Sleep Better & Lose Weight

Need help getting better sleep? Want help losing weight? We have found an incredible product that will help improve your sleep and burns fat doing so! Eight hours of true great sleep can be yours every night. Improving sleep also improves weight management for everyone.

Start anticipating a restful and peaceful sleep.  Begin to expect improvement in how you wake up each morning. Whether this is for you or someone in your family, you need to get this product into your home now.

Sleep deprivation in America is an issue. Did you know over 40 million people do not get enough sleep each night? With our zlēm®, it assists you with a better night sleep along with burning calories.

Ready for Better Sleep?

With the highest level of quality for ingredients, has 2 great flavors – Chocolate Strawberry & Red Velvet that you take at bedtime. I have found it not only easy to use but easy on the tummy too.

We all need REM Sleep. I wake up every morning more refreshed than I do without taking zlēm®. Knowing I have quality sleep even when I don’t get the full 8 hours helps ready for my days. My Work, Home, and in your everyday needs and activities are better because I function better.


Simply take one “Snap” about 20 minutes before you want to fall asleep. Trust me on this! And as you sleep your your body will restore, heal, and perform better through proper rest.  The bigger bonus is that it will also help you manage your weight. Being able to slow your mind down as you rest your head on the pillow. A feeling of calmness will help you enter an amazing restful night. Forget the tossing and turning. The counting of sheep or what ever you may need to do otherwise to close down your thoughts for a fantastic night sleep.

It is time for you to change the way you enter rest.

And now about that Weight Loss…

Ok so here’s a few details you need to know about zlēm®, it has 2 stages. Stage 1 is for 7 days, Stage 2 is for 18 days. Why 2 stages? Well this is also a great cleanse that really works. Chocolate Strawberry is my favorite flavor. Not only does it tastes yummy, but it really helps you get rid of some bloat and helps your body get back to being regular. It is the more powerful Stage 1 between the 2 flavors. For me, the first morning after taking the first snap is the more “urgent” morning. I tend to start on a night where I know I will have more frequent breaks. Huge benefit working from home! LOL After that first morning, my body adjusts to a more regular schedule without the urgency aspect.


The best is that because it is getting rid of the “stuff” our body tends to carry around, our colons become healthier too. Something that when we are old enough for menopause, we should be monitoring already. As we start treating our bodies better with a great night sleep consistently and getting rid of the waste, our body is no longer in a protection mode and allows weight to start coming off. It may only be a pound or 2 for many, but I am now down 12 pounds since June and maintaining it off. To me that’s a win-win. And my husband likes all the benefits I am seeing too. I have better energy on top of better sleep and some weightloss.

Best Kept Secrets to Anti-aging

As a woman going through menopause, anti-aging is one of those ideas that vanity is a serious issue. No one likes seeing the lines and wrinkles, much less the gray hairs. The gray I can manage as I’ve had them multiplying since I was a 20-something year old. Before kids at least. But since both my sons became Marines and were serving our country abroad, my worry lines got deeper and longer. Not any more! I am seeing them diminish with another product that compliments zlēm® called uüth. Come read more about what this fountain of Youth product does!

Fighting Aging with Everything I Got

However to combat those lines and wrinkles many of my friends seek out their cosmetologist for a treatment of Botox. Sorry but I am not a fan of needles. I avoid them as much as possible. The only syringe to come near me is the flu shot annually. And even then in the chair I will have the urge to pull away from the poor nurse trying to inject it.

With uüth, the collagen based formula is one of the best kept secrets for anti-aging products on the market! Collagen naturally helps us control our appetite. It also represents one-third of all the protein produced in your body naturally.

So as we get older Collagen production decreases. And it in turn causes our bodies to retaliate with muscle loss, metabolism slowing down, digestion issues increasing, organs decide to not work as well. You know the fun stuff of getting old! Our bodies just want help and These incredible products are here for us to do just that.