Coffee & Weight Loss

Coffee & weight loss are two top subjects on the internet as well as in coffee shops. How can drinking coffee change your lifestyle for the better? Well, we aren’t asking you to change from your coffee, but rather enhance the coffee…PLUS! We have found an amazing product line that will enhance your coffee experience PLUS take control of your weight management.

An Incredible Addition To Your Morning Coffee!

This product is amazing –plôs Thermo and it is exactly what you have been looking for. The current flavor of French Vanilla makes it versatile on how you take it. You just need to try it. I either take it direct or mix in to my hot cocoa or protein shake. I love that I can just grab snaps on the go as well and tuck them into my purse. In addition, you just never know when the opportunity will arise that you will want to share it with others! Why keep this a secret? Share away!

Enjoy waking up in the morning, starting your day off right with Your Coffee and enjoy Weight Loss!

When it comes to losing weight we all for the most part agree it is not simple. However with plôs Thermo, it has been a complete lifestyle changer for me. Moreover I know I am not alone as several of my friends are enjoying the benefits of a better controlled appetite. The daily battle of cravings is gone and all with one little Snap with their favorite morning beverage. It is a great companion to hot cocoa and protein shakes too! I love that I can stay with my favorite brand. No sacrifice of my favorite flavors either! In fact, when I added it on the very first day to my hot cocoa, the flavor was actually ENHANCED! That’s right! It gave my store brand instant hot cocoa better flavor! Losing weight is going to be fun!

Why Even Try?

coffee weight loss

Here’s the thing, if you don’t try, you will never know what your results will be! I have found that the majority of people who say certain things never work, never tried in the first place!!! Everyone is so quick to judge, but to actually experience it for themselves, they are simply too afraid to try! We all didn’t get to the weight and body shape we are right now overnight. To have the expectations that you will lose the extra pounds immediately and overnight is unrealistic. However, the 3 main objectives needed for becoming healthier for the majority of us are looking to do the following:

  • Curb Cravings
  • Intensify weight loss efforts
  • Boost Metabolism​

So now we have something new. It isn’t a pill or powder, but a syrup. It comes in a PRE-MEASURED packet we call a Snap. You simply fold it in half and the contents either go into your beverage or into your mouth, your choice. This syrup is a Non-Dairy creamer. So those who are trying to be dairy free, we got your back on that! This product is just like our other products in that it is Keto and Vegan friendly, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free. What is even more notable, while nutritional supplements themselves cannot be FDA approved, there are certifications available to ensure your quality is ensured. Our products are cGMP certified.

coffee weight loss using Plos Thermal

What the heck is cGMP Certified and why is that important?

cGMP certified is referring to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations that are actually enforced by the FDA. This means the manufacturing site, processes, design as well as continuation of monitoring is happening at the facilities. So while nutritional supplements will never be FDA Approved per se, they are still enforced for best quality in all aspects of the manufacture of the products.

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