Chat GPT a New Tool for Bloggers

There is a new AI making headlines lately, Chat GPT and it is being talked about in many circles. For the Blogging community, we see it as a great tool that will give advantages to the blogger as well as the reader. Let’s explore some of the reasons why anyone who has to engage readers will want to learn more and add Chat GPT to their arsenal of tools.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT Brings Technology Advancements

Since I started this blog site in 2017, I am learning so much about the importance technology advancements bring to making my site better and more attractive for the reader. There have been previous small advancements, but Chat GPT is a game changer. While I still write my own pages, on subjects where I do not have enough information or need help to creatively write a blog page, having Chat GPT available to me to glean details from is welcome.

It is helping me to write more creatively as well. In fact, I went to Chat GPT to ask for help in writing this page, but then I take the details and rewrite it so that it is not AI content. Teaching my students this new revolutionizing tool to create their pages to be their own by utilizing but not relying on it is amazing. My students now see how they can turn a page by saying the same things but in their own words. That they too can be successful. It is actually provoking better content, encouraging the person to let creativity flow and be the author. Furthermore, Chat GPT is emerging for many sectors as an important tool. However it needs to be respected.

Writers Block Unblocked; Inspiration for Creativity Flows

One of the greatest achievements this AI tool is creating is conquering writers block. An often times, frustrating and defeating issue with bloggers, Chat GPT can now dislodge that and give better inspiration without using “big” words. Utilizing this as a brainstorming opportunity as well as an educating tool, the creative possibilities are no longer limiting. It actually encourages writers from everywhere to traipse into the areas they would have otherwise not gone.

It is important to use this tool as a boost to one’s writing potential and not use the results as their own direct work. By choosing to expand, explore further, and keep pushing ahead, the results of reactions from the readers will be the reward. It can also be useful in further explaining a point of view, keeping a reader’s attention longer.

Improving Efficiency and Productivity

Many times bloggers, authors, journalists, even marketers; basically anyone who writes for their career have deadlines they must meet. Whether it is because an ad must run or a book needs to be finished to keep the publisher happy. Not many people can work under pressure like that on a consistent basis. Especially if they are being pulled in multiple directions. This is now an asset on meeting those timeline goals. For us bloggers, being able to make the most of our time and adding quality content consistently is a must. Moreover, as an online marketer blogger, as that is really what I do here, being able to educate the reader on the product or service is my priority.

People are searching for what I have on my site based on the categories I have. I have something for everyone. However, I am not an expert on everything I showcase on my site. Many times, I need to research for hours in order to capture the right view of what it is I want to write about. Utilizing Chat GPT to help give me an outline or even draft sections where I can then spin my own words is ideal. It is making me to become a better writer without the fear of plagiarism. Again, I modify what is output on AI because I believe that is how Chat GPT is best serving everyone.

Chat GPT Allows Bloggers to Engage the Reader

The primary goal of bloggers is to increase traffic to their site. Doesn’t matter what the subject is, they want more people reading their work. One way to achieve that is developing better connections with their readers. Simply put, we need to be human. Therefore, while Chat GPT is not human, it does simulate human-like conversations. We can answer questions before the reader can even think of them. Covering all bases. We can paint a picture with words that encourages the audience to share our work with others as well as return to visit again.

Chat GPT and Google

It is always interesting how a person can search a subject on the internet and see the many different ways it can be written about without writing it the same exact way. Chat GPT also allows one to dive into and explore industries they know nothing about. Bloggers are always needing to find ways to enhance their work as well as expand their knowledge and expertise. Well, at least if you want to retain your readership. We need to be able to focus on the details and bring more to the table. Content is everything. Even Google wants better content they can refer internet users to. Its called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. If you only say things the same way as others without expanding on it, giving more detail, Google is not going to index you better.

The saying is that if you cannot write about a certain subject with a minimum of 500 words, then is it really worth writing about. Now with Chat GPT, I think the bar is going to be raised and the minimum will be 750 or even more words on a blog. We know that many people like things to be short and concise, however too short means details are lacking. You aren’t painting a pretty picture with your words to captivate the reader.

Finally, for those who are not the best writers, where errors in grammar abound, reading what Chat GPT gives as results will help all people become better writers.


Thank you for reading this article. If you are one of my students at RRR247 and were thinking that you can just use Chat GPT to modify your pages on your site, please re-read this page. This tool requires respect. Do not use it as the only tool to quickly modify your pages. You need to be the author. Don’t look for the shortcuts. We have a system, not a suggestion on how this works. We have an amazing opportunity for you to grow your business and work from where ever you have internet!

Embrace this tool and incorporate it in what we do as just one of many tools in your arsenal when growing yourself and your blog. The sky’s the limit now and Chat GPT just made it easier for you to grow.

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