Velovita plos THERMO: Deliciously Amazing Weight Loss

Ok y’all, I have found an amazing product, Velovita plos THERMO, that tastes like brownie batter and helps you with weight loss. Are you ready to hear more and find out how easy it is? This page is my personal review on an incredible product. Let’s start with a video, please keep in mind this is from the original flavor, French Vanilla. However, the new flavor of Mocha is so yummy, I take it straight and do a Chai Tea “chaser”. HEHEHE

plôs® THERMO: This is the catalyst for losing weight. Take this with the Caffeine of a Cup of Coffee (or if you are like me and not a coffee fan, your favorite Caffeinated Beverage). My go to is Chai Tea. It is so crazy how it works! I personally call it my carb craving killer. You do not even realize what time it is or that you haven’t eaten lunch! Even More, it kicks up your Energy as it Burns Unwanted Fat! To give your weight loss a 1-2 punch, Pair with zlēm® . For me being in that “life change” period all women 45-65 go through, this is a definite must have!

First Taste Review – Day 1 – Amazing Flavor from Velovita plos THERMO!

Velovita plos THERMO helps you lose weight.

Ok so today, January 13, 2024, I tried my first Snap of the new Velovita plos THERMO Mocha. Why did I start today? Because my product came on Friday afternoon. LOL. Ok so, we all know that every January people around the world set Goals and Resolutions to lose weight. We all know the likelyhood of failure is high. But why? Because they never develop the habit. Excuses come in quickly.

Let me tell you that this morning when I woke up I was feeling bloated and just plain fat. I lost about 6 pounds since this summer, but being a menopausal woman, we all know that weight loss is just harder for us. The yo-yo-ing is frustrating. No matter what we do, whether its more “activities” to better food (or even less food), the weight is up and down. This morning, my weight was 218.6. Ideally I want to lose about 40 pounds this year.

Taking control of my actions and having a new found determination isn’t really enough. We all need some incentive and for me sweets is the way. That’s right! Our plôs® THERMO has an incredible taste and texture. So what does it taste like? Brownie Batter! YES! The mocha flavor and the overall thickness and texture reminds me of licking the bowl after Mom made brownies. Who won’t be incentivized to wake up in the morning and start your day like that?

My Daily Routine

So when I start my day, I am not starting it strictly with just our plôs® THERMO. I actually am consuming all 5 products that Velovita currently has in its lineup and wearing the 6th every day. You can get more information on all the products at my Bio Hacking for Amazing Health page.

Below is my timeline of the products that I am planning for:

  • Wake up: Take a uüth™ [pronounced yüth] – This is our Fountain of Youth product. My fine lines, crow’s feet are diminishing. At 53, I love how youthful my skin looks!
  • 10-20 minutes later: byōm™️ – If you are looking for Amazing Gut health, look no further than this product. Better overall health starts with Gut Health.
  • 20-30 minutes later: Now by this time I am through the shower, dressed and ready to get the day rolling. Taking the plôs® THERMO about 30 minutes before I eat breakfast is an easy step to add into my routine.
  • 30-60 minutes after plôs® THERMO: I eat breakfast. Sometimes it is a couple scrambled eggs, other days I do 2 waffles with peanut butter and syrup. The dogs prefer the latter because I tend to share the peanut butter with them!
  • Mid-morning snack is a quick 30 second break: brān® (pronounced brain) is the best mental focus, wake me up, kick me in the butt. Gets me focused in on what I need to get done to stay productive as well as helping my students. Now I will be honest that when I take the other 3 products in the morning, I honestly don’t feel like I need this and may forego the break.
  • Lunch (if I remember): So somewhere between noon and 2 I will try to remember to grab a lunch. Typically I have been eating some summer sausage and cheese chunks with a few crackers and lots of water all day long. Staying hydrated is actually crucial to not just losing weight but feeling healthy overall.
  • Sometimes in the afternoon I will grab another brān®, by the way my two favorite flavors are Chocolate Mint and Peanut Butter Cup. Love that it is a quick pick me up in the afternoon. I get so much more done and also feel more apt to get outside and walk with the dogs. Striving to get 4000-8000 steps a day.
  • The rest of the day is pretty uneventful and stress-free as far as keeping me on my weight loss journey. What I love is that because of the plôs® THERMO, I do not feel like snacking. Being a stress eater, having snacks all day long has been practically cut out completely.
  • My final step of the day is just before bed where I will grab a zlēm® and settle down. In fact, in about 10-20 minutes I am sound asleep all night long and wake up with energy for what the day is going to bring me.

My Story is Just Starting – Isn’t it time to Start yours?

Everyone needs to have a chance at better health. What I really love about these products is that they are so simple! Simple to swallow and digest. They are healthy and fit so many people’s needs. The portable packets that we call Snaps means traveling and staying on a “program” is even easier! No matter your lifestyle, this is a product line you simply need to try. Whether you do 1, 2, 3 or even all 5 consumable products like I am, it will be a win-win situation.

Now the one final product from Velovita that I did not mention yet is the tuün™ RESONATE. This is an EMF protector. EMF pollution is all around us with our electronic devices and just our environments, we expose ourselves daily. This beautiful pendent is uni-sex. My husband wears the black and I love my Rose Gold, but I now have my eye on the Swarovsky Crystal version. When I reach my goal of Rock Star, I will be treating myself to that one!

So what is your next step? One of two actions are necessary. First, reach out to me and let me answer your questions. Or Secondly, just click on one of the links and place your order for Velovita plos THERMO! It is literally that simple! Isn’t it time you believe in your Goals for better health and take action today?

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