Kratom Natural Plant-Based Herbal Remedies

When it comes to natural plant-based herbal remedies, Kratom is becoming a top search item for many on the internet. Some are searching out the benefits, while others are looking to see if there are harmful effects from its use. Everyone has an opinion and opinions are cheap. In speaking with users of kratom, the gratefulness in their voice, the excitement of the results they see personally convinced me to look closer. So what is Kratom? Let’s take that closer look now.

Kratom Mitragna Speciosa

The history of Kratom is quite old, dating back centuries in both traditional and folk medicine in Southeast Asia. The scientific name is mitragyna speciosa, sounds like a spell from a famous fictional sorceror, but it actually is a leaf on the plant itself. In fact, the plant is actually a relative of the coffee family. The plant itself is quick growing, so depleting resources is not a concern. In fact, during harvest, there are actually 3 different stages which are referred to as veins.

The 3 veins of Kratom

Depending on the color of the leaf signifies the stage of maturity for the leaf. The leaf colors will be Green, Red or White. Kratom leaves are then dried and pulverized into a powder. There are obviously additional steps in place to safely control and contain the Kratom. The purpose of the different veins of the leaves are potency. The green is lower potency, white is highest potency. There are many papers written that go further in depth. My purpose is to keep this at a beginner level, to open the eyes.

A Personal Viewpoint

According to different reports and research, when consumed at low doses, it acts as a stimulant. Users feel more energetic. This has been my personal experience. I am extremely new to Kratom and am taking my time researching, but when I read that low doses help with increased energy without added sugar like the readily available energy drinks. I am also not a coffee drinker. My initial reaction is WOW! I am actually writitng this page after tasting a small dose of our #1 choice for sourcing Kratom. It is almost 10:30 at night and my eyes are not tired from sitting in front of the computer screen. I do not feel jittery, just feeling productive.

Additional uses of Kratom

Additionally, at higher doses, reduction of pain, and possible euphoria. This is because it it perceived to act on opioid receptors. Therefore it makes sense that in very high doses, it makes users more quiet and subdued, acting as a sedative. While I have no desire personally to utilize the products available to me in a way to fall asleep quickly, I do suffer occasionally from aches and pains. I have a high pain tolerance, but when my back is acting up I would like to be able to take something natural. What is more natural than a plant-based remedy?

There is actually quite a bit of information out on the internet about the plant and uses of Kratom. When you do the necessary research to be fully informed about Kratom for your own use, there is much to read and ponder on both ends of the spectrum. We are neither promoting or condoning the product, but wanting to provide yet another source that includes personal feedback from a new user, mine.

The information I have gathered in creating this blog shows me that safe forms of Kratom are available for use by many. I have 2 sources that I am sharing here with you. However, if you are under a Doctor’s care for any reason, please take this information and seek your own medical opinions. Additionally, keep an open mind on seeing the potential to help those in need. I am not making any medical claims, these are my own conclusions.

Recommended Sources for Kratom:

First Choice: A prime source for Kratom that offers it in a variety of forms: gel, liquid and capsules. The variety can be overwhelming for someone at the beginning of the journey, however, they make it easy and reassuring that the highest quality and potency of extracts are here.

The gel is unique in that it is the first in the Industry to bring the “Goodness” of the product in an easy to take format. To have a potent source for Kratom that also guarantees satisfaction 100% tells me that this company has taken the plant and with using Science, presents a product that is versatile for many. You can control your doses with the gel in a pouch to maximize the effectiveness for you. I am so excited we are the ones sharing it here.

Kratom source with satisfaction guaranteed

Second Choice: For those with more experience with Kratom, but are looking for a source that is reputable in the industry, we have it here. This is primarily a powder source, which is perfect for measuring. This is perfect for those who prefer the raw ground plant. As people become more aware of the benefits of Kratom, this is a popular site. They also do offer Kratom capsules as well.

Kratom Controversy, Or Is It?

While actual benefits is still a controversial topic, it is our opinion that “Big Pharma” is feeling threatened by natural remedies in general. There is a lot of research about the plant and its uses that are beneficial for the users. Who is right? I think they both are in some ways, but who stands to lose more? That would be Big Pharma. They make their money off of sales of drugs, but the argument remains that most pharmaceuticals are not homeopathic, not manufactured with natural plant-based ingredients.

Keeping our best interests in mind

So it is easy to draw a conclusion that by trying to ban, eliminate, and destroy Kratom products and reduce the availability to the public, they can stay in business. But is it really in our best interest? When a plant has been used for centuries for a variety of remedies without being genetically modified, we need to continue to learn.

What’s more, this plant is not patentable. Think about that for a moment. That means that we are just starting at the tip of the iceberg in learning all the ways it could potential help people. Eliminating the need for medicines and prescriptions. Eliminating the tv commercials that quickly list all the drawbacks that the side effects of the medicine appear even more scary than the illness the medicine is trying to cure. Again, we are not claiming any medical claims here, but the testimonies of others need to be noted.

Other Natural Products for Making Life Better:

We have an entire source of products for Brain Function, Energy, Weight Loss and Weight Management as well as Better Sleep. Again, they are all natural based nootropics. I am excited to continue to bring products like this to my visitors to my blog. You should see this. Go Here and enjoy the details.