our anchors. If I do this every week, that averages to $2500 a week! This is extremely doable in our opportunity.

Break this down to monthly and then daily goal – So it is currently December 2020 as I am writing this page. I need to talk to at least 50 people a day to plant seeds.  Plan on doing this weekly.

Another Example based on sales $ for those who have inventory of products:

Repeats steps 1 – 3 above

Now take $2500 divided by the amount of months to sell, then divide again by the number of weeks.  This is your weekly sales goal.  We know you can do it, just go out and do it.

100’s list

When prepping for success, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned.  You will want to get the word out to everyone you know that you have started your business.  So go get yourself a notebook.  Number 1-100 – does that scare you a little that you need to come up with 100 names?  I bet you can actually fill 4 times that many pages.  Just do not automatically think someone will say know, they may still say no, but they may also say yes.  They could also refer you to someone you hadn’t thought of all together.  All you need is a little memory jogger, you can easily google for various Memory Jogger lists, one of my favorite is by Network Marketing Pro.  The purpose is to jog your memory on thinking of people.  Now every time you meet someone, write their name in your notebook.

Dream Board or Vision Boards

prepping for success

In prepping for success, you have set your goals, but have you truly set your dreams in motion?  Now is the time to put your dreams on paper.  Go check out my article on Vision Boards here.

In conclusion, these steps are just guides to get you on the right path for success.  If you ever see yourself straying from the path, then it is time to Reset, Refocus, and Recommit.

Resetting your mind is visualizing a place that you have been to that is relaxing.  By adjusting your mind away from what is distracting you, you are then able to refocus it on what your why is.  By focusing on your why you are able to then recommit to what it is you need to do to accomplish your goals and satisfy your why.  Just know that your why can change because life is all about change.  Grasp it and just go with it.

 Proof is in the Pudding!

**Update!! October 5, 2020 – Back in January my husband and I wrote down our goals for 2020. One was that I would quit my full-time job by June 1. You know what happened? My last day was May 29, 2020! I did it! It took a lot of planning and actions, but I did it!

Another goal was for us to declutter our home by at least 40% of our possessions. We made 11 trips in the Durango packed full where only I could drive the Durango to the local Goodwill. No passengers could fit. We also created a list of other items we wanted to sell either via Garage Sales and Facebook Marketplace – We sold every last thing.

In addition a goal was to sell our home in Minnesota for top dollar and fast. We listed on July 18, got 6 offers by July 19 and all but 1 were above our asking price! We closed on August 19….and headed to our new state of Southern Texas! We are loving our retirement and I am still growing this business. It isn’t work when you love what you do!

One of our last goals, buying a dream home close to my mother-in-law, just happened. We have been in the house a couple months and love it. In addition, it is just a few minutes away from my mother-in-law. Even better, she is temporarily moving in with us; and we have a dedicated room and bathroom just for her.

In conclusion – we took action and wrote out the necessary steps and achieved our goals. It works! Just do it!