Uuth (You-th): Time Reverser For Everyone

We have found Uuth, the newest product by Velovita to truly be a time reverser. Just imagine. Thicker, longer hair. Stronger, longer and healthier nails. Feeling younger, more energy. So exciting because the list continues on and on. Order it now.

Forget Botox and Needles – You Only Need Uuth!

Ok so Botox has been around for years. Women spend a lot of money, spending on average of $400 per injection procedure, some spending up to almost $3000 per injection! And what’s more, is this is a temporary fix for the fine lines at the injection site. It is absolutely crazy what people will do to look younger! We now have something that not only gets rid of the needle, but fits in the pocketbook easier!


The Time Reverser aspects of Uuth

You have seen now more about this incredible time reverser product, Uuth. While it doesn’t get much easier, just take a Snap and have the gelée pour into your mouth. What’s even better is that you can carry this product without without worries of it being confiscated. It is below the 3 ounce requirement, it has no banned substances or “equipment” so you can freely enjoy your vacation and maintain your beauty regimen. Also, we know that time is important for you, this little step takes you just 5 seconds!

Where does the time go?

With uüth, the time just seems to vanish. The science behind the product is incredible because the ingredients inside are all plant-based. This means it is not grown in a lab. With 3 grams of an amazing liquid all self-containing in a Snap, put one in your purse and go. Meanwhile, We all have 24 hours in a day, we don’t have time to spend hours a day “making” ourselves beautiful and younger looking. An average woman spends 45 minutes to an hour every day getting ready, we don’t want to add more time. Let’s maximize the day and do a grab and go, just like breakfast! BOOM! You just gained some time!

Additionally, you can appear to reduce time by saying Bye Bye Bye to the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Others are enjoying healthier skin all over, including the knees and elbows. The skin is taking on a healthy, youthful glow. They are seeing their hair grow more quickly and seeing new growth! If you know someone with thinning hair, this is the perfect product for them! Guys are loving this product, it isn’t just for women! The smile on their faces because they are feeling so much younger is great for us to see. Everyone deserves to feel and look younger.


Looking for a way to lose some weight and get better sleep? Well, guess what? Velovita has something for you there too! In fact they have the perfect Trifecta of products with a brain food too! Because all that Velovita is bringing us, we are so excited to see what else is in the works! Meanwhile, you need to take a closer look at everything and get your order in place now. You do not want to miss out, in fact, perhaps you should come in as a rep and then share it with your friend!