Redneck Style That You Can BBQ

Redneck style is going to the foodies! Time to fire up the old BBQ and grill and see what this sauce will do to your tastebuds! Ever dream of an amazing southern style BBQ, it doesn’t get much more southern and redneck style with this BBQ sauce. A sauce that will keep your lips smacking for more!

Redneck Styles are Back in Style

The term redneck is something that many are trying to get out of style, but here with this incredibly tasting BBQ sauce, the name comes roaring back. Full of flavor, you need to try it with almost any kind of meat because you will be smacking your lips soon after.

Just imagine slowly smoking a rack of ribs to perfection. You have seasoned them with the best of the best seasonings and they are now ready for the BBQ sauce. You also have family visiting from the south and you want to do it just right. Do you grab the sauce you bought at the grocery store? Oh no no no, that just isn’t good enough. Do you have time to make your own? Probably not, let’s just say you are lucky the ribs are doing as well as they are right now. Instead, you bring out this southern certified, smoky, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce you bought online (yes, right here). Your family is making fun of the name, trust me on this, but when they taste it, they are smacking their lips wanting more!

What is Redneck Style?

The term Redneck originally comes from a time period in the USA back in the 1800’s, however nowadays people think of The Robertson Family from Duck Dynasty. You know the neckerchiefs, long beards, mirror-sunglasses, truck driving guys who sometimes do quirky actions no one else would dream of doing elsewhere…and they are in the deep south. Okay to be honest, my oldest son highly resembles that given he is currently in Alabama and moved there from South Carolina. But you know what, it fits him completely and he is going to LOVE this BBQ Sauce. As will the rest of our family who are spread out across the country. You can raise a kid in Minnesota, and he can still turn into a redneck. Just saying.

BBQ That!

Ever been on a picnic or a gathering and everyone is piling their food on a plate and at the very end is BBQ ribs or chicken, or perhaps pulled pork. You have options to add more BBQ sauce to it, from mild to bold and flavorful. Or you know that Aunt Jane has homemade BBQ meatballs in the crockpot and you are budging in line just to snag at least one of them and you make sure to take extra sauce.

They will be diving in and smothering everything on their plates with this sauce, from fish to fries! Every kind of meat and potatoes can be covered and it will be amazing as they say “BBQ That!”, just as a way to try it. Forget the ketchup and mustard, even the mayo on burgers and BBQ That! This is one style that isn’t going to be a fad. Redneck style gets a renovation with this BBQ sauce! What others temporarily raise their eyebrows to on having BBQ sauce on, they will convert quickly with a taste of this sauce and start doing their own “BBQ That!”.

redneck style
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Secret Seasonings

One of a barbeque chef’s greatest assets when smoking and grilling meat is the seasonings, the dry rub. We do not just have BBQ sauce Redneck Style, but we also have some savory, smoky sweet and spicy smooth seasonings perfectly blending to enhance everything. Just imagine it on popcorn, as well as the dry rub on a rack of ribs or as a secret ingredient in your favorite dip! Veggies taste great with ranch dip, but they will be even yummier with this seasoning blend. What are you waiting for?

Southern Belles turn their Style to Redneck

We all have Granny or Momma cooking in the kitchen all day. They are the proper ladies who always wear an apron while cooking and dress to the nines at dinner time. Make their day easier with a gift of some of this sauce and match it with our Fine Wines! You know Momma & Granny deserve the best of everything! And cutting down on them mixing and simmering the BBQ sauce all day may just make you their favorite, till the next time.

What do you do with Chicken nuggets? BBQ That! Same for Turkey Legs, even sweet potato fries! BBQ That! People are even using the BBQ sauce on Spaghetti because it tastes fantastic!