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First to market, we have kettle popped Protein Popcorn! A healthy, guilt free snack for everyone is now available to ship to your door. Get ready to take your snacking to a whole new healthier level.

protein popcorn

Homemade Popcorn Memories

Growing up my Dad was the “master popcorn maker”. He used a special sauce pan, well, actually 2 because 1 was kept in the camper and one in the house. We didn’t use an air popper and didn’t have a microwave till almost 1990. He did it the old fashioned way, similar to kettle popping. Over the open flame of the gas stove, constantly stirring the kernels in the bottom of the pan with vegetable oil until every last kernel popped open. They were fluffy and white. And it was a special treat when Dad made it. Especially since he loved butter and salt on his popcorn. It was almost “heart attack” butter and salt.

Out camping, he would just dump all the popcorn into paper grocery bags and have it as a pass around the campfire. Grab a handful and pass it on to the next person. Camping memories are ones that no one can take away. When we went camping it would be with 10-15 other families, all with kids around our age. So I have many camping siblings and we are for the most part still communicating and teasing each other. I should record all these memories and get contributions from others, well at least those we will admit to that is.

protein popcorn vs homemade in a pan

After both he and Mom passed away, my brother and I actually negotiated who got which pan. The picture here shows the one I got and you can see the remnants of the oil on the sides. Needless to say many memories from popping popcorn are all great memories. And sometimes extra exciting if extra oil hit the open flame.

What Makes Our Protein Popcorn Different

We are excited to say that ours has 5 grams of protein per serving, but hey, no one is going to hold you accountable if you keep the whole bag for yourself and boost up to 10 grams. The competitors we would consider to be close to us only have 1 or 2 grams of protein. This popcorn can be a meal in itself and it satisfies the cravings at any time of the day or night. When we initially tasted this popcorn, it replaced our lunch. I managed to eat half a bag, 1 serving. I truly was full and the benefit is that it is healthier than some of my other choices for that day. And budget friendly!

Another reason this sets us apart from the others is that the sugar, carbs and sodium are significantly less than the competitors! We all tend to read the labels these days, and our snacks shouldn’t be any different. Everyone wants their foods to be Non-GMO, gluten free, keto friendly, and in some cases 100% whole grain. We meet that expectation and take it a step further with the protein in our popcorn

In addition, We are also bringing this to you straight from the Nebraska farm where the corn is grown right to the facility. This facility is where our popcorn is made the old school method, with a human stirring the kettle, overseeing the popping and its done on an open flame. Just like my Dad.

Functional Food – Valuable Protein & Popcorn

Functional food is food with a nutritional advantage. Everyone is always looking to satisfy cravings without crashing their diets. Popcorn is a quick way to satisfy, but rarely actually fills a person up. That is because it lacks any real nutritional value.

3 Incredible Flavors

We are also excited to say we have 3 delicious flavors that will satisfy everyone. The white cheddar protein popcorn is very light and delicious. If you have a hankering for something Sweet and Salty, you definitely need to give this a shot. I am not a huge fan of sweet popcorn, but this one surprised me in a very good way. We will just say the bag is empty. And finally, Garlic Parmesan, I have been adding parmesan cheese to my popcorn for years. I simply prefer it to just salt or the popcorn salt. This one is my favorite already.

Order Your Favorite or All 3 Protein Popcorn Now!

So get your orders going, just follow the link here. There are a variety of ways you can get the popcorn, but if you order at least $75, shipping is free! Remember, holidays are coming, this will make a great gift for the popcorn lovers in your family! Looking for additional gift ideas, we have a great page for you to visit here! Be sure to visit often as we add more items to our holiday gift giving idea page.