Inaugural Address: Meal Plans For a Chardonnay

The Inaugural Address every 4 years requires an exquisite meal plan around amazing wines. Let’s take a look at recent meal plans that are deserving of such distinction. Why am I choosing this topic? Because of our very own club wine, the Inaugural Chardonnay 2021, a sweet, savory wine that pairs well with both meal plans for the rich and famous; as well as for those of us who like to cook home-type comfort food. Here I did a little bit of research to show some of the foods on meal plans from the 2021 Inauguration that will pair amazingly to our Newest Wine Ambassador wine, Inaugural Chardonnay 2021.

What pairs with Chardonnay?

inaugural address

Overall, when pairing a Chardonnay with other foods, you want to think more simply. Literally those fish, seafood and chicken recipes where there isn’t a bold flavor. Think this way with cheese and chocolate, as well. When I was looking up the meal plans from the 2021 Inaugural Address, most of them are actual chicken recipes. One of the recipes makes a reference to our Vice President, Kamala Harris and her appreciation for simple roasted chicken.

This is probably the best and easiest choice for pairing a Chardonnay. The simple roast flavors are savory in themselves and as a comfort food, the Chardonnay enhances those flavors easily. Think about it, the aromatic herbs, a little hint of lemon. Mmmm, mouthwatering just thinking about roasting or even grilling a chicken! You can find your favorite mix of herbs like Thyme, Rosemary and a little mix of Salt & Pepper. Keeping it simple so that any left overs can be used for a multitude of recipes later!

Another menu choice stated in the Eater San Franciscan newsletter, a tuna melt. It is stated that it is mixed with wild arugula, preserved lemon aioli, as well as, marinated celery roots and beets. Very upscale with those ingredients, but this tells me a simple, home-made tuna melt will be amazing with this wine as well.

And while these are not the only things on the Inaugural Address 2021 Party Menu, they are the most easily to pair with. In addition, cooking with chicken there is an abundance of recipes you can use that are likely already on your spice rack.

Looking for a special Recipe for that Special Event

While the inaugural address is over and done with, there are many upcoming events that you may want to celebrate with a special wine like our Inaugural Chardonnay 2021.

Easy Chicken – My Mom’s Recipe

Okay so I went and found a recipe of my mom’s. I giggle a bit because it is actually written on her personalized stationary from when she worked at the Mankato Free Press. You can see it in this picture quite easily. I actually have all her original recipes she wrote over the years. I do need to re-organize them a bit, but will keep the old metal recipe holder. It’s a piece of her and I want to pass it down to my next generation.

So as you can see as written, here are the ingredients.

4 Chicken breasts – brown in oil and take out – Hey if Mom says take out, then I will.
Add 2 1/4 C water, 1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup, 1 can of Mixed Vegetables along with 2 Cups of Uncooked Pasta.

Oh gosh, side note. Mom must know this recipe was coming for me! I despise mushrooms and will even pick out the teeny, tiny bits out of my food. Okay, back to the recipe.

Bring all that to a boil. Then add 1/2 t. basil (this means teaspoon in my mom’s shorthand). Now cut up the chicken and put in with the other ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes. Add Cheddar and Parmesan cheese, stirring often. What you cannot see on the picture is that she says to add 1 can of Chicken Gumbo Soup too. Looking at her recipe, I know she did this as an addon after making it once. The pen ink is different – hehe. So I would add this when adding the other cans. As for how much cheese, I figure at least a cup of cheddar, if not 2 cups. She also states to garnish with parmesan cheese. Hmmm, good thing I do love cheese! Cheese makes everything taste better! Even mushrooms….

Finishing Touch for your own Inaugural Address Event and More!

Don’t forget to chill the Inaugural Chardonnay 2021 then open and serve with the meal! You can easily find more of my Chicken recipes here. When you need more wine, I encourage you to have it delivered right to your door from our Wine Club <<click that!<<. Thanks for reading a bit about our Inaugural Chardonnay and how you can turn the most simple meal into your own event!