Making Customers Happy – Staying Compliant

Making customers happy is a business’ number 1 goal.  It creates more business in 2 ways.  First, the customers will come back.  Second, they will tell others about their experience.  Now thinking along that line, are you doing everything you can to make your customers’ experience the best it could be?

Another goal for a business is to keep costs low and to always be looking for cost improvements.  But just as important is keeping your business transactions compliant.  Let me show you how you can achieve all of this with Vyapay.

Making Customers Happy with Payment Options

Many customers are into the new technology of using their phones to pay for merchandise and services.  Is your company ready to do this?  I know my husband is one of these kinds of customers.  He likes the convenience of only having to carry his phone with him in different situations.  For example when we are at the gym, I do not bring my purse, I leave it at home.  I typically do not even bring my wallet.  My husband has loaded Samsung Pay onto his phone.  This allows him to only have his ID with him and his phone.  Our risk of identity theft is greatly reduced by leaving the wallets at home.  Additionally Samsung pays us rewards for using their app to pay for different things.

My husband and I are consumers who will give repeat service to those companies making customers happy.  Even if it costs us a little bit more!

It no longer is important to accept credit cards for payment, you need to think more long-term and advanced technology.  The day is coming when people are going to use their cryptocurrency to make payment.  With less and less tangible currency in circulation you need to not only take Credit Cards, but you need the right partner to grow and support you today, tomorrow and into the future ahead.

making customers happy
Staying Compliant

While staying compliant with merchant processing is extremely important, we have found that the best Merchant Processing solutions, is VyaPay.  VyaPay has been doing this for decades.  And when it comes to having your processing partner, you want VyaPay.  The following key items (in order) are what you need to be looking for.

Service and Support:

VyaPay has the knowledge and access to support your processing needs, and issues as they arise.

Access to New Technology and Customer Growth Programs:

Be able to access the latest in security and customer retention programs. Since VyaPay is a leader and has always been ahead of the competition in regards to levels of Security, you will have access to the Latest in Processing and Customer Growth Programs.

Pricing of Equipment:

VyaPay is a huge leader in the Industry.  Primarily, their buying power allows them to save their clients huge in processing equipment.  Do not be fooled by the competition, there is a solid choice to go with VyaPay for the best Equipment without getting you sucked into extra fees.

Discount Rates and Fees for Processing:

Advertising and presenting the Credit Card Processing Industry is like Auto Insurance.  Everyone touts rates or savings that look good on the surface.  But when it is all said and done, most play games to get you in.  Then, they set you up only to get you later with fees, surcharges, exception costs and more. As a result, VyaPay will beat any rates you have, and will set you up with low rates that not only beat the competition but will be done without the worry of hidden or padded costs.

VyaPay has been doing this for decades, and they keep their clients for decades.  Why?  Service, Rates, and most of all – they help their clients to keep competitive.  They offer unique, and effective services to grow their Clients business.  As a result, they understand the financing needs to build your business as well.

When it comes to collecting payments from your Clients, there is no better solution than VyaPay.

Go Here for a No Obligation consultation with a VyaPay Agent.  

First they are prompt and get to the point.  Second, they are going to solve your needs; reduce your costs, and set you up with a solid and supported relationship to help you grow your business.

Be sure to ask your VyaPay Agent about the many ways they can help your business grow as well as making customers happy.

Business Lines of Credit

Personal Lines of Credit

Building your Credit and Business Profile to allow you to Grow.  Finally, having the right partners is everything, and VyaPay is the right partner.

With a company like VyaPay on your side, you can enjoy the finer parts of life.  While you sit back and relax, pour yourself a glass of Fine Wines and enjoy less stress of running your business because VyaPay is working for you!