Safety in the Car – How Important is it?

When it comes to safety in the car while driving, we all have been in the position of being on the phone while driving. Texting and driving is a high cause of preventable deaths. We now have a great product that will assist you in being safer and keeping everyone in your car safer. Let’s work together for avoiding more deaths and accidents while driving. We need to take responsibility for ourselves.

Driver Safety in the Car

Critically thinking, we all know we should not be on the phone while driving. So as a consumer, we try to find the best phone mounts that are reliable, durable and are easy to install and even re-install. We have found an incredible product line that not only meets all of these criteria, but exceeds it.

safety in the car

Is it important to you to keep your focus on the task at hand? Are your passengers important to you? Are you important enough to your family to ensure safety in the car? If not important enough to put that phone down and focus on driving, listen up. How much does it cost to replace your spouse? Are you even able to think about living a DAY, an HOUR or even a MINUTE, without your children? You need to put the phone down. Now where are you putting that phone? In the cup holder? Oh wait, that must have cup of coffee sitting there. In your purse? No, you need it as your GPS, so you put it in your lap. NO!! And putting it in the front seat is out of the question, because one turn and that phone has fallen to the floor.

Avoiding distracted driving, keeping safety in the car a priority

The greatest feature a phone mount can have is allowing you to not be distracted while driving. You do not want to have to be trying to catch or deflect the phone that suddenly becomes airborne. You know it takes a just a quick glance off the road and what would have been avoided, becomes an accident.

There are Four types of distracted driving. Cognitive, Manual, Audio and of course, Visual. Taking precautions to minimize distractions while driving is crucial to your safety.

Keeping Attention on the Road

What you expect in a product is not just a great quality, but because most of us change our phones every 2 years. It makes having a mount that allows you the freedom to change out devices important. So ok, quality is very important, but what else is important? Having a mount that not only stays secure, but secures your device until you are ready to have it in your hand. We have found that such device. You should check it out now. Just check it out here.

Imagine this….

Imagine driving down the highway, all of a sudden someone swerves into your lane. You slam on the brakes and your phone loses grip with the mount. You are trying to avoid one accident, but your impulse is to try to grab your phone. The result, you are in a worse accident because as you reach for you flying phone, your other hand jerks the wheel. You suddenly are colliding with a car, hitting the ditch or guardrail. Once you stop moving, you are trying to find your phone to call for help. Where is it? Seconds, even minutes are lost trying to locate it in your destroyed car. You start to panic. Now you look in the rearview mirror and your child is in desperate need of help, but you don’t have your phone.

Types of Distracted Driving


In the distraction of cognitive, it is where your mind is thinking of something else. An example is a result of your phone falling to the floor of the car. And you’re trying to figure out how to pick it up, without pulling over. You have just put your concentration on driving the car in jeopardy. This would have been preventable if you had a better car mount.


Texting while Driving. Simple, to the point. You are on your phone using it, calling someone, texting someone. It doesn’t matter which, the fact is it is in your hand. More than likely, you are also visually looking at your phone too. Guess what? You are distracted and can cause an accident in mere seconds.


I am guilty of this! My husband and I love audio books. It distracted me enough to exceed the speed limit, excessively. At least it was a great book by Vince Flynn. However, the drawback is, I didn’t even notice the Police Officer get behind me or look at my speedometer. I earned that ticket and am grateful it wasn’t something worse. Now I didn’t have my phone in my hand, but I was still distracted.


Last but not least, let’s talk about visual. Your eyes are on your phone whether to answer it, hang up, dial or text. Whatever it is, your eyes are not facing forward. With out mounts, and you are using your phone as a navigation device, having it in your peripheral vision is important. Having it in a normal location that you would typically be looking around to watch the traffic around you is important.

Other phone mounts

So now we know there are car mounts out there, but do they actually work? I have personally tried many mounts – both vent and dashboard versions. I have had to slam on the brakes and those mounts have failed on me. My phone becomes a flying object, which is not safety in the car either! We need something that is strong. Something with quick release once we reach our destination. I have not seen any device that can ensure that my phone is safely secure in my car. It is very frustrating when you move from a car with navigation to a car without navigation and you need to rely on your phone.

What we have found for Best Safety in the Car…

The phone mount product line we now have has great versatility. Including actual phone cases for the more popular brands of iPhone and Samsung, there are also universal adapters. You need to go check out the best fit for you.

Even better they have accessories for other modes of transportation. Motorcycle and bicycle safety is also very important. You will even find adapters for different mounts to keep you safe in both of these as well as others. The ideas of use is unlimited. Would you just go to the site now and take a look? How about if I said our exclusive link will save you 20%? Yes, I said exclusive link for saving 20%. Just get going now. >>Click here<<!

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