Eating Healthy Snacks and Overcoming a Sweet Tooth

The struggle is real when it comes to eating healthy and loving snacks, especially cookies. I do not just have a sweet tooth, I am a sweet tooth. We know and hear every day, you are what you eat.

eating healthy snacks

Low Carb – Low Sugar, All Day Snack

We have found an incredible healthy snack that tastes amazing! What is even more fun is that it is COOKIES! Yes, I said cookies and these are so much more than just a dessert or snack. That old adage of a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips is no longer true. In fact, you may just improve your overall health with what these cookies are made of!

For example, this is a low carb food. Only 2 grams of sugar that is from Apples. You won’t find any corn syrup or pure cane sugar here! This sugar is like the same sugar you get from consuming peas, and I don’t know about you, but I sure would rather eat cookies than peas! In fact, peas are one of my least favorite foods and it does nothing for my sweet tooth! Even more noteworthy, these cookies are sugar alcohol free.

Tiger Nuts help to make it Gluten-Free

We all seem to be looking for foods that are gluten free, whether we need to or not. That is a good thing too because many of our grains are becoming over processed. Most times when we are eating healthy snacks, they claim they are gluten free, and are nothing but chalky tasting sticks and twigs. Am I right?! For those who must eat gluten free due to allergies, this is an amazing solution. The cookies are gluten free, in that they have not grains or wheat in the ingredients. What they do contain are tiger nuts, which have less fat than other nuts and more fiber as well as hazelnuts. Already a Win-Win!

So what is the big deal with Tiger Nuts? In the nutrition world, tiger nuts are a rich source of antioxidants. We all know and understand that antioxidants help protect our bodies from toxicity that can lead to cancers and diseases. Now we get to consume more by eating cookies! Another Win-Win!

Tiger nuts have additional benefits when found in healthy snacks you are eating. They are rich in a variety of nutrients which our bodies always need. They may assist with digestion because of the fiber content, which in turn can assist in blood sugar levels! We also understand that they improve heart health. Additionally, in this age where everyone is worrying about their immune system, eating tiger nuts can boost it. And finally, they act as an aphrodisiac. Love all these excuses, errr I mean reasons to eat cookies!

Monk Fruit is not Monkeying Around with Eating Healthy Snacks

Monk fruit gets its name from Monks as far back as in the 13th century who use it in teas to sweeten it. What is great for this is that there is no actual sugar in monk fruit so those foods who utilize it as a sweetener in foods makes it popular with many. Diabetics love it because it doesn’t affect their blood sugar levels. Those wanting to be healthier love it as other sweeteners are showing negatives in people’s health. I know personally, I try to avoid sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame. Since kicking out the diet colas from my menu, I have been able to reduce symptoms that mimic MS. MS runs in my family, but I often wonder if it is dietary related.

eating healthy snacks

Other Advantages of Eating These Healthy Cookies!

As we get older, finding snacks that taste yummy but are good for us seem to be limiting. If it tastes good, it just cannot be good for you. Well, look no further now! These Cookies check of so many more positives that you just need to order a box or 4 now. I say 4 because those are the current varieties available.

Another thing I find as one of the “Over 50” crowd, is that my body doesn’t appreciate dairy very well. These are Dairy Free! Having such great clean ingredients that also taste great. MMMMMM just doesn’t say it enough.

Ok so just what are the additional positives? The natural based energy contained inside these cookies is attractive for those with either a hypo or hyper active thyroid. So much so that people do actually replace their breakfast bars with the cookies. Try explaining that to the kids, mom is eating cookies for breakfast! Got a teenage daughter skipping breakfast? Send her off to school with a couple of these!

Prebiotic fiber, just the word fiber says a lot. It isn’t the most popular subject at the dinner table or even over happy hour, but munching on these cookies can change that. Eating healthier has just gotten easier for us!

Cookies for Happy Hour??

Just think, a new wine pairing depending on the cookie. I can see it now, having the neighbors over and opening a couple bottles our our club wines. Coming up with different pairings. I personally could see the Tanya Pinot Grigio going amazing with the Blueberry Shortbread cookie. The light fruitful flavors of the Tanya would bring out the aromas of the blueberries in the cookie. It will be very tempting to dunk the cookie into the wine, just like you do with one of those sandwich based cookies dunking in milk.

Now another wine pairing would be taking the Dark Chocolate Chip cookie with our Ricord Merlot. When you pair amazing dark chocolate with the perfect merlot, it seems as though it is heaven sent. And later when happy hour turns into the backyard BBQ with burgers, the wine will be a perfect match with a great steak or burger!

So order yours now!