How to Save Money at Disney

We have found a hack on how to save money at Disney. If you are planning a family vacation, we have found a way to save in so many areas relating to the trip. From Airline tickets to car rental; vacation homes to hotels; even dining expenses. But even more, we have a way to save on the various theme parks.

How to Save Money at Disney and enjoy everything you can experience for less

A Membership Club That Helps You Save Money at Disney

Disney vacations can be expensive, but we have found several ways to save money at Disney. Take a look at our suggestions.

The best way to take advantage of discounts on tickets, accommodations, and transportation is to plan ahead and start the planning process early. We have found one way to simplify this process with a membership club that also offers benefits. More information is here.

For discount tickets, while Disney does often offers discounts, especially to people with military service, Florida residents, and annual pass holders. Check their website or ask a Disney representative for current deals. Then take a look our club to compare the savings.

Timing Your Vacation Can Also Save You Money

To make the most of your Disneyland vacation, try visiting during the off-season during the day when Disney is less crowded and you can avoid long lines and save money by staying in a hotel. Everyone knows that traveling during off-peak times you can stretch your dollar farther. This goes for theme parks beyond the reaches of Disney as well. We are starting our planning for a getaway and are finding many cost savings by traveling on days when others aren’t. However we aren’t tied to school calendars and can travel most any time. Oh hey, looking to have that kind of freedom with your family? You can learn more about homeschooling and tutoring resources too!


In addition, your family can save a lot of money if you pack your own snacks and meals. Not only will this save on the budget for your family and friends when you go to Disney, but your most finicky eaters will be satisfied with foods from “home”. It is great that Disney allows guests to bring their own food and drinks into the park so we suggest you do so. By planning ahead, our grocery coupons allow you to save money even further at the grocery store after you arrive to your location.

However for those times you would rather let someone else do the cooking and cleanup the mess, Savings Highway Global shows us the multitude of options for eating out. You can even plan ahead in your itinerary on the different restaurants you want to eat at based on location. What I love about this feature is that most are downloadable right to your phone.

Earning Rewards to Save Money

If you are interested in earning points or cash back on your vacation, you should consider using a rewards credit card to make payments for your trip. This will enable you to earn points or cash back that can be used to offset the cost of your trip. When you consider this aspect, remember to keep inside your budget as you will need to pay off this credit card once you return home. No one deserves the added stress of trying to pay for a trip before, during or afterwards. I do love that I can earn and save with this crazy membership club. To think it was just $20 and it opens us up to so much more! As a Titanium member, I am also going to be earning a trip as an incentive. WOW! So excited!

Accommodations That Won’t Make You Lose Sleep

Consider staying in a hotel or vacation rental outside of the Disney property if you are looking for a significant amount of savings in comparison to staying at a Disney property. While its nice to be right on site, we know that where ever you stay, the overall cost will be a deciding factor. You do not have to sacrifice any amenities, but just do your research. This is a huge benefit of our Savings Highway Global. My husband and I chose to go all in at Titanium to take advantage of every benefit available. What’s even better, by sharing it with others, we are growing a supplemental income. Sharing the savings possibilities to as many as we can reach. There is something for everyone, but you need to look now before you finalize plans.

You can even save on airline tickets for the whole family without sacrificing comfort or baggage limitations. You deserve a vacation, make it one for the memory books without breaking the bank in the process.


One key item to remember as well, Disney provides free transportation to and from the parks, so use their buses, monorails, and boats instead of renting a car or taking a taxi. But again, sometimes that just isn’t for your family and if you want to save on car rental. Explore your options and find the best deal for you.

Final Note on How to Save Money at Disney

Save yourself some tantrums with the little ones and keep your wallet in your pocket: Skip souvenirs. Souvenirs can be expensive at Disney, so consider bringing your own toys or buying souvenirs from outside the park. But in summary, enjoy your vacation more by planning ahead. Be sure and take advantage of the little hacks I gave here on how to save money at Disney. But before you go, be sure to take a look at this!

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