Exploring Kratom: Separating Fact and Fiction of Mitragyna Speciosa

When it comes to exploring the world of natural, plant-based herbal remedies, Kratom is getting more attention among internet users. When I first heard about mitragyna speciosa, I will admit I didn’t know anything, but immediately had a negative thought. However, like many others, I also try to not make judgment without seeking more information. Some are curious about its benefits, while others seek information about its potential side effects.

While the opinions about Kratom vary just like the colors of the rainbow finding informative articles that didn’t take sides appeal to me more. Among most of what I discover during this exploration, I find that most negative attitudes tend to be because they aren’t open to learning more, to become more informed. I have spoken with others about their experience as well as became more enlightened from speaking with actual users. Hearing their gratitude and enthusiasm for its results sparked my interest. So, what exactly is Kratom? Let’s explore Kratom together in order to understand it better.

exploring kratom

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa): A Brief History and Botanical Insight

One of the first things I looked into when choosing to learn more about Kratom, was finding out where it came from. Here is what I found: it is a plant dating back centuries in Southeast Asia. Primarily it was useful for traditional and folk medicine in that region. Further exploring Kratom, scientifically known as mitragyna speciosa, it belongs to the coffee family.

I find it fascinating that the plant’s rapid growth ensures a sustainable resource, with all that is happening globally, perhaps additional uses will appear as well. During the harvest, the leaves go through three stages represented by different colors: Green, Red, and White. These leaves are then dried and pulverized into a powder, with each color indicating varying levels of potency. Imagining back in time, I am sure the tool of choice is pestal and mortar.

So Why the Different Veins of Kratom Leaves

So in the previous paragraph I mention that the leaves are different colors due to the stages during harvest. However, just what do the colors mean? Well, think of it as a bell pepper, it can be green, red, orange or yellow. It all hinges on when the pepper is harvested. The color of Kratom leaves is similar to this as Green, Red, or White, signifies their stage of maturity. And just like a pepper, the color distinguishes the varying levels of potency. As I further explore Kratom, I discover that the purpose behind these distinctions lies in potency, with Green being lower and White being the highest. While we could go deeper on the details, I truly want to keep this to a more simpler, beginner level to provide a broader understanding.

A Personal Viewpoint on Kratom

We have all seen various reports and research that suggest that at low doses, Kratom acts as a stimulant, offering users increased energy. And there are just as many reports suggesting that it is dangerous. We can always find something negative on ANYTHING if we look hard enough. Especially on the internet. It all comes down to the Law of Marketing – Nothing sells itself. Not religion or even things kids learn in school. Everything needs to be educated, shared.

So as a newcomer to Kratom, I’ve experienced this firsthand. I could have chosen to duck my head to all the information that is available about Exploring Kratom both as a marketer as well as for personal use. Remember, I was against it! But by personally researching and experimenting, I find the subtle energy boost appealing. More over, there were other aspects that also appealed to me but I am not going to make a medical claim. Just stating that my experience has been a very positive one. It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary.

Additional Uses and Considerations

I do want to make note that there are additional uses that I do not personally advocate. One such use is using it like Melatonin for quicker sleep. Personally, I have a different product I prefer to use and you can read about it here. Additionally at higher doses, Kratom is believed to potentially reduce pain and induce euphoria, acting on opioid receptors.

So this makes it understandable that in very high doses, it can act as a sedative. This is exactly why I was against Kratom initially. We have so many dangerous products that people misuse, I was initally against this product. But you know what? Everything we eat, drink, consume needs to be used in moderation. Sugar is bad for you if you misuse it, yet bakers use it in their goodies every day. What I have found is its potential as a natural remedy for occasional aches and pains is worth exploring.

Navigating Kratom Information Online

The internet is a vast library of information on Kratom and its uses. If you are considering exploring Kratom for your own use, be sure to conduct your own research. My purpose of this blog article is to just provide a more neutral viewpoint that while I am no longer against it, it is a product that deserves respect and an opportunity to be useful as it has in previous centuries. It is also a very beginner-friendly perspective, offering personal feedback from a new user, myself. It is crucial to neither promote nor condone Kratom but to present another informational resource.

Recommended Kratom Sources:

When it comes to Kratom, I have 2 choices for consideration, they offer it in various forms. As full disclosure, my two choices are both ones that I am an affiliate for. My personal thought is that I cannot personally represent a product that I know nothing about. Therefore, I took responsibility for my own knowledge and dug deeper than normal and learned a lot. And it is helping me when

First Choice: A reputable source offering Kratom in various forms, including gel, liquid, gummies and capsules. The unique gel format, a pioneer in the industry, allows for easy consumption, ensuring quality and potency. This versatility allows users to control their doses effectively. These are my preferred forms.

Second Choice: Catering to those with more experience, this source primarily offers Kratom in powder form, ideal for precise measurement. As awareness grows about the benefits of Kratom, this site, known for its credibility, also provides Kratom capsules. Now, I have purchased from this site and use the capsules, but am way more comfortable with the First Choice above.

Exploring Why There is a Kratom Controversy

So now it is time to look at why there is still a controversy, and to understand the controversy may always be. Firstly, because it is human nature to have differing views. What is great about America is that we do have the right to not agree with others. It’s amazes me how so many get uptight and upset because someone else has a differing view. However, when you educate yourself, do your own fact-finding rather than trust others to tell you how to think, you tend to see more of the bigger picture.

Big Pharma…Again

Secondly, I feel some of this may stem from “Big Pharma”. Everyone knows that Big Pharma relies on drugs created in a lab. Ask your own doctor about natural supplements and they will pale and argue with you. I know, I fought hard to get my mother-in-law off of a prescription and switch to a prebiotic. We need to stand up for ourselves when it comes to Big Pharma trying to push us around. They line the doctors and clinics pockets with kickbacks for prescriptions they write. Moreover, Natural Supplements and remedies that having been used for centuries cannot be patentable. It leaves the door open to exploring kratom and learning about potential benefits, just like other nootropics and natural remedies.

Looking Ahead: Natural Solutions and an Open Mind

As we ponder the future of Kratom and its potential to help individuals, it’s crucial to keep an open mind. The plant’s non-patentable nature signals a fresh beginning in understanding its multifaceted benefits. While this blog does not make medical claims, the testimonials and experiences of others contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the role of natural remedies in our well-being.

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