Personal EMF Protection Is Up To Us

We can all agree, its really important to stay healthy these days. But have you ever thought about personal EMF Protection? It can be a touchy subject for sure; but one thing that has been proven scientifically is that Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) do have lasting effects on us.  For our family, friends, business and most importantly for ourselves.

Personal Health Matters

personal emf protection

Good health is all about managing several areas of your life. Management comes in multiple forms whether it is exercising, eating better as well as maintaining a good work/life balance.  Because of how technology is evolving, especially these last 50 years, this has become more challenging these days.  We are constantly in front of or touching computer screens, smart phones and other technology. All of which is now a part of our everyday lives.  Whether we can see it or not, we know its there.

Keeping that in mind, we are unknowingly exposing ourselves to the effects of EMF and electronic signals. We are actually causing this because we seek the best technology for everything. As a result, it keeps technology moving forward at a pace the public demands. However it is moving so fast that while science develops it, we don’t get the information of the negative effects.

With the above in mind, it is just another reason we have to continuously maintain our health. And by educating ourselves and seeking more knowledge of how technology affects our health. Additionally, find ways to minimize its effects so we can continue to live healthy, happy lives.

What is EMF?

EMF is Electromagnetic fields. It is the invisible emissions of energy from all electronic and magnetic devices. Just like with everything we have on earth, everything is about moderation. Even our own sun, the provider of natural light, is exposing us to EMF in the form of UV rays. When we do not use sunscreen, we burn our skin. However, because of our hunger for more and more technology, we are at an abundance and there are things happening in the world that science isn’t fully able to discount the effects from EMF exposure.

Other forms of EMF come from our power lines bringing us electricity to our homes that power our electronic devices that in turn expose us to even more EMF and electronic signals. And while science is still in discussions on how harmful EMF is, it has been shown to affect our DNA. So we have two choices: 1) do nothing; or 2) educate ourselves and take action for precautions. This isn’t a “Chicken Little” situation that the sky is falling, more like Galileo’s discovery of our solar system, it’s going to take time for further development and understanding but patience will win out.

EMF and Personal Protection

Some people appear to have sensitivities to EMF and develop headaches, even migraines. Others experience bouts of dizziness, sleep disruption and lack of concentration. Let’s take a quick opinionated observation. When did ADD and ADHD come about? Growing up in the 1970’s, we didn’t have kids on medications to calm them down and help them concentrate. Additionally, more and more kids do not sleep through the night. Is this all laziness on behalf of the parents or is it a situation of our environment?

We are so quick to medicate, to band-aid a problem rather than focus on prevention. Rather than waiting for a cold to develop, we should be taking supplements and vitamins. This is because the nutrients in our foods are lacking. More often than not, people would rather just treat the symptoms after they start. Taking over-the-counter meds, going to the doctor, and then perhaps trying more homeopathic remedies. You know, the ones that have been in use for centuries and your weird cousin has raved about for years.

Amazing Provider of Personal Protection from EMF

personal emf protection

We have found amazing products that can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. Truly assisting you with balancing the mind, body and spirit and giving protection. Minimizing the effects of using your cell phone constantly, working from home or an office surrounded by electronic equipment. In addition, for those parents who just hand their children the devices to occupy the child. These are products that can be used in our homes. They promote a healthy environment and give us personal protection from EMF.

The owners of this company have a strong belief of health based wellness and over 20-years experience in holistic healing. They also are providing us with these products that are continuously updating the line-up, keeping the inventory well-stocked and relevant. These are perfect for those people who know they need protection. However they aren’t fully informed of what a person can do for personal EMF protection. Here the novice can learn more and be better prepared.

Personal EMF Protection Available For YOU!

This protection also comes in the form of stunning jewelry. When you are shopping, you will see items such as pendants, bracelets and other decorative items. All are objects that will protect you and your home from harmful effects of technology.

The crystals are top quality and offer protection against harmful rays. Additionally, they are also beautiful to behold, wear and display in your home.  You will find many incredible products. From our stunning crystal pyramids to variety of necklaces with pendants. All are a gorgeous addition to any home, that are both functional and decorative.  Check out all the different options here.

We all want better health, a long happy life, and a way to deal with the constant barrage of technology coming at us from everywhere.  We need to keep our Chakras in balance. Through the use of crystals and copper, this is ancient technology. We just need to utilize it more efficiently and knowledgeably.

Balanced Chakras = Better Life

We just mentioned Chakras above. Many of us have heard of Chakras but the understanding is still just not there. Simply put, Chakras are focal points utilized in meditation. When understood better, a person can improve their various chakras simply by being more aware. There are 7 chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. You can learn more about Chakras and more details on balancing yours here.