Better Gut Health

We have found a new way for better gut health. Packed with probiotic blends, enzyme blends, along with trace mineral complex, all in a Snap. byōm™ is a liquid probiotic that is in an easy to swallow liquid formula (it even tastes yummy!), no more pills! This means it is already going to be easier on your digestive tract. Meanwhile, keep reading to find out how you can get this product on your doorstep Now!

The Solution:

This is the best in Gut Health in Liquid Form; byōm™️! You are going to want to get this for you, as well as your loved ones. With the processed foods and stressful conditions we find ourselves in everyday, this is a must have. Besides, isn’t it time you start to improve your health from the inside?

Some Key Points of what Gut Health with byōm™️ provides us with:

  • Helps to Alkalize your Body. Alkalizing!
  • IONIC Trace Minerals. Hydrating!
  • GUT HEALTH Probiotics
  • OVER DELIVERS on C.F.U.s. This is incredible! Just a highlighted detail from the Video Above.
  • Monk Fruit / Spring Strawberry. Put it in Water, or Liquid, before a Meal or anytime.
better gut health with byōm™️

Gut Health with byōm™️ is here. Additionally we are delighted to be sharing it with you here. Because we know you will want to see more of the incredible products by the same Bio-Hacking Team that brought us byōm™️, go see our Bio-Hacking Information Articles Here.

People are suffering from Gut Health issues. Some for many years. And so, this is a solution that can help correct the progression of poor Gut Health. Leaky Gut is a real situation many suffer with. And it leads to worse issues when not properly rectified. This incredible Bio-Hacking solution is going to help so many people. Let’s get the word out and share the results and happy guts that are being created with this solution.

As someone who has struggled for years with weight issues and now the wonderful weight gain from menopause, I know the importance of a product such as this. I have been using a couple different probiotics that improved my digestive tract some, but gosh, I am so tired of taking capsules and pills. Taking a syrup is absolutely perfect, especially when it tastes so yummy! What have you got to lose? Let’s Go!


Personal Family Testimony

It really is so simple! Here is our personal family testimony. To preface this, my husband and I were the primary caregivers for her since March. She has moderate dementia and uses a walker. She has stayed with us every summer for the past 3 summers, but her dementia is progressing. Prior to us caring for her in the summers, she had developed several bleeding ulcers and a hernia and was hospitalized. While she was recovering in Alabama, my husband and I moved south from Minnesota to Texas so we could be closer to her. She has her own place in the winters in an RV park, but in the summers, the RV park becomes quite empty as the Winter Texans go back north. Thus, she stays with us for her safety and our peace of mind.

Getting Mom’s Gut Health Back On Track

We put my mother-in-law on this and we improved her gut health so much that we said goodbye to Pantoprazol (medicince for ulcers). In fact, the medicine was starting to cause her more stomach upset. In addition, as I did more research on it. This medicine that she has been on for 3 years is only supposed to be a prescription for a short term like 12 weeks. Side effects are massive explosive diahrrea and stomach cramps. With my mother-in-law’s dementia, she didn’t know she had diahrrea. Truly! It was so frustrating for me and heartbreaking to watch. She would stand up and we would have a mess. She thought it was the dogs because it was all over my floors. Sorry for painting such a horrendously gross picture, but trust me, I was desperate.

At her next gastro appointment in May, I brought all my information with us. The doctor heard us out, did some preliminary tests and agreed to halt the pantoprazol right then and there! We also set an appointment for an endoscopy, which was about 4 weeks later. I started her on byom every day and then adjusted to every other day until her stools were comfortable for her. It was important for me to give her that bit of independence back.

Results of the Endoscopy

So in June, my husband takes his mom to her procedure. The doctor says from what he could see, she looked healthy. Even the minor hernia was looking great! She now takes it just 2-3 times a week at the memory care facility we placed her at. They say she is a healthy eater, no complaints and more importantly no issues. As a result, we are making sure she continues. What makes it easy for the staff to administer it, it that they just pour the Snap into a cup and she drinks it. She loves strawberries so really enjoys her “treat” in the mornings.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for better gut health, you owe it to yourself to at least try a box. I offer all my customers a 25% off coupon on their first order. Go here now to get your box on order now!

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