Napa Chic Dress Code for Vineyards

Visiting a Vineyard or Winery soon and need to be Napa Chic? Bigger problem, you are a larger lady like me and maybe even not up with the current styles. Understand, we now reside in Extreme South Texas and I live in shorts and tanks practically year round now. Skirts and dresses have never been a priority for me and now it is time that I bring my style up a notch.

napa chic

Napa Valley Chic – What is that?

So let’s look at what exactly is considered Napa Chic and how best to dress for the occasion. Whether it it a morning sunrise gathering or an elegant evening sunset, we want to look the “nines” but still be comfortable. Depending on the time of year also depends on how warm it will become as well. Most visitors come around late summer/early fall as it is harvest time. So count on about 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s start with the top and work our way down.

Hats Hats Hats

When it comes to headwear, the ladies tend to wear the bigger floppy hats. Think almost like the Kentucky Derby where you can attract amazing attention and keep the sun’s rays off your face. The larger the brim is the better to shield your face from the sun and keep it non-flashy. Something comfortable and practical, but not overly casual like a visor or baseball cap. More lady-like and classy.

Napa Attire

For the ladies, suggestions are to wear a step up from casual for dresses, skirts, tops and pants. This is not the place to wear that cocktail dress! Tame it down a bit, keep it classy. For example, a pair of dress slacks or chinos with a short sleeve blouse or dressy tank is great. Neutral colors for all the picture taking amongst the vines. If you do prefer a dress or skirt, knee length and lower, even a sundress, but remember you are outdoors. Don’t try to “one up” the other ladies and come dressed for Beverly Hills or Manhatten Night Club. You will not only feel out of place, but you will not be comfortable.

In researching this subject, many sites suggest wearing layers. One reason is that some locations have an indoor area that is kept cooler. In addition, you may end up staying longer and as the sunsets, it will become cooler. So bringing a jean jacket, sweater or that will dress up your sundress or blouse is perfect. Feeling a bit underdressed? Pack a dressy scarf that compliments the outfit. One thing to note is, remember you are around wine. And though you may be extra cautious while tasting the amazing wines, others nearby may not.

Napa Chic Shoes

Okay ladies! Listen up! You are visiting a vineyard, not a nightclub or a mall. A vineyard is literally a farm. Meaning there will be dogs, and in some cases other animals like chickens. Heels are a guarantee for a trip to the emergency room. Exposed toes are kibbles for the chickens. Your best bet is to go with flat sandals, NOT flip-flops! Those are not classy, I don’t care how much bling you put on it, just don’t go there.

While at a vineyard you are doing a lot of walking and standing around. Sometimes you may be on pavement or flooring and other times grass or even gravel areas. Heels will make your visit uncomfortable and, in some cases, painful. Comfy shoes is a must, not fashion. Your feet will thank you while you are there, but more importantly you can thoroughly enjoy the experience!

The Purse

Leave the big baggie bag of a purse at home ya’ll. Seriously, you want to be as hands free as possible. Get a little purse that is big enough for your cellphone and ID. And a strap long enough so you can wear it crossbody.

In Conclusion

Remember where you are. Most everyone is a tourist or works in the vineyard. When on vacation, people tend to dress it up a notch from flip flops, jean shorts and t-shirts. More importantly, it is all about the wine and if you want to have Napa Valley come to you. Go Here Now and sign up as a member of our Wine Club! You will not be disappointed with our high quality fine wines in multiple varietals.

Oh and guys, I didn’t forget about you here either. Come click here now to see an article you deserve so you can make the most of your visit too and fit in with some extra style!