Grill Ideas for Dinner is Growing Across the Backyard

Getting Grill ideas for dinner just got easier and has more variety. Expand your recipes for dinner with some of our incredible ideas below. Grilling dinner can be year round even when you live in a place that has snow on the ground from November thru April.  While it seems as though many people in our region say good-bye to their grills each fall only to welcome them back every spring.  Having year round grill ideas for dinner is a must.  As Minnesota natives, we have been known to shovel the snow from around our grill.  Just smelling the grill cooking our food tells us that Spring will come again and our backyard will once again be an extension of our home.

How to use your Grill Year-Round

Gas Grills

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Using a gas grill is definitely easier than a charcoal grill in the winter.  The wait time is shorter and the cooking seems to be better controlled.  Make sure to keep the snow from piling up and around your grill.  A clean cooking area is crucial, not just for your safety, but in cooking as well.  You should always get the grill good and hot so as to cook off any leftovers from previous cookouts as you may not want a steak flavor seeping into your chicken; or BBQ sauce soaking into your frozen pizza.  Yes, I said frozen pizza.  Keep reading for tips on using the grill as a summer oven.

You will want to check your burners for any build-up no matter the season.  Be sure to empty the grease tray too at least once a year, more if the foods you grill have excess drippings.  If you have dogs, this is a definite to keep clean.  We have caught our dogs over the years trying to get at the tray for a bonus snack.  The problem is if they get into it when still hot.  Your pets can’t tell you how much it hurts or where.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Charcoal Grills

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Using a charcoal grill, although more time consuming, can be just as rewarding for your taste buds.  The grill ideas for dinner you can come up with may even have your neighbors knocking on your door when you are cooking brats before a blizzard!  First thing is to make sure after every cookout, you safely dispose of the used charcoal.  This is a fire hazard even in the rain if not carefully monitored.  It is also a safety hazard for kids running around the yard with hot coals nearby.

Note: Also make sure the grate is as clean as possible.  Just as in a gas grill, leftover flavors getting onto what you are cooking now may not be what you were wanting.  A good scrubber for the grate is a great gadget to have.

To Flame or not to Flame

When starting your charcoal grill, do you use lighter fluid?  For the best flavors, don’t spray when the grate is still on the grill.  Your food will absorb that flavor and not only is that unsavorable, it could be poisonous.  Also, make sure you are away from structures. Again no matter the season, flames can shoot up higher than you were expecting or blow with the wind.  Keep it fun and safe.

Grilling is Fun

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Another thing you may want to start experimenting with is the wood chips with your charcoal.  Different flavors like mesquite can make a burger even more delicious with the enhanced flavors or apple wood with chicken breasts.  You can usually find these online, local hardware store, or where ever your area sells grills.  There are many varieties and are worth the expense of “playing” with your food.  You may even end up getting a Smoker before the season is out!

Cooking Time – Grill Ideas For Dinner!

Here are some unique and fun grill ideas for dinner, including recipes and cooking tips!

Quick Meals on the Grill Ideas for Dinner

Frozen Pizzas:  I know what you are thinking.  Is she nuts?  Pizza on the grill?  It is actually amazing.  The thin pizzas can be placed directly on the grate, while the thicker, heavier more toppings kind of pizzas probably need a pizza pan.  If you are using a gas grill, preheat it like you would the oven.  Get it to the temp recommended on the wrapper.  My biggest tip is to be sure to rotate the pizza literally like every 5 minutes.  The crust will get crunchy, but not burned and the cheese will be melted and toasty.  Try it year round, but in the summer, this is a fast meal with little to no effort.

Foil Packs:  If you are an outdoorsy kind of person, you may have made these before and just thrown on the fire.  They are good, filling and not a whole lot of prep time to make, and almost zero clean-up.  We typically fill ours with a meat, potato and onions.  Here is a link to my mom’s Super Tator Recipe!

BBQ Made Simple: When it comes to BBQ’ing meats, keep it simple and don’t be in a rush. But even more importantly is having the correct seasonings on the meat as well as the sauce. We have an incredible line right here and it will bring out your inner Redneck!

Appetizers & Sides

Corn on the Cob:  I prep my corn by trimming the silk, but leaving them in the husks.  I fill a cooler with water and put the corn in.  I try to let the corn soak at least 4-6 hours, but the longer the better as the corn cooks better with lots of moisture.  When cooking on the grill, have a grill mitt that allows you to grab the corn to turn it as well as to remove the husks when done.  I consider corn done when the husks are getting brown-black grill marks.

Bread: Any bread will taste great off the grill. Expand your ideas and try sour dough, ciabatta, baguettes, or an Italian round. Drizzle olive oil or melted butter on one side. Herbed butters and cheeses are also heavenly on grilled bread. Watch the bread closely as it doesn’t need more than a few minutes on each side.

Asparagas: Many people think you need to wrap your asparagus in tin foil before putting on your grill. Lightly coat you trimmed asparagus in olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and grill over high heat for about 3 minutes.

Fruits – Peaches, Pineapple:  Peaches and pineapple are amazing when grilled.  With their sweetness that is complemented well by the smoky grill flavor your grill will give it. For prepping: just pit and peel your peach in half, then place on a nice clean grill for about 3 minutes on both sides. For Pineapple, slice into either rings or spears, whatever your mood.  Grilled sweet peaches and ice cream serve well as a decedent dessert, but they also work lovely with grilled pork.

Grill Ideas for Dinner Needs Dessert!

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Pound Cake: Get ready for mouth-watering yumminess! Just take that pound cake and cut into thick slices. Now, place on your grill for up to 2 minutes on each side and top with chocolate syrup or berries and ice cream! This is a dessert worthy of year-round dinners!

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